by Max Barry

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How We Came To Life

Note: I know this is a history Factbook, but this was supposed to be a history and politics Factbook.

In 1987 a party formed in Turkey called "TSR", or "The Sultanate Reform", which was focused on reforming the sultanate in Turkey. But this party was only 9.46% of all the parties, democracy was still the highest party. So in 1995, to boost the TSR's popularity in Turkey, they did a livestream that could be seen on TV, computers, laptops, and the other digital tech at the time. It caught on to so many people, that from 1995-1999, the TSR's popularity increased by more than 30% of the entire political chart. In 2001, because the TSR's popularity was now more than 40%, they decided to do a coup in Turkey. The coup was a success, and the Turkish Civil War began. Tons of Turkey were on the TSR's side, so by 2003, Turkey signed a white peace that let the democrat Turks live in some of the South, and the TSR Turks live in the rest of the land. In 2007, the TSR Turks changed their country's name to "Greater Ismir (Izmir)", instead of TSR Turkey. In 2010, we went to war with Syria and Iraq, ending in a landslide victory.

That's the history of our country.