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(OUTDATED) Heisenbee: Roleplay Military Operations & History

Military Operations


Target: Frenx Liberation Organization (F.L.O.)
Operation Type: HVT Target Elimination / Armored Counterattack
Operation Summary: Using the intelligence gained from the previous interrogations of FLO members / leaders, the Heisean special forces began coordinated elite strikes against FLO's leadership to absolutely cripple their chain of command. While this was happening, The Heisean Armor Corps. took to the streets to repel FLO technicals / armored trucks with the support of the Heisean national guard. Aircraft were grounded during this until it was confirmed that all FLO AAA guns are taken out. The Heisean Military used a "divide and suppress" set of tactics, in which they cut off a section of FLO troops from the rest and pummeled them with overwhelming firepower due to the superiority of Heisean tanks. Tank operators were told to be weary of RPGs and IEDs, so their advance was always backed up by infantry to help.
OPERATION RESULTS: Decisive Heisean victory, Minimal Heisean Losses, F.L.O forces defeated and pushed out of Heisean land.
Number of Military Units involved in operation: Unknown


Target: The Socialist Progressive Union (SPU)
Operation Type: Covert Sabotage / Strategic Bombing
Operation Summary: Heisean Special forces covertly inserted into hostile territory and sabotaged all Anti-Air defenses in SPU, allowing the HNS Columbia's fighter support to move in and escort all 46 Heisean AC-130's, which began scorched earth policies and destroyed every sign of SPU military and vital SPU points of interest, such as airfields and bridges. The aim of this operation was to absolutely cripple SPU's military capabilities. The AC-130's were escorted by the Columbias F-15E's, with all 60 flying periodically between the AC-130s.
OPERATION RESULTS: Decisive Heisean victory, Minimal Heisean losses, SPU infrastructure crippled.
Number of Military Units involved in operation:
Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier: 1
AC-130J "Ghostrider" Gunship: 46
F-15E Strike Eagles: 60
Heisean Special Forces 100


Target: Thornian
Operation Type: Defensive Counterattack
Operation Summary: Using information gained from the allied nation New Danican, the Heisean Military discovered an incoming Thornian attack in Panama. The Heisean Navy was immediately ordered to Panama to defend and intercept the Thornian Navy and to destroy their transports. SR-71's were called in to commence scouting operations on the incoming Thornian Fleet. The SR-71's worked with E-3 Sentries to identify the incoming Thornian fleet and relay intel to the Heisean forces. They did not participate in the fight and stayed far enough away to not be involved but still provided valuable intel. Heisean Ground Forces set up defenses in Panama and prepared for a hard fight. Abrams tanks were entrenched and were primed to fire at incoming enemy soldiers and armor, while Infantry set up tank traps and even landmines on beaches. Machine gun nests were set up as well and were ready to fire on incoming soldiers. 50 THAAM anti-air batteries were brought in to Panama to help. The Heisean Navy was prepared to move once again in case the attack turned out to be a false flag, and they were prepared to move across the Heisean coast to defend if needed. All 545 F-15E's were present and were ready to scramble to intercept incoming bombers and fighters and to preform anti-ship operations if needed. They used the fact that the Thornian ships will have trouble focusing on anti-air while busy fighting Heisean naval forces to their advantage. Meanwhile, Heisean P-8 Poseidons staying out of the fight but were scanning for thornian submarines. The location of these submarines were to then be relayed to Heisean anti-sub ships (Mostly Destroyers, along with the Slava ships which have anti-submarine weaponry.) Main targets of opportunities included the enemy troop transports, which were absolutely defenseless in the naval fight and were easy targets as they were not built to withstand direct conflict. Other HVTs included the Thornian carriers, which ended up being mostly useless due to the heavy presence of Heisean air interceptors.
OPERATION RESULTS: Total Heisean Victory, No Heisean losses, Thornian ceasing to exist
Number of Military Units involved in operation:
Fast Assault Craft: 100
Sachsen Class Frigates: 277
Arleigh Burke Destroyers: 101
Ticonederoga class Cruiser: 1
Slava Class Cruiser: 27
Iowa Class Battleship: 3
Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier: 1
SR-71 Blackbirds: 2
P-8 Poseidon: 5
E-3 Sentries: 10
F-15Es: 545
Abrams Tanks: 190
Infantry: 1,000,000
Humvees: 2,700


Target: Frenx Liberation Organization (F.L.O.)
Operation Type: Covert scouting Operation
Operation Summary: Operation launched to identify key military intel on F.L.O. Indian Britannia. Two SR-71 Blackbirds were being dispatched to scout the FLO islands and spot targets of opportunity to the later possible invasion. As this was happening, a Heisean navy carrier group was patrolling the Indian Ocean in an attempt to locate and possibly eliminate FLO naval forces. A carrier was present to help escort the scouting operation via F-15E's if FLO fighters were scrambled to intercept the advance recon force. The SR-71's were instructed to avoid flying over FLO land to avoid the risk of AA batteries, and were to instead fly at a long distance from the coast and use their equipment to spot FLO defenses and troop presences. The SR-71s were instructed to also avoid radio contact and stay undetected as long as possible. In the event of detection, they were to accelerate out of the area and to the nearest friendly airbase. The F-15E's were only to be scrambled in the event that the SR-71's were about to be intercepted by enemy bogeys and needed support, or if the carrier group came into contact with enemy forces.
OPERATION RESULTS: SR-71's successfully identified key F.L.O. military installations and troop locations, allowing for a possible follow up operation.
Number of Military Units involved in Operation:
SR-71 Blackbird: 2
Sachsen Class Frigate: 40
Arleigh Burke class Destroyer: 20
Nimitz class Aircraft Carrier: 1
Iowa class Battleship: 2
Slava Class Cruiser: 10
F-15E Strike Eagle: 60
KC-10 Extender: 1 (Being kept on standby at a Heisean mainland airbase in case of the need of emergency refueling)


Target: Frenx Liberation Organization (F.L.O.)
Operation Type: Strategic Stealth Bombing
Operation Summary: Using intelligence gained from OPERATION: DAYBREAK, two B-2 Spirit bombers commenced high-altitude bombing of several key F.L.O military installations on Indian Britannia. These targets included: The F.L.O Rocket Manufacturing building, the yet to be completed radar compound, and the F.L.O airbase. The B-2's were been instructed to leave the airbase itself intact and instead bomb the parked F-5E tigers. As of then, F.L.O did not have the capabilities to detect advanced stealth aircraft, and that was heavily taken advantage of. The B-2s targeted the F-5E's first, and took them out before they realized what's happening and prevented them from scrambling to intercept. After that potential threat was neutralized, The B-2's took out the incomplete radar compound and rocket manufacturing plant. The HNS Columbia and her battle group were still in the Indian ocean, and she was ready to scramble F-15E's to assist in the event of an emergency. The aircraft were instructed to stop in friendly Danican territory to refuel. Two KC-10 Extenders were made available to allow the B-2's to reach their target and return. Once the B-2's were refueled enough to reach their target, the extenders broke off and rendevoused with the Heisean indian fleet. They then safely waited there under the cover the fleet while the B-2's carried out their mission. Once the B-2's were done, they rendevoused with the extenders and both returned to friendly Heisean territory.

OPERATION RESULTS: Targets successfully destroyed, FLO military capabilities on the island reduced.
Number of Military Units involved in Operation:
B-2 Spirit: 2
KC-10 Extender: 2
Nimitz class Aircraft Carrier: 1
F-15E Strike Eagle: 60


Target: Frenx Liberation Organization (F.L.O.)
Operation Type: Invasion
Operation Summary: Following up on OPERATION: DAYBREAK and OPERATION: JEOPARDY, the time to invade Indian Britannia arrived. The Heisean 1st fleet rendezvoused with the carrier group in the Indian Ocean, along with the invasion force themselves, which were transported on America Class assault ships. Two assault ships were filled with Abrams tanks, while the rest were filled with Infantry. The might of the Heisean naval forces was used to bombard the island to devastate FLO defenses and created an opening for the Heisean Armored Corps. and it allowed the Army infantry to make landfall and repel FLO to establish a friendly FOB on the island. Landfall was made in northeast Britain. The carrier Columbia utilized it's 60 F-15E's to cover Heisean troops and helped establish air dominance over the island. After a foothold was established with minimal casualties, the forces systematically destroyed all FLO presences on the island. The forces utilized the advantage of Heisean tanks over FLO, along with CAS runs from the F-15Es to take out any FLO footholds that may impede progress. When the FOB was established, Heisean Forces went to then secure the area and then send their forces to eliminate FLO throughout the main island of Britannia. Once it was secure, a force was sent to Ireland to secure that island as well. By that time, the fleet moved to Ireland waters to support them and transport the forces to the island. The fleet was on the lookout for any and all FLO naval forces during the duration of the invasion, and were told to fire at will. Apaches were ready to support ground troops as well, as they were based off of the Arleigh Burke
Destroyers. They were outfitted with ground attack gear, and were ready to take out any possible FLO armor movements. If heavy FLO entrechments were found, ground troops were instructed to radio the location of them to the Heisean Fleet for bombardment. HVT's included FLO airbases, which were captured for Heisean use later on. Soldiers were instructed to also raid what's left of the former FLO rocket factory for possible intel. Once Britannia was completely secured and FLO free, cargo ships began transporting military equipment in to transform the island to a suitable Heisean military base to stage operations from in the eastern hemisphere.

OPERATION RESULTS: Complete Success, Indian Britannia captured, HVT's secured.
Number of Military Units involved in Operation:
M1A2 Abrams MBT: 160
Infantry: 36,000
Nimitz class Aircraft carrier: 1
F-15E: 60
Arleigh Burke class Destroyer: 50
AH-64A Apaches: 50 (Transported on Arleigh Burkes)
Sachsen Class Frigate: 100
Slava Class Cruiser: 20
Iowa Class Battleship: 3
America Class Assault Ship: 20