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The democratic states of egyptosian


coat of arms

Motto: Freedom above all

Population: 1 billion

Capital: Yustead
Largest city:Yustead

Official Language engrabie:

National Language engrabie,arabic, english:

Demonym egyptoe:

- President: Ammar el kassas
- Vice President: Yassin tawfik
- minister of defense: youssef Alaadin
- minister of diplomacy: Titas Timo
- minister of education and culture: Opeyemi Yeva
- minister of finance: Lechosława Joscelin
- minister of environment: Adam Faragello
- minister of justice: Wendel Umid
- minister of transport: Khalil mutji
- minister of energy: Aisling Cynthia
- minister of tourism: Araceli Polycarp
- minister of agriculture: Völund Marlen
- minister of communications: Adriano Maeleth
- minister of housing and urban development: Ludger Enrica
- minister of healthcare: Nila Rustam
- minister of aviation: Abdelrahman Hassan
- minister of trade: izra dinor
- minister of industry: iram kimq
- minister of military: Ahmed Montaser

Legislature: house of speakers
- Upper House: senate
-Lower House: provincial house

total Area: 100,457 km
water Area: 9,324 km

Highest Point: mount mirot 47 km
Lowest Point: lake dijia -7 m

GDP (nominal): 506,770,000,000,000
GDP (nominal) per capita: 506,770

Human Development Index (NS Version): 88.18

Currency: pound

Time Zone: gmt +2

Drives on the: right

Calling code: +1

Internet TLD: .egy

NSD Exchange rate: 1 pound = $5