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Civics and Democracy of
Awhaiti Kaiatu
38°25'51.86"S, 167°52'45.59"W
Science-fiction Island State - South Pacific Ocean
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Location of Awhaiti in relation to New Zealand

We are Ngawhaiti, the inhabitants of Te Mataētū o Te Awhaiti Kaiatu. Our islands lie in the south-western pacific Ocean, some 2,500 kilometres from the North Island of New Zealand, along the Louisville Ridge. Our territory is comprised of nine islands. The largest of the nine, Rawhatl, houses our entire population – most of which reside in the city of Manawhai.

We have remained unknown to civilisation for the entirety of our people’s existence. This was the case until our clocked space station Matl was catastrophically struck by space debris and was forced to make a de-orbit – crash landing into central New Zealand, and forcing us to reveal ourselves.

Quick Nation Facts
Capital Name: Manawhai - Pop: 50,000
Nation Population: Approx. 75,000
Demonym: Ngawhaiti