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(OUTDATED) The Pacific Alliance


Old PA Archive:

As of 3/10/16, the Pacific Alliance is officially retired with the pending transition to the space roleplay. After a while, I'll remake a space equivalent of the PA. If we ever switch back to a regular Earth RP, I'll un-retire the PA.

The Pacific Alliance was made to unite nations with similar goals.. Founded by Heisenbee and the Belgium States, our goal is to successfully bring together many different nations, and have the strongest combined military in the world. Members of the Alliance are not required to join the war of a member, unless the alliance votes in favor of joining.
Member nations will recieve economic support from Heisenbee if they require. If you ever need anything just ask me.
The capital of the Alliance is Syndey, Australia.
Members of the alliance cannot declare war on each other, or conspire against each other.
All members of the alliance are Equal. As founder/co-founder, I hold no special powers. Anyone can call a vote if they wish, and everyone's opinions are valued the same. We pride ourselves as the most organized, equal, and powerful alliance in the NWA, and we shall do our best to preserve peace and put down those who wish to destroy and terrorize our allies.
If you wish to join the Alliance, contact me or any other member nation available. If you require it, you can appeal to the Alliance for sanctuary against an aggressive nation.
Total population of the PA: 24.804 Billion people. (NS population) (as of 12/10/15)

In the event of both me and Belgium being inactive and unable to participate in the Alliance, BFN and Kyro will be promoted to leaders in our absence. I trust them to lead the Alliance well.
Same goes If I am permanently gone from NS, either from long term absence or CTE'ing.

Forum page:
On the forum page we can discuss the public matters of the Pacific Alliance, or discuss the alliance itself. You don't have to be a member to post there.

RIP Kyro. We'll never forget his contributions to the PA.


Belgium States


The brotherhood of kyro
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