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Things you donít need to know but are very interesting 4th Edition

During the civil war Harriet Tubman led a raid into South Carolina and freed 750 slaves.
During WW2 the Norwegians resisted the occupation by Germany mostly by refusing to go to German businesses, Pretending to not speak German and refusing to sit next to Germans on public transportation.
Chocolate milk is healthier than orange juice.
Andrew Carnegie tried to give the Philippines 20$ million dollars so that they could buy their independence.
In 1962 JFK got 1,200 Cuban cigars before banning their import to the US.
Elephants and many more animals donít get cancer due to a cell called P53 that was able to detect and kill cancerous cells.
That last two Jews in Afghanistan hated each other so much that the Taliban had to intervene, they eventually released them because they couldnít take the bickering.
There was a monk who found a old book and decided to erase it and write prayers over it, it was a book by Archimedes that explained algebra thousands of years before Newton and Leibniz.
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A poll from 2019 found out that Americans are the most stressed out people in the world.
1000 years after the pyramids were built there was an island in Russia that still had 500-1000 mammoths alive.
During the Great Depression the Civilian Conservation Corps planted 3 billion trees in just 10 years.
James Randi who is a famously known for his skepticism of pseudoscience offered $1,000,000 if anybody they had paranormal abilities, over 1,000 people tried and failed.
The first strike in history was in 1152 BC in Egypt while building a royal necropolis, the workers felt like they were being underpaid and started a huge strike. They were listened to and were given higher wages.
According to a reddit user this happened to them:
ďI wrote to Reagan because his presidential address interrupted a specially scheduled prime-time Garfield cartoon special that I was really looking forward to. I actually got a package in response with a letter and a hardback book about the White House and the history of the presidency.Ē
A Texas man was forced to sleep in a doghouse outside for 30 days and nights for abusing a child.
The Korean DMZ has become a haven for animal life, nearly 5,000 species live there.
The battle of Blair Mountain was a the largest labor uprising in American history and also the largest uprising since the civil war, this was due to coal miners trying to unionize and was brutally suppressed by the American government.
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Here is the 5th edition:

I forgot to make one yesterday so this on will be longer.
The Soviet Union once gave PepsiCo multiple ships in exchange for a huge amount of soda, this made Pepsi the 6th largest military in the world for a short amount of time.
Flat Earthers spent 20000$ to prove the earth is flat, they accidentally proved the earth is round instead.
In 1921 the 15 year old former emperor of China Puyi wanted a phone, his advisors didnít want to give it to him because he might become more independent as he didnít have contact with the outside world. Once he got the phone it was used to make prank calls.
There is a sheep called Shrek who escaped its enclosure and hid in a cave for 6 years before being caught. The sheep had enough wool to make 20 large jackets.
Marcel Marceau was a French mime who helped 70 Jewish children escape from the Germans during WW2 by smuggling them over the Swiss border.
During the Cold War a teenager from West Germany flew all the way to Moscow, he was supposed to be shot down but due to problems in the soviet system their response was too slow.
In the Svalbard you are required to carry a gun when going off settlements due to the high polar bear population.
While in prison Saddam Hussein was forced to watch his cameo in South Park. After that the creators were given a photo of him that was signed.
Willie Nelson and Jimmy Carterís son use to smoke weed on top of the White House.
In 1938 Nazis planted trees in the shape of a swastika and somehow escaped detection until the early 90s and was quickly destroyed by the government.
In 1976 two Americans were shot by North Korean soldiers while trying to cut down a poplar tree. The Americans responded by being hundreds of troops, some of them even with suicide vests just to cut down a tree.
Despite women being 74% more likely to be killed or seriously injured in the US than men there is only one female test dummy.
Clouds can have a weight as mush as 1 million pounds.
In 1740 Roman Catholics in Bavaria made a secret society called the Order of the Pug, if you were new you had to wear dog collars and scratch at the door to enter.
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This is the 6th edition


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