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Border Report №4: African Campaign: Part 2

March 6th, 2031
El Salloum, Mediterranean Autonomous Region

Last month, we successfully took Egypt, but now we're taking Libya. Other North African nations have seen the news of us taking Egypt, and to help protect them, three countries made a union on March 1st, the Maghreb Union. Morocco didn't join, because... well I dunno, they're weird or something. But this was absolutely great news for none other than Western Sahara. they've been bugging Morocco for independence for years, but this was their time. They could attack Morocco while we did.

March 8th, 2031
Tobruk, Maghreb Union

Tobruk is the first place w're gonna hit. The Maghrebs are fighting like heck for it, but that's not gonna stop us. We're gonna sack and take Tobruk, and plan our attack there.

March 15th, 2031
Tobruk, Greater Izmir

It's been 5 days since we've taken Tobruk. This time, we're gonna send troops to both Algeria and Tunisia to deal with their forces.

March 20th, 2031
Benghazi, Maghreb Union

We're in Benghazi. We're gonna fight for it hard, 'cause this is one of the major cities in the Maghreb Union. The other forces have hit Algiers and Tunis, making it easier for us to strike. The Tunisian part has already collapsed, and so has Algeria.

March 22nd, 2031
Leptis Magna, Maghreb Union

We're on the road to Tripoli. We're not sacking this city, this old city/monument would cost too much to rebuild if we destroyed it.Plus, if it weren't for the Romans splitting, the Ottomans would have not existed. From here, we took a ship from this place to Tripoli. There, we would conquer the whole Maghreb Union.

March 30th, 2031
???, Maghreb Union

We're here. The ship landed in Tripoli. Except that we're actually not in Tripoli...
[Soldier 1] Umm....
[Soldier 2] Was the map wrong?
[Officer] Eh, let's get the GPS.

5 hours later

We're here.

April 4th, 2031
Tripoli, Maghreb Union

Despite a minor setback, we're here in Tripoli. All three armies pushed into the center of Tripoli until the Maghrebs fell.

April 23rd, 2031
Istanbul, Greater Izmir
Victory Day

We had to stay in for a whole siege of Tripoli, but we made kit alive. We've taken the Algera, Tunisia, and Libya.
A celebration has been made for our victory. Next stop, Tangier.