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Heisenbee Space Roleplay Information (OUTDATED)

The United Federation of Sol

Motto: Ad astra per aspera.

Federation current location & land. From top to bottom:
Luna, Arcadia (Callisto), Bellona (Juno)

Population: ?????
-Density: ???? sq mi

Capital: Tranquility
Largest City: Armstrong

Official Languages: English, Federation Standard

National Language: Federation Standard

Demonym: Heisean, Solarian

- President: William Keyes
- Lord Admiral: Adam Hood
- Legislative Commissioner: Jonathan Haywood
- Secretary of Civilian Affairs: Kathyrn Mulgrew

Establishment: from the Terran Empire
Independence: 1st: 77 PE. 2nd: 62 PE.

Land Area: 8.834 million kmē

Highest Point: Selenean summit
Lowest Point: Antoniadi crater

Currency: Federation Credit

Time Zone: Central Federation Time

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: +313

Internet TLD: .sol


The United Federation of Sol (Commonly shortened to "the Federation"), is currently one of the most prominent nations in the solar system, originating from Luna. It is a Federation of Planets / Moons, with every settled planet and colony having equal rights under the Federation Charter, and every five years they hold elections to elect a new President to lead the nation with the help of other high-ranking government officials. Currently, they do not share borders nor a planet / moon with any other nation, though their capital currently orbits Earth (commonly referred to as "Terra" by the system) which is inhabited by many different nations.

The Federation has not had any significant contact with other nations since their original exodus from Earth, and have gone out of their way to avoid confrontations and galactic politics since their forced exodus from Earth. However, this has changed in recent system events, and they are now a very active member of the system.


The meaning behind the name "Heisenbee" has been lost to time. Nobody living remembers why it was chosen or what it means, but its use continues to this day, though only by the people of Heisenbee itself. Many outside of Luna did not know the history or name to the reclusive settlers living on Luna, usually just referring them as "Moon Settlers" or uncommonly "Lunarians". However, they became known as the Republic of Luna for a time before becoming the Federation.

They prefer to be called "The Federation", or uncommonly "Heisenbee." Their most common demonym are Heisean and Solarian, or sometimes "Feds".


Heisean history goes back before space travel was commonplace. Originally, Heisenbee was a Latin-American nation that composed all of South and Central America. They were involved in numerous wars across the globe, notably the 2017 "War on Terror" against the terrorist group Frenx Liberation Organization, which they fought in numerous places across the globe, notably in their homeland South America and Asia.

Heisenbee's Earth location

Heisenbee was an integral member of several prominent Earth alliances, the first being the "Military Protection Alliance" (Also referred to as the MPA), which Heisenbee worked closely with in various engagements, deals, and affairs across the globe. Eventually, the alliance was disbanded due to internal strife and member nations New Danican, Astanmark, and Heisenbee banded together to create a new alliance that stood for peace, cooperation, and protection. They created the Multinational Allied Forces, commonly referred to as the MAF. The MAF was one of the main contributors to the War On Terror, and the MAF, with the help of the Anti-Terror Coalition, managed to effectively defeat FLO to the point where they retreated deep into Russia, posing no serious threat against the worlds nations.

In approximately 2067 AD, Heisenbee ceased to exist as it voluntarily and peacefully joined the newly formed Terran Empire after war ravaged the globe. Over many years, the former Heiseans began to migrate to the moon as one of the first Lunar colonies. This was born from a Terran mission to colonize the moon, and Heisenbee was chosen. Almost all of Heisenbee's population became the newly named "Terran Lunar Territories" under the Empire, and Heisenbee as a client-state effectively ceased to exist on Terra.

After many years of being part of the Empire, the first Martian War arrived in 91 PE. Following Martian example, Heisenbee seceded from the Empire in 92 PE, due to increasing tensions towards it from fears of their culture and identity as Heisenbee being erased from increasingly harsh Terran policies. The revolution of Mars and Luna was short lived, as Mars and Luna were both put down in the Second Martian War in 94-99 PE, with Mars being genocidally exterminated and Luna being put down relatively peacefully.

Luna once again regained Independence following the collapse of the Terran Empire. The newly christened "Lunarian Republic of Heisenbee" began taking steps to retain their newly-gained independence. They were completely cut off of the rest of the Solar System, with the Terrans essentially trying to reclaim the ashes of their empire. The Terrans and Luna came to an agreement to leave each other be, as Heisenbee slowly stabilized themselves from being cut off from all external trade. Following the re-emergence in interplanetary travel, Heisenbee opened up trade with the newly-connected sol planets, becoming much more prosperous than they were before.

Following the emergence of the Fabricator and Clanker Philosophies, Luna was fascinated by the Fabricator sciences. They worked cooperatively with an Europan nation to establish a fabricator military base on Luna. Tensions increased between Terra and Luna due to this, and it resulted in a arms race between the two, both of them competing to get the technological upper-hand. This all culminated in what has been dubbed as "The Lunar Incident" in 47 SE. Not much is known, but shortly after a Clanker strike fighter patrol entered Lunar atmosphere the capital of the local Heisean city housing fabricators was destroyed, igniting the First Voidal War. After several years of fighting, it ended in 50 SE with the signing of the Asteroidal Armistice on Ceres. The end of arms did little to lessen tensions however, and was followed by a second Void war in 52 SE which lasted until 56 SE. After the end of that war, twelve more followed lasting on and off from 58 SE until 103 SE. After the end of the age of the Voidal Wars, both Terra and Luna were decimated by the fighting, neither of them coming out victorious. Both had broken up into several nations, with Heisenbee still remaining semi-intact on Luna, albeit with lesser land and wealth. They had been hit hard, and underwent strict isolationist policies to cut themselves off from the outside world, wanting nothing to do with Terran influence. Many of the planets of sol do not remember much of the history of Luna, and they are relatively unknown. However, rumors say that Luna is taking steps to regain connections to the outside planets...

After establishing themselves as a major player in System politics, and successfully starting several colonies, the Republic of Luna became the United Federation of Sol.


Original view of the far side of Luna
The surface of Luna is dramatically different than it was for the majority of its existence. Extensive terraforming had been preformed leading up to the original colonization, and it now hosts Earth-like quality in terms of biomes, air, and landscapes. Craters are now seas, lakes, and oceans, with cities and towns being established on the coast. Gravity is slightly above earth average, due to an extensive network of artificial gravity generation in order to combat the negative effects on the Human body from low gravity.

The climate is colder than the average Earth temperature, with the average Lunarian temperature being 42 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius), Lowest temperature being -32 degrees Fahrenheit, and the highest being 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Climate varies around the globe, with the poles being the coldest and the equator being the warmest.





The main languages of Heisenbee compose of English, Federation Standard, and Spanish, while the official languages are English and Federation Standard. English and Spanish originated from the original Heisean settlers from Earth, as they were their main spoken languages. However, over the hundreds of years of isolation the Lunarians / the Federation have formed their own language, which is a mix of their native English, Spanish, and even Latin. Over the years, their "Lunarian / Federation Standard" language has come to be an important part of their culture, which they see is taking the languages of their original homelands and uniting them into one language, much like how the South American territories were united under Heisenbee. Latin came to Heisenbee through the traditional names of the features of Luna, and became part of their culture over time.


Heisenbee has not had an official religion in their history, and religion is generally frowned upon in their society. Several religious uprisings occured in the past due to outside influence, but each was swiftly put down and now religion is extremely rare in their territories.


Approximately 72.4% of Heisenbee is made up by Caucasians, while 20.5% are Hispanic, with the remaining 7.1% of the population being mixed.