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Akaramo's overview

The Constitutional Monarchy Of


Coat of Arms

National Anthem: Akaramo syuije licre (Akaramo be free)

Motto: Akaramo from pure, pure for life.

Geological Location




Largest City


Official language
and national language


Minority Languages

Zoygarian and Japanese

Ethnic Groups

82,2% Akaramano
16,8% Zoygarian
0,2% Others
0,8% Donít want to state


42% Donít know
29% Roman Catholic
18% Atheism
11% Donít want to state




Constitutional monarchy


Jukano Norulo
Pasmar Kraio



‣ Upper house
‣ Lower house

The tall ones
The people ones

‣ Water (%)


‣ Density

18 millions
22.2 people per square kilometer



Time Zone
‣ Summer (DST)

TZ: Various
DST: Various

Date Format


Driving Side


Calling Code


ISO 3166 code


Internet TLD


The Constitutional Monarchy of Akaramo

Akaramo is located at North kantrias, and borders Zoygaria at itís east and the Oblivion ocean at itís north, Akaramo main industry is Information technology, This equipament in Akaramo is really cheap this causes to internet servers to be really easy to get, mainly at itís cold regions where the equipment may last more.

Akaramo doesnít means anything in the actual Akaramoan, but in the old Akreiwa, a abandoned language who originated at the fusion of some local accent and dialect, Akaramo could be translated as

Aka = Here
Ra = is the
Kamo = Liberty

This phrase was said by the natives when the foreigners managed to make a deal with the natives, the foreigners accidentally found the land, and there was no way back, so they decided to form a better country in what seemed like paradise, formed an agreement with the natives, they would help the natives, and the natives would help them, but first they would have to form a language, called akreiwa, the language was very primitive and after years of construction of the first city, and formation of the language, the original country of the foreigners had found them, and they did not want to return, since they made a better place in Akaramo, but decided to make a deal, for tourism, it was there that Akaramo was recognized and founded as a country, the king only had a diplomatic function for nobody to invade the country. who took care of the country was the people themselves. When someone visited the country, the phrase was said by everyone.

Politics and Government

Akaramo is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The country has maintained a stable liberal political system under its constitution.

The government is separated into three branches:

Legislature: the bicameral Parliament, comprising the monarch (represented by the governor-general), the Senate, and the House of Representatives;

Executive: the Executive Council, which in practice gives legal effect to the decisions of the cabinet, comprising the prime minister and other ministers of state appointed by the governor-general on the advice of Parliament;

Judiciary: the High Court of Akaramo and other federal courts, whose judges are appointed by the governor-general on advice of Parliament

Jukano IV reigns as king of Akaramo and is represented in Akaramo by the governor-general and by the governors at the state level, who by convention act on the advice of his ministers. The governor-general does have extraordinary reserve powers which may be exercised outside the prime minister's request in rare and limited circumstances.

Akaramo's electoral system uses preferential voting for all lower house elections, along with the Senate and most state upper houses, combine it with proportional representation in a system known as the single transferable vote. Voting is compulsory for all enrolled citizens 18 years and over in every jurisdiction.

Economic Policies and Structure

Akaramo main focus is environment and tourism, fishing is also pretty common, then the use of green technology is essential, solar painel are common at the roof of some houses and oil rigs doesnít exist in Akaramo, Akaramo also lacks some traffic rules as like speed limits, it is also totally fine in Akaramo doing a street race, even if the country has enough race tracks. The country has a space program to researches and studies. Public protest are permitted, but they donít occur very often, the nation refuse use of Weapons of mass destruction, and make part of a climatic pact.

Cultural Practices and Norms

Akaramanos talk in the point and donít really like dirty talk less if they are kidding, Clothing changes between regions, they naturally likes nature and it is usual that they eat Zoygarian cheese and Japanese sushi, but the main thing they eat is fried fish with uarini flour.

Akaramanos really likes driving faster at the streets, but it is not that bad because they know well how to drive.

Social Views

Akaramanos are seen as either radical or crazy because of their accelerated way of life, in another countries they tend to be or a little impatient or too calm because of the slow rythm in another countries, Akaramanos are even more calm in weekends or days without work or school.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Akaramo partially doesn't have a army, but it is very efficient at diplomacy

  • Akaramanos like to travel a lot, and generally won't cause trouble.

  • The main consumer of Akaramo's beer isn't Akaramanos, but the tourists.

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