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Border Report №4: African Campaign: Part 3

April 27th, 2031
Tlemcen (تلمسان), Maghreb Territory

We wrecked the Maghrebs 4 days ago, and we kept pushing on. Right now, we're at Tlemcen (تلمسان) in the Maghreb Territory, preparing to attack Oujda (وجدة). The Western Saharans declared their independence and rebelled from the Moroccans.

April 30th, 2031
P6O25 Highway
Moroccan-Algerian Border

[News of Western Sahara, Ceuta, and Melilla declaring their independence and rebelling against Morocco is shocking to the leaders of Spain, Gibraltar, and most importantly, Greater Izmir.]
*news ends*

May 2nd, 2031
Ceuta (سبتة)
Ceuta-Melilla Front

We've been recruiting many skilled men to the front of Ceuta and Melilla. Western Sahara has upgraded their military (with our help), so they can push on their own. The Ceuta force is pushing to Tetouan (سبتة), and the Melilla force is pushing to El Hoceima (الحسيمة), a major port area. 233 kilometers to go.

May 4th, 2031
Ceuta-Melilla Front

Another push. Oued Laou (واد لاو) and Beni Boufrah (بني بوفراح).
140 kilometers to go.

May 6th, 2031
Ceuta-Melilla Front

Amtar (امتار) and Mastassa (مـسـطـاسـة).
63.9 kilometers to go.

May 8th, 2031
Ceuta-Melilla Front

Western Sahara has pushed all the way to Asni (أسني), while the Ceuta and Melilla force has pushed to El Jebha (الجبهة), and Takamout (تاكموت).
9 kilometers to go.

May 9th, 2031
Ceuta-Melilla Front

The two armies finally met in between the two cities El Jebha and Takamout, while Western Sahara has taken Marrakesh and has almost marched to Casablanca (الدار البيضاء).

May 17th, 2031
Rabat (الرباط)

The final standoff. Before we said we were going to sack Tangier, but Rabat already seemed like the falling point. Unfortunately, we have to stay in for a siege.

June 10th, 2031
Rabat (الرباط)

The Siege of Rabat lasted for almost a whole month. it costed us a lot of deaths, but we did it. we conquered all of North Africa. The peace terms? Look down below.

Treaty of Tindouf

Article I: Spain will agree to release Ceuta and Melilla.
Article II: Ceuta and Melilla would become my puppets, but they would be given some levels of autonomy.
Article III: Ceuta and Melilla will unite to form Ceuta-Melilla.
Article IV: Western Sahara would be given land in Morocco up to Marrakesh.
Article V: The rest of the North African land would be given to Greater Izmir.
Article VI: Western Sahara will be given full autonomy as an independent nation.
Article VII: The United Nations will make Western Sahara a sovereign nation.

Signed By:
Egypt, Maghreb Union, Morocco, Ceuta, Melilla, Greater Izmir, Spain, Western Sahara