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(OUTDATED) Heisenbee Roleplay Information

The United Republic of Heisenbee

Motto: Ego? Ego sum monumentum omnibus peccatis vestris.

Heisenbee's current location & land

Population: 630 Million
-Density: 65.0 sq mi

Capital: República
Largest City: São Paulo

Official Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese

National Language: English

Demonym: Heisean

- President: Jason Adama
- Vice President: Roselyn Jace
- Speaker of the Legislature: Michael Smith
- Secretary of Defense: Tomas Baltar

Establishment: from Argentina
Independence: July 15th, 1973

Land Area: 6,890,000 mile²

Highest Point: Mt. Aconcagua
Lowest Point: Valdes Peninsula

Currency: Credit

Time Zone: Central Heisean Time

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: +5

Internet TLD: .HB

Military of Heisenbee


Motto: Lance held high.

  • Infantry: 21,330,000 | [Foot Soldier]

  • Humvee: 2,700 | [Light Armored Car]

  • M1A2 Abrams: 100,190| [Main Battle Tank]

  • THAAD Missile System: 2,000 | [Area Defence Missile System]

  • Vextra IFV: 50,200| [Infantry Fighting Vehicle]

  • Saur-2 APC: 100,000 | [Armored Personnel Carrier]

  • Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV): 10,000 | [Amphibious Assault Vehicle]

Air Force:

Motto: Into the howling dark we go.

  • F-15E Strike Eagle: 1,045| [Multirole Fighter]

  • C-130 Hercules: 100 | [Military Transport]

  • B-52 Stratofortress: 50| [Strategic Bomber]

  • AH-64A Apache: 1,000 | [Attack Helicopter]

  • AC-130J Ghostrider: 100 | [Ground Attack and Close Air Support Gunship]

  • E-3 Sentry AWACS: 10 | [Airborne Early Warning and Control]

  • SR-71 Blackbird: 50 | [Strategic Reconnaissance Aircraft]

  • P-8 Poseidon: 5 | [Aerial Anti-Submarine Warfare]

  • KC-10 Extender: 20 | [Aerial Refueling Tanker]

  • C-5 Galaxy: 19 | [Superheavy Aerial Strategic Transport]

  • V-22 Osprey: 500 | [V/STOL Military Transport Aircraft]

  • B-2 Spirit: 10 | [Strategic Stealth Bomber]


Motto: From sea to shining sea.
Current Flagship of the Fleet: HNS Normandia, under Admiral Keyes

  • CB-90 Combat Boat: 500,000 | [Fast Assault Craft]

  • Sachsen Class Frigate: 500 | [Air Defense Frigate]

    HNS Aegis Fate, HNS Spirit of St. Louis, HNS Grafton, HNS Savannah, HNS Stalwart Dawn, HNS Gettysburg, HNS Midsummer Night, HNS Patton, HNS Forward Unto Dawn, HNS In Amber Clad, HNS Horizon, HNS Saratoga, HNS Buenos Aires, HNS Meriwether Lewis, HNS Redoubtable, HNS Dusk, HNS Charon, HNS Coral Sea, HNS Razors Edge, HNS Athens, HNS Eclipse, HNS Skidbladnir, HNS Odyssey, HNS Magellan, HNS Constellation, HNS Endeavour, HNS Yorktown , HNS Key West, HNS Orlando, HNS Reach, HNS Tribute, HNS Tantalus, HNS Actium, HNS Pearl Harbor, HNS Midway, HNS Wake Island, HNS Shiloh, HNS Johnson, HNS Miranda, HNS Valley Forge, HNS Golden Hill, HNS Defiant, HNS Valiant, HNS George Washington, HNS Dwight D. Eisenhower, HNS George S. Patton, HNS Neil Armstrong, HNS Dauntless, HNS Cerberus, HNS Apollo, HNS Artemis, HNS Hephaestus, HNS Zeus, HNS Hestia, HNS Hades, HNS Poseidon , HNS Demeter, HNS Hera, HNS Ares, HNS Athena, HNS Aphrodite, HNS Hermes, HNS Dionysus, HNS Hypnos, HNS Nike, HNS Tyche, HNS Hecate, HNS Iris, HNS Nemesis, HNS Janus, HNS Aether, HNS Asclepius, HNS Boreas, HNS Castor, HNS Achilles, HNS Pollux, HNS Helen, HNS Chariot, HNS Odysseus, HNS Cronus, HNS Erebus, HNS Eros, HNS Argo, HNS Helios, HNS Hercules, HNS Kratos, HNS Morpheus, HNS Nereus, HNS Oceanus, HNS Texas, HNS Pandora, HNS Pithos, HNS Dallas, HNS Houston, HNS San Antonia, HNS El Paso, HNS Corpus, HNS Homeward Bound, HNS Pan, HNS Pontus, HNS Prometheus, HNS Epimetheus, HNS Proteus, HNS Tartarus, HNS Thanatos, HNS Triton, HNS Typhon, HNS Ouranos, HNS Gaea, HNS Zephyr, HNS Thor, HNS Loki, HNS Odin, HNS Balder, HNS Frigga, HNS Tyr, HNS Freya, HNS Freyr, HNS Sif, HNS Heimdall, HNS Hel, HNS Magni, HNS Ragnorak, HNS Yggdrasil, HNS Hod, HNS Hood, HNS Ready or Not, HNS Valkyrie, HNS Jotun, HNS Jörmungandr, HNS Fenrir, HNS Sleipnir, HNS Skoll, HNS Hati, HNS Bounty, HNS Victory, HNS Monitor, HNS Virginia, HNS Illinois, HNS New York, HNS Alabama, HNS Alaska, HNS Arizona, HNS Arkansas, HNS California, HNS Colorado, HNS Connecticut, HNS Delaware, HNS Florida, HNS Georgia, HNS Hawaii, HNS Idaho, HNS Indiana, HNS Iowa, HNS Kansas, HNS Kenctucky, HNS Louisiana, HNS Maine, HNS Maryland, HNS Massachusetts, HNS Michigan, HNS Minnesota, HNS Mississipi, HNS Missouri, HNS Montana, HNS Nebraska, HNS Nevada, HNS New Hampshire, HNS New Jersey, HNS New Mexico, HNS New York, HNS North Carolina, HNS North Dakota, HNS Ohio, HNS Oklahoma, HNS Oregon, HNS Pennsylvania, HNS Rhode Island, HNS South Carolina, HNS South Dakota, HNS Tennessee, HNS Utah, HNS Vermont, HNS Washington, HNS West Virginia, HNS Wisconsin, HNS Wyoming, HNS Halcyon, HNS Hastings, HNS Danube, HNS Ariadne, HNS Courageous, HNS Commonwealth, HNS Black Mesa, HNS Aperture, HNS Aurora, HNS Guardian, HNS Destiny, HNS Chevron, HNS Marathon, HNS Hyperion, HNS Olympia, HNS Sparta, HNS Invictus, HNS Archangel, HNS Solus, HNS Joker, HNS Newton, HNS Anne, HNS Caesar, HNS Ford, HNS Buckingham, HNS Alliance, HNS Abraham Lincoln, HNS Anchorage, HNS St. Louis, HNS Chicago, HNS Gulf Breeze, HNS Destin, HNS Alert, HNS Ajax, HNS Alexander Hamilton, HNS Argus, HNS Barb, HNS Bell, HNS Capricorn, HNS Leo, HNS Aries, HNS Taurus, HNS Gemini, HNS Cancer, HNS Virgo, HNS Libra, HNS Scorpio, HNS Sagittarius, HNS Capricorn, HNS Aquarius, HNS Pisces, HNS Orion, HNS Perseus, HNS Aquila, HNS Canis Major, HNS Borealis, HNS Draco, HNS Eridanus, HNS Hydra, HNS Lupa, HNS Wolff, HNS Aeneas, HNS Pegasus, HNS Milky Way, HNS Andromeda, HNS Britannia, HNS Covenant, HNS Cain, HNS Widow, HNS Dolphin, HNS Fletcher, HNS Undying, HNS Resolute, HNS St. Catherine, HNS Neil Degrasse Tyson, HNS Albert Einstein, HNS Telsa, HNS Benjamin Franklin, HNS Oppenheimer, HNS Callisto, HNS Carnatic, HNS Ghost, HNS Independence, HNS Pequod, HNS Red October, HNS Siren, HNS Yavin, HNS Europa, HNS Arbiter

  • Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer: 200| [Multimission Destroyer] (Currently operating: HNS Pacífica)

  • Ticonderoga Class Cruiser:1 | [Guided Missile Cruiser] (Currently Operating: HNS Indomitable)

  • Iowa Class Refit Battleship: 20 | [Capital Ship] (Currently Operating: HNS Normandia, HNS Everest, HNS Trafalgar)

  • Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier: 10 | [Aircraft Carrier] (Currently Operating: HNS Columbia)

  • Slava Class Cruiser: 100 | Guided Missile Cruiser] (Currently Operating: HNS Picard, HNS Chief, HNS Kelly, HNS John, HNS Linda, HNS Fred, HNS Kurt, HNS Samuel, HNS Glorious, HNS Titan, HNS Bastion, HNS Wyvern, HNS Patience and Time, HNS Zhalo, HNS Hawkmoon, HNS Ace of Spades, HNS Bad Juju, HNS Hard Light, HNS Monte Carlo, HNS The Last Word, HNS Thorn, HNS Fever and Remedy, HNS Mida, HNS Black Spindle, HNS No Land Beyond, HNS Ice Breaker, HNS Red Death

  • America Class Amphibious Assault Ship: 50 | [Amphibious Assault Carrier]

  • Virginia Class Nuclear Submarine: 20 | [Nuclear Attack Submarine]

  • Ohio Class Nuclear Submarine: 10 | [Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine]

  • Cargo Ships: 10,000 | [Military Transport and Trade] (Upgraded)