by Max Barry

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*There were Aliens.
*And they were lost.
*Their home planet had being destroyed by an unknown species, and only the ones out in space survived. They watched their home burn until itís last breath. While travelling through the galaxy, they met oppression everywhere they went. Every planet expelled the Aliens, fearing them.
*Eventually, a planet made of mud and water appeared before them. They had no fuel left, so their spaceship hurtled towards the planet, their doom or their saviour. Thankfully, the back up of the back up of the back up, the parachutes, worked at the last second.
*They landed in water. Their food supplies ran low, but somehow their spaceship drifted towards some islands. 10000 Islands. For the first time, they were not turned out. Many of them had nearly forgotten how to smile. They were welcomed, fed food and given their own nation.
*AliEn A formed from the ashes of their past civilisation. Slowly but surely, their population bloomed and grew in numbers to be the tiny nation it is today.
*But the darkness is still growing closer.