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Clarance for House of Commons 2021


Greetings Thaecia, how are you all doing? What? You don't know me?
Well, I'm Clarance and I recently joined this great region.

Someone could say that I do not particularly belong here, or that I am unfit for running in a public election so early... but here I am, standing still and proud to publicly announce my intention to run for a seat in the House of Commons in the upcoming General Election. As I stated before, many of you do not know me, so I am happy to leave here few things about me you may (or not ahaha) be interested in:

  • I am an undergraduate student of Global Humanities (aka History and Literature);

  • My favourite colour is green

  • I am Italian <3<3<3

If you are interested in my campaign or just would like to talk with me, feel free to send me a telegram here on NationStates or write a DM to my Discord account (Clarance#1813);


I usually check both profiles with constance, but, as I live in Europe, remember that I may be asleep in the middle of the night while you are having lunch XD

Believing in Clarance, Believing in the NTN

One question you may ask is: "Clarance, why should I vote for you?"; well here you have some important features which may interest you:
  • I am NEW: I would like to deeply engage in a beneficial and favourable reenactment of our region's institutions and policies, still maintaining a fresh perspective. I also think to retain sufficient knowledge about our regional laws: I studied Thaecia's Constitution and I passed several hours scrolling official documents and deliberations in our regional Library of Congress;

  • I am PROFOUNDLY ACTIVE: I am usually available both on NationStates and Discord, even if, as I said before, I will be more active during European daytime (CET) so you will be more able to find me between the morning and mid-afternoon in EST (7 AM - 7 PM). I will be delighted to listen to everybody's ideas and proposals and I am really open for debate;

  • I am currently serving as Ambassador for our MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS, representing our region in Wintercrest and I also cover the position of PUBLIC ATTORNEY for the Thaecian Bar Association. I consider myself to retain good social capabilities and satisfactory experience in diplomacy.

Furthermore, I formally state that I will run this campaign as a an official candidate of the New Thaecia Now's party (the program of the party will be available at the end of this manifesto). To get more information follow the official profiles of the party on both NS and Discord (both provided at the end of this manifesto).


Clarance's proposals and beliefs

Radical Reduction of Congress (I sustain the CRA):
It appears evident that both chambers of our congress need a fundamental reduction of legislators; by reducing the number of members of the House to 11 and senators to 7 we could effectively revitalise our political elections, making them more competitive and interesting;


Outlaw military operations during elections (amend L.R.040):
Everybody should be able to be represented and have the possibility of representing their sustainers in a democratic system: by discouraging people to participate in military operations during election periods we enhance democracy and strengthen its foundations by granting everybody the opportunity to vote and run in any sort of election;


Strengthening of the Separation of Powers in regional politics (amend L.R.004):
I am a firm advocate of the separation of powers' principle and, in my opinion, both members of the House and Senators should be completely prevented from occupying any sort of executive post; for this reason I propose to amend the Position Restrictions Act, by impeding congressmen from filling the post of deputy ministers (or at least preventing Congresspersons which cover an executive role from voting in favour of bills related to the executive). I furthermore propose to make compulsory the appointment of deputies by Ministers once they have been chosen by the Prime Minister and before the congressional confirmation; by doing this deputies will have the power of fully cover an interim position if required to do so. For me, the core issues for further strengthening democratic governance are to be found with reinforcing checks and balances on power: more effective legislative and judicial branches and increased transparency and accountability. In my opinion, the focus of a good and healthy democracy should not reside in the executive, but, on the other hand, in enhanced capacities and operations of both the legislative and judicial branches of power.


Reformation of the Justice System:
First of all, Justices should have a term (ideally between 4 and 6 months), while also be held accountable by the legislature with a vote of confirmation and, if re-appointed, reconfirmation. I am in favour of the transfer of the ability of appointing justices from the Prime Minister to the President, even if I would like to completely redesign the judicial branch of government's appointment process, always following the principle of separation of powers and reinforcing the independence of our judicial system;


Creation of a new educational program for newcomers;
As a newcomer myself, I think Thacia should have a dedicated program for the supervision and education of newcomers in the realms of our regional politics: I herby suggest the establishment of a devoted series of dispatches and factbooks which could be organised under the supervision of the Home Affairs Ministry and with the involvement of other ministries as well.


This is a rather short list of cursory points, but I promise I will initiate and propose also other types of bills, sustaining the political flourishing life of our region


The following nations have chosen to endorse Clarance in the incoming House of Commons General Election:

Primo Order
The Islamic Country of Honour
Nova Anglicum
Indian Genius
Labouristic London
Serenissima Res Publica Sancti Marini

Endorsements: 7 (work in progress)

New Thaecia Now!


Over the past few months, I've watched as our great region has slid into decline. The death of party politics, initially heralded as a crowning achievement that would elevate its political discourse, instead led the region astray. Now the bland and inoffensive triumphs over the bold and spirited, often with pitiful amounts of votes and little enthusiasm to try new things. That's why I've decided to resist this backsliding by forming New Thaecia Now.


Who Are We?

New Thaecia Now is a catch-all, populist party dedicated to increasing regional activity and engagement, both in politics and culture. Everything we support, everything we stand for is designed to make the region more interesting, our elections more competitive, and just plain fun.

Domestic Policy

-We support decreasing the House. Seriously this should be a no-brainer. Right now, MPs are being elected with only 2 votes. Combined with the astounding number of low-effort, "safe" candidacies, this makes our elections uncompetitive and uninteresting. Should the House be decreased to 11, the Senate should similarly be decreased to 7, in order to preserve the distinction between the chambers.

-We support the increased presence of RP legislation in congress. The vast majority of bills presented today are either amended versions of existing laws, useless bureaucracy, or covering the minutiae of Thaecian law. While some of these bills can be important, they certainly aren't interesting to debate if the legislature's rmbs are any indication. While we of course support the passage of the Yogurt Viscosity Act, creative RP legislation has the potential to spark engaging debate and make being a legislator more than just busywork.

-We support the concept of RP Dependence. Many months ago, an RP independence movement cut it off from the rest of the region. The dispute, principally due to the Reformist debacle, ended long ago. By treating the RP as something tangential rather than integral to the region, activity and enthusiasm in the RP is lowered. An increased RP presence in the region can also help bolster recruitment and engagement for the region. To that end, New Thaecia Now proposes creating a nationstates forum roleplay. While the format is a bit unwieldy, a Thaecia-only thread on the forums can generate much-needed visibility for the RP and the region as a whole.

-An active, visible Culture Ministry is essential to our regional identity and promoting activity. The Ministry as a whole is a sleeping giant, with the power to invigorate the community. It should remain a Ministry, and should be staffed with active, capable people. With public consultation, the Ministry can revive Thaecian culture.

Foreign Policy

-Overall, New Thaecia Now leans globalist. While our government should of course prioritize the needs and desires of Thaecians, we've come a long way since our scrappy youth. Cooperation with other regions on events such as Paradoxical, joint military operations, and even the World Assembly all enhance Thaecia's reputation on nationstates. Furthermore, it provides opportunities for Thaecians to get involved in the region and the game as a whole, convincing them to remain active.

-We wholeheartedly support the Thaempirial Army. It's popular, a lot of fun for the people involved, and sets Thaecia apart from other UCRs in terms of recruitment. Past incidents are nothing more than growing pains in a new part of Thaecia, and will improve as time goes on. New Thaecia Now believes the Thaempirial Army should remain independent, however, and it should not conduct operations during elections.

-While the WA-wide recruitment telegrams had an undeniably positive effect on our growth as a region, future "tg nukes" could decimate our foreign relations. However, there is an alternative. Manual recruitment is very promising, and easy for all citizens to do with a few simple instructions and a format to copy. New Thaecia Now will encourage all Thaecians to manually recruit, and supports it as an alternative to more damaging methods.

Legal Policy

-Our judicial branch is in need of some drastic reform. We need active, capable justices who understand our constitution and legal code to replace those retiring.

-The court procedures were created with the best of intentions, but they need a serious rework to fix redundancies and make it an easier read. Furthermore, at least parts of the procedures should have some basis in actual law (such as the legal definitions/limits of pleas and some guide for punishments). Once in congress, NTN intends to pass a law containing this in addition to broad definitions of civil and criminal suits, designed to operate alongside the new legal code currently making its way through the legislature.

-Furthermore, the next court should undo several unwritten precedents that slow the branch and hurt the region. These include: only proceeding with one case at a time (even if that one case is moving far too slowly), rejecting cases based on authority to file (which will jointly be addressed in the above bill), not moving on cases based on a vacancy in the court (should the case be urgent, it needs to be addressed, even if the Court only stands at two justices).

-Lastly, a constitutional amendment setting a six-month term limit for justices could ensure that their performance is held to a high standard by the legislature. At the end of a Justice's term, they should have to face reconfirmation, allowing the legislature to hold them accountable without using the unwieldy device of impeachment.

-NTN believes that the constitution should include a preamble to state the document's goals, and believes the constitution itself is in need of a drastic overhaul to fix inconsistencies and poorly-thought out procedures.

Party Charter

-All members of New Thaecia Now will be equal partners within the party.

-Once a month, there will be an election for Chairman of the Party. The Chairman shall be the main party organizer, holding primary elections, organizing campaigns, and developing strategy.

-Once a month, there will be an election for Premier of the Party. The Premier is the ideological leader of the party, who is responsible for getting the New Thaecia Now agenda enacted by the region and recruiting new members.

-Any changes to the Party Charter must be approved by two-thirds of members.

Party Membership (Telegram or DM Nova Anglicum to join!)

-Nova Anglicum [Party Premier/Chairman]

-Indian Genius


-Primo Order



-Real mandalorians


NTN Discord Server:

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