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The beginning of Drewish

Chapter I: Independence

Drewish was once part of The Kasorgan Empire 352 years ago. The Kasorganians just came out of a brutal war that decimated itís entire military. Around the same time Drewishians wanted to be independent because of lack of control which lead to chaos which killed thousands of people. Many groups formed promising that they would give Drewish itís independence and bring stability but only one had a force large enough to stand try up to Kasorgan. They were lead by Arvius D. Artel who gathered a civilian army of 50,000 people to march into the use to be capitol Daneton. The Kasorganians didnít have a force large and strong enough to fight so they gave Drewish itís independence in the Treaty of Daneton.

Chapter II: Early Government and People

Arvius would write the constitution of Drewish which would outline how the government would work. Arvius would become Leader of Drewish 3 months later. There was a senate which was divided into the House of the Leaders and House of the People. The House of the People could submit a proposal to the House of the Leaders where it would need a 51% vote and the approval of the whoever was leader to pass. The leader would be vice leader of the Drewish Military and Minister of Environment. The leader would be decided every 5 years by vote, the maximum number of years that can be spent in office is 25.
The early Drewishians were more into stability and economic freedom than civil or political rights. Religion was and still is often frowned upon. They were more isolationist and did not like going to war. Nationalism was not common but not rare either. Alcohol was unpopular and so were foreigners. They were moderately environmentally friendly. Music was considered boring while shows are well liked. Gambling was by public opinion outlawed. Children often cursed but not old people.
They were big into the government.

Chapter III: The Graveland War.
After Drewish Independence the Kasorganians became more powerful and bolder. They started claiming areas of Drewish and starting border skirmishes. One area was Graveland, Kasorganian troops attacked civilians there normally. Eventually the House of the People sent a proposal to The House of the Leaders to declare war on Kasorgan, were it was approved by a 56% vote. The Drewish army started sending troops to secure graveland. Drewish Unit 563 got into a battle with the Kasorgan army, Unit 563 won with 12% less deaths. Upon the declaration of War Kasorgan sent 100K soldiers, they were ambushed but managed to deflect it. They made it to Qegi the unofficial capitol of Graveland where they sieged Unit 455 and Unit 987. After 2 months it was captured. A Drewish general decided the only way to win was through guerrilla warfare. The war continued for 3 Years until the Kasorganians got tired and decided to sign the Treaty of Cassusia which said that most of Graveland belonged to Drewish. The war killed 85,000 Drewishians which was 4.8% of the population at the time.

Chapter IV: New Leader
After 15 years Arvius decided not run again. This meant that Drewish would make itís first big change in whatever the new leader believed in.
The candidate who won was Erris Graymond. He believed in militarism and conquest. Once put into office he approved a bill that would increase military spending to 29% of annual revenue. This shrinked how much was spent on education, transportation and environment. 3 years later he attempted to invade the nation of Welkio. It was a failure and this made him unpopular. To make up for the money lost in the war taxes we're raised. Spending was cut to welfare as well. When the people refused to pay the high taxes he started sending the military to people houseís to force payment. The money spent on military mostly went to things the Erris thought looked cool, when the House of Leaders passed a bill that would limit military spending he vetoed it then kicked people out who voted for the bill. Drewishians became fed up and started protesting. He responded violently but that just caused more protests. When the next election came he was voted out.

Chapter V: 1st Drewish Recession
Erris taxes businesses especially hard and fined them heavily if they didnít apply to strict safety measures, many of them didnít make sense such as you canít have plants in or around the business or the light canít be too white. This forced many small businesses to closed down, to make it worse since taxes were high on the population they couldnít buy as much. This started a increase in unemployment which would hurt the Drewish economy and would last for 4 years.

Chapter VI: Opening to the Outside World
In order to end the crisis new Leader Jorvis D. Gadon decided to allow tourism. He hoped it would help the economy and make jobs. He hoped to use Drewishs natural beauty to attract people. It worked bringing 2.2 Million people in the first year, brought 30$ Million into the economy and created 24,000 jobs. All the people coming in brought new ideas and science. 15 Colleges were opened and the literacy rate went from 61% to 89%. The government invested into research, very soon the first political partyís were made when ideas such as socialism became more well known. Eventually the recession was over and there was a boom in the economy and increased spending on Education. Some people consider this to be the golden age of Drewish literature