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The History of Carthegia

In 1584, the first Carthegian Union was formed. At that time, 9 of the 12 actual provinces were united. Before 1584, in 1576, the King of Leyadel, the King Jayixth, conquered Handellum and Balresk gave a part of his land after fighting with bravery and courage.The Purshovian Peninsula was invaded 1 year later with a massive army. The capital of Purshovia was captured. In 1579, Balresk, Inyolea and Lithia were invaded. 3 years later, an assault from the Great Operean Empire failed and the armies of Leyadel would crush Operea. The land would be separated in 9 provinces, each one governed by a Governor. During 2 years, civil wars would occur and with them, the death of Jayixth.

In 1653, war was declared on Esteia, for political reasons. The first important naval battle between Carthegia and another nation happened on the Esteian Territory. 300 ships were involved. The city of Poleto was successfully invaded by the Carthegian Union. A year later, a new province was added to the Carthegian Territory.

In 1724, a new war has happened between Carthegia and Esteia. This time, Esteia was more prepared in terms of equipment. They only had one weakness: their leader was not well protected. They sent the most important army of all Carthegian history to reach the capital of Esteia, which was near of the border. When their leader died, the morale of the Esteian troops fell drastically and they were disorganized. The whole Esteian territory was annexed.

Two centuries have past. In 1932, the country became democratic. To answer to that, the Imperium Carthagiem rebelled with the Southern and Western Carthegia and with help of the Burkelandish Kingdom, they would attack the Republic of Northern and Eastern Carthegia. First, Southern Carthegia invaded the eastern part of the country, which had many mountains. This advantage helped the Eastern land, and repelled the attack. In 2 years, half of the Imperium Carthagiem would be under Carthegian's occupation. Western Carthegia would surrender. The mainland would be united. Burkeland would be the last enemy. The Battleship CNS Vanguard and it's fleet would harass the Eastern coast of the island. An invasion followed 2 months later and the armies would continue marching days after days, eliminating the forces. After this conquest, the country would stay in this situation for a few years, until General Atko Dessler, commander in chief of the Carthegian Armed Forces would coup the President, and become the Lord of Carthegia, turning it in a glorious Empire.