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Abadazad's History & Facts

Abadazad was founded in The Pacific, then relocated to East, The Invaders, Enadia, Abydos and finally to The Communist Bloc.

Abadazad changes:

National nation type from "Empire", "Democratic Republic" and finally to "Kingdom".
National currency from "keys" to "euro".
National animal to from "elephant" to "monkey".
National motto from "Once special and magic place" to "Once upon a time...".

Abadazad’s reclassifieds:
From "Civil Rights Lovefest" to "New York Times Democracy", "Corporate Bordello", "Anarchy”, "Capitalizt", "Capitalist Paradise" and finally to "Inoffensive Centrist Democracy".

Abadazad changed its national capital to "Inconceivable".

Abadazad applied to join the World Assembly and it was admitted.


for the World Assembly Resolution "Commend Alasdair I Frosticus".
for the World Assembly Resolution "Agricultural Invasive Species Act".
for the World Assembly Resolution "End Excessive Data Retention Act".
against the World Assembly Resolution "Repeal "Liberate KAISERREICH"".
against the World Assembly Resolution "Commend Solorni".
against the World Assembly Resolution "Repeal "Liberate The Monarchist Entente"".
against the World Assembly Resolution "Repeal "Freedom of Expression""

Following the new legislations in Abadazad:

- 13-year-old internet trolls are treated as a threat on par with terrorists.
- employers may fire workers without giving any reason.
- citizens are enjoying a recent large cut in taxes.
- military spending is on the increase.
- traveller camps regularly block five-lane superhighways.
- the government awards prizes to television shows featuring stereotype-breaking minority roles.
- the police force is on a recruitment drive.
- young children are regularly seen wagering pocket money at blackjack tables.
- same-sex marriages are increasingly common.
- political parties are banned from advertising and receiving private donations.
- many politicians are serving jail time for minor drug offenses.
- the average commuter spends four hours a day driving to and from work.
- people experiencing anaphylactic shock are told to buck their ideas up.
- eminent domain has been abolished.
- the government snoops on private internet connections.
- oil executives can be seen reluctantly cleaning oil-soaked birds.
- most people suffer from some form of hearing loss
- the logging industry is celebrating as tourists plaster Abadazad with trees.
- the government extracts trade concessions from poor nations in exchange for humanitarian aid.
- doctors are trying to diagnose diseases by looking at their patients' Snipchat pictures.
- the nation's police officers are famously miserable-looking.
- women don't report crimes to the emergency services for fear of being arrested.
- sales of disinfectant wipes have skyrocketed.
- the new foreign policy is "why bother invading neighbours when they can be bought wholesale?".
- children as young as six shock their parents by coming out of the closet.
- many friends and relatives of Leader have been given ambassador jobs in tropical island nations.
- political satirists and late night comedians weep as the government begins cleaning up its act.
- troops clank into battle wearing antique suits of armour.
- extraordinary tribunals try accused financial criminals.
- military barracks resemble five-star hotels.
- all artwork is carefully screened for offensive material.
- citizens are tied down and forced to watch educational videos on empathy.
- glamping Abadazadians won't sleep in a tent that doesn't include a Jacuzzi.
- organised sports are frowned upon as frivolous.
- the nation leads Enadia in per capita stalking.
- genocide is seen as a topic best avoided in history lessons.
- cinemas play art-house movies to ever-shrinking audiences as film critics rule the industry.
- teachers are routinely tested to keep their jobs.
- nudity is frowned upon.
- birth rates have hit an all-time low.
- dubiously qualified Skandilundian barristers keep referring to laws as 'government guidelines'.
- the government has adopted a more thrifty attitude to administrating the country's needs.
- the government has solemnly sworn not to look up other nations' internet browsing history if the favor is returned.
- the public health bureaucracy is wrapped in miles of red tape.
- the nation gives peace a chance - usually one in a million.
- legal contracts aren't worth the paper they're written on.
- major cities shut down as their local sports team takes to the field every day.
- when people ask what the difference is between politicians and lawyers they are referred to document c15(iv) section 14.1 subsection 3.2 of the Jan 2015 political category definition guidance codes.
- maximum security fish farms leave caged salmon pining for the fjords.
- athletes and street criminals compete for solid steel baseball bats.
- nothing gets the party jumping like Leader specifying how high.

Abadazad was ranked in the Top 5% of the world for Largest Basket Weaving Sector and Most Primitive and the Top 10% for Lowest Overall Tax Burden.
Abadazad was ranked in the Top 5% of the world for Lowest Overall Tax Burden and Most Primitive and the Top 10% for Least Corrupt Governments and Largest Trout Fishing Sector.
Abadazad was ranked in the Top 5% of the world for Largest Trout Fishing Sector and the Top 10% for Largest Agricultural Sector.
Abadazad was ranked in the Top 10% of the world for Highest Disposable Incomes.
Abadazad was ranked in the Top 10% of the world for Most World Assembly Endorsements.

Abadazad published the exclusive "Abadazad's History & Facts".

abadazad was endorsed by The union of democratic states of new ameryka, [nation].The Prosperous Land of Kethania[/nation] and [nation]The People's Republic of Camigawa[/nation].

The Kingdom of Abadazad