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Border Report №5: Iran's Despair: Part 1

Ceuta-Melilla made a great help in this war, by sending advanced mercenaries to help with attacks. Credit to them.

May 15th, 2035
Battle of Tabriz
East Azerbijan Province

Many soldiers march to their first target, Tabriz, getting though many fortifications. Ottoman Partisans were new and powerful type of soldier, so they recruited many of them. They raided and sacked Tabriz so hard, that a rumor spread in Iran that they used clones, even though we didn't.

May 20th, 2035
Siege of Zanjan
Zanjan Province

Kurdistan was oppressed by all of its owners, but now, it was ready to strike back. Iraq promised to free Kurdistan with Erbil as their capital. At 11:34 PM, the Kurdish populous began to riot. This turned into a violent protest, with Persian people getting murdered, even the governor of Zanjan. We decided to help the Kurdish populous, as they couldn't overthrow their rulers on their own. within 18 days, Zanjan fell, and the Kurdish government was officially formed. they kept on fighting from there.

June 7th, 2035
The Encirclement at Bandar Anzali
Gilan Province

The Kurdish populous celebrate their victory in Zanjan, and ride horses to Bandar Anzali. 3 Infantry forces, 1 Ottoman Partisan division, and 1 Kurdish People's Force rode there. They all encircled the city, with many soldiers fleeing to it. The soldiers and civilians had no choice but to go on many boats and go to different places. Some landed in Atyrau, Kazakhstan. Some landed in Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan. The rest landed in Bandar Gez, Iran, and then they had to ride to either Afghanistan or Pakistan. The city was capured, and the remaining soldiers were imprisoned.

How the front looks: from Mariwan to Bandar Anzali
(use google maps directions, remember to go in Iran)