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Heisenbee Space RP Military Information (OUTDATED)

Military of the Federation

Militia Infantry (Levy)
Militia Infantry consists of volunteers (most of which being retired soldiers) who act as both police and militia forces for Federation territories. Relatively undertrained and underequipped compared to standard Military Forces, they act as the last line of defense in the case of invasion. They can be seen keeping peace in times of unrest or working with Federation Military forces in the event of invasion. Equipped with civilian-variant MH5C Rifles, they can hold their own against small groups of enemy forces.

Marines / Army Troopers (Legionnaires)
The mainline infantry of the Federation, Marines and Troopers are equipped with standard military gear, consisting of powerful kinetic rifles, grenades, and ceramic plate armor backed up by Kevlar weave. Heavily trained in all forms of ground / ship boarding warfare, they provide a formidable challenge in almost any situation. A standard squad of Marines and Troopers consists of twelve soldiers, consisting of one NCO, one designated marksman, and ten riflemen. The standard firearms for the Army and Marine Corps. include the BR77 Battle Rifle and the MH7B ACR (Advanced-Combat-Rifle).

GUNGNIR Mark II Combat Exosuit (Exo Troop)
Originally a heavy-lifting cargo suit designed for unloading starships, the GUNGNIR (More commonly referred to as the "Odin") Exosuit has been repurposed as a frontline heavy combat unit by the Federation military. Able to carry heavy vehicle mounted weapons with ease, One Odin can turn the tide of any battle against an unprepared enemy. Wielding a handheld variant of the M486H HMG, they can devastate entire infantry formations if positioned correctly. Their tough armor is able to stop light arms, letting the Odin wreck their way through entire defensive positions without any fear. The Odin singlehandedly led to the surrender of the Luna Prima rebels in the campaign agains their stronghold due to the under-equipped rebels not having any anti-armor capabilities. Even when disarmed, an Odin can simply crush, punch, and annihilate infantry with their overwhelming strength. They are sometimes referred to as "the little brother" of ARES Troopers.

Tactical EVA Marines (Space Marines)
Commonly called "Space Marines", these elite troops are specialized at EVA combat and ship boarding missions. Equipped with thrusters and an oxygen supply, they excel at unorthodox methods of boarding enemy ships and zero-g combat. Equipped with heavy ceramic armor over skintight spacesuits, they are quite tough and can deal out serious damage in the close-quarters corridors of starships, utilizing specialized silence weaponry to ensure that the enemy never even knows they've been boarded. Equipped with a MC12 Explosive Breaching Charge to blast through starship hulls, they can explosively enter a ship if needed, and clear tight corridors through their heavy M92 CAWS Kinetic Shotgun and their LR42 Laser Rifle.

Jumptrooper (Rocketeer)
Jumptroopers are similar to their Space Marine cousins, though they are specialized for dangerous high-risk high-reward EVA missions. Equipped with a specialized long-distance rocket thruster, HORNET anti-ship deep space mines, one MC12 EBC, and a standard-issue M92 CAWS Shotgun to clear any resistance they may encounter. They are very formidable, highly trained soldiers wearing extremely tough hardened steel armor, making them the UFSC's go-to forces for elite deep-space missions.

ARES Trooper (Stormtrooper)
Based on an upscaled concept of Jumptrooper armor, an ARES trooper wears heavy "ARES" powered armor that enables them to become walking tanks. The increased strength and stamina the ARES armor gives them enables the troopers to carry heavy weaponry, in most cases being a handheld M236H Automatic Railgun. This allows the advantages of a light armored vehicle to be compressed into a bipedal frame capable of navigating any urban environment. Witnesses say that an ARES trooper once picked up a hostile armored vehicle and threw it into an enemy tank, although these rumors are unverified. ARES Troopers have been observed to carve human skulls into their visors to intimidate enemies, making them a terrifying sight on a battlefield. If not already an intimidating sight, they also carry a W/AV M1 Anti-Armor Laser into battle, which has been known to pierce a heavy tank and destroy another one behind it.

FENRIR Combat Mech (MechaCav)
The FENRIR Combat Mech was designed as an autonomous anti-infantry combat mech to assist Federation soldiers in clearing out bunkers, trenches, and enemy bases. Standing at 6 feet tall, the FENRIR is covered in blades and a kinetic carbine for close quarters fighting. They are an absolute menace in CQC, and have been known to bisect enemy soldiers with their bladed claws and extensive combat system. Utilizing a MB5K Assault Carbine, they are equally deadly at range.

YGGDRASIL/GUNGNIR Mark I Advanced Combat Suit (AssaultMecha)
The YGGDRASIL/GUNGNIR Advanced Combat suit is some of the most advanced combat technology the Federation has to offer. Designed to make its wearer as devastating and tough as a main battle tank with the mobility of a human, the YGGDRASIL "Spartan" Combat Suit is a terrifying sight on the battlefield. Envisioned to break through an enemy line and cause as much damage as possible, the Spartan can easily accomplish that with its modified M250A Autocannon, M486H HMGs , and a M25 mortar equipped with EMP shells to cripple enemy electronics. Able to shrug off small arms fire with ease, nothing short of an entire AT squad or a main battle tank can take down a Spartan.

Broadsword AFV (LevTank)
The Broadsword Armored Fighting Vehicle is one of the mainline tanks used by the Federation. Designed to combine speed, firepower, and durability, they excel at fast-paced attacks on enemy forces, usually completely decimating tank columns before they can even respond. Equipped with reactive armor, a M312 Medium Railgun Cannon , a M240 Heavy Laser Machinegun, a M25 Mortar equipped with anti-personnel shells , and two SIDEWINDER surface-to-air missiles,, they can effectively respond to almost any threat on the battlefield.

Grizzly Super Heavy Weapons Platform (Landship)
The Grizzly was designed with one thing in mind: complete and total battlefield dominance. Designed to bring the power of a starship to the ground, the Grizzly boasts the heaviest weaponry on the battlefield, armed with five M500 "Eviscerator" railgun cannons, ten medium M312 medium railgun cannons, twenty M486H HMGs, eight W/AV M1 heavy anti-armor laser cannons, and thirty SIDEWINDER ground-to-air anti-aircraft missiles.

Tiger LAV (LevDestroyer)
The Tiger LAV was originally designed around the concept of the Grizzly, acting as an escort for it. However, it was quickly adapted to other uses as well. Essentially a fast moving sniper-tank, it can quickly flank past enemy lines and decimate them from afar with its singular W/AV M1H long-range heavy laser cannon.

Scorpio Magnetic Acceleration Cannon (Scorpio MAC) (Railgun Battery)
Originally envisioned as groundside anti-capital ship weaponry, the M1488 "Scorpio" fell short of early designs. However, it was quickly re-purposed as devastating long-range artillery. Capable of accelerating a 10 cm ferric-tungsten slug with 1.1 gigajoules of energy, the Scorpio can devastate any armored column or enemy emplacement before they can even respond. The downside of the Scorpio being that it requires a direct line-of-sight to be able to hit, as MAC shells do not arc. This is rectified by the Federation Military by placing them on large hills or mountains, sometimes even utilizing heavy industrial lifts to give it a better firing angle.

Viper Mobile MAC (Mechanized Artillery)
Due to the Scorpios long setup times and essentially being an artillery tower, the Viper is designed to be a true mobile artillery. Equipped with heavy mag clamps twin M77 MAC guns, they can pierce armor with ease at supersonic velocities. Once deployed however, the twin M77 guns combine into one large M99 MAC, doubling its range and firepower. The Viper can set up within 5 seconds and start shooting, making it a dangerously effective piece of artillery. It is lightly armored, requiring heavy escort.

Badger Surface-to-Surface Missile System(Missile Carrier)
The Badger is a fast and mobile missile vehicle designed to quickly get to the front lines and deploy their payload. Equipped with heavy ARES Ground-to-Ground missiles, they can completely devastate an area with their payloads. They are able to do so with ease and quickly retreat behind the front lines to replenish their missiles. Relatively lightly armored, it requires some form of escort to be safely utilized.

M68 Directed Energy Weapon(Laser Battery)
The M68 DEW (Commonly called the "Laser Turret") is a laser-based defence turret. Commonly placed in cities and borders, the high-output laser can melt through armor and infantry with ease.

M90 Directed Electromagnetic Tower (EMP Projector)
The M90 EMP Tower can disable any unhardened electrical system that gets near, making it a vital defence in emplacements to counter enemy armor movements.

Mako Assault Boat (Assault Boat)
The Mako is a quick-response naval attack boat, designed to quickly respond to coastal and naval threats within several minutes notice. Relatively outdated and useless in the age of space travel, the Mako serves as a coastal defense ship to defend from internal threats.


Wombat Autonomous Atmospheric Drone (Autonomous Drone)
The Wombat is a small AI controlled atmospheric drone, designed to patrol planetary airspace and effectively eliminate threats. They are most effective in patrols, and are extremely light aircraft.

Falchion Atmospheric Interceptor (Fighter)
The Falchion is an atmospheric interceptor, designed to establish air dominance and overwhelm enemy fighters. Falchions are extremely maneuverable, fast, and most of all deadly.

Claymore Heavy Fighter (Strike Fighter)
The Claymore is a heavy atmosphere-based fighter, designed to be a slow yet powerful fighter. Equipped with heavy armor and heavy weaponry, the Claymore can shrug off most weaponry and return a lot of punishment in return. It is also capable of deploying Wombat drones to assist in battle.


Hermes class Interstellar Freighter (Transport/Trade Ship)

CT-199 Better Late Than Never

The Hermes class Freighter is a civilian-designed transport ship that is commonly utilized for transport and trade purposes. With no weaponry and light armor, it requires escort or it will be easy prey to any combat-capable vessel.

Phoenix class Military Transport (Military Transport)
The Phoenix class transport is a military interstellar transport designed to transport military troops between planets. Relatively lightly armed and armored, it requires escort to be able to successfully transport troops.

Greatsword Space Interceptor (Deep Space Fighter)
The Greatsword class Space Interceptor is a space-based aerial dominance aircraft designed to engage space-based fighters and unarmored spacecraft. Relatively large for a fighter, it can accelerate to extremely high speeds to catch unsuspecting fighters or light starships.

Sparrow Dropship (Dropship / Troop Transport)
The Dropship 99 Heavy-Troop Carrier/Infantry, abbreviated to the D99-HTI, also known as the "Sparrow", is the main dropship in use by the UFSC.

Kestrel Gunship (Light Gunship)
The Kestrel gunship is a light gunship designed around a large frame and railgun emplacements. Designed to take out light starships and to support friendly starships against fighters, it forms the backbone of many fleets.

Steadfast class Frigate (Frigate)

FFG-309 Aegis Fate

Relatively small and underarmed, the Steadfast class Frigate is a fast and maneuverable fleet escort starship that makes up the bulk of most fleets. Most Steadfast frigates are used for planetary defense, escort, and rarely fleet support.

Venator class Destroyer (Rammer)
The Venator class destroyer does not fit conventional destroyer naval doctrine. Rather, instead of a high-endurance fast escort vessel, Venators are overarmored high-speed ramming vessels, armed with one oversized main cannon. With the hull shaped like a blade, it can cut straight through armor while firing its cannon pointblank, causing devastating amounts of damage. Due to its unique role, it has almost quadruple the armor of a frigate dispute being the same size, and is rumored to be able to continue fighting with less than 10% of its hull integrity remaining.

Jäger class Heavy Frigate (Heavy Frigate)

FFG-308 Hyperion

The Jäger class Frigate is a heavier frigate compared to its sister Steadfast class. Designed to be both a frontline space combat vessel along with the traditional frigate escort duties, it can hold its own in a fight with its heavier armor and heavier weaponry compared to the Steadfast class.

Orion class Carrier (Carrier)
The Orion class Carrier is a large starship designed to transport fighters, bombers, and other small craft to the battlefield. Comparatively under-armed for its size, it has anti-fighter emplacements and anti-ship missiles.

Ragnarök class Orbital Bomber (Planetary Bomber)
The Ragnarök class is a starship designed to orbitally bombard planets with heavy kinetic rods, which devastate cities, troops, and emplacements. Lightly armed, it requires escort.

Autumn Class Battlecruiser (Battleship)

BBC-027 Pillar of Autumn

The Autumn class is the backbone of fleets, forming the main heavy ship in the fleets roster. Equipped with heavy weapon emplacements, it can devastate any enemy starship that comes within firing range. When properly escorted by frigates, the Autumn class can be an unstoppable force on the battlefield, destroying lesser ships with its heavy armaments and thick armor.

Everest Class Capital Ship (Dreadnought)

CLC-007 Everest

The Everest class is the core of large-scale fleet action, usually acting as flagships for friendly fleets to rally behind. Equipped with an enormous amount of firepower, it is suicidal to attack one head-on, let alone one escorted by a fleet.

Eclipse Class Prowler (Stealth Corvette)

PRO-068 Razor's Edge, PRO-069 Dusk, PRO-70 From the Ashes, PRO-71 Blink of An Eye, PRO-72 Nautilus, PRO-73 Seawolf, PRO-74 Corsair

The Eclipse class Prowler is the LRSC's advanced stealth vessel, capable of deep-cover missions into enemy territory for months at a time. Equipped with advanced photoreactive panels that emulate the background,
they are nearly invisible to the naked eye when stealthed and completely undetectable to most sensors. They are equipped with a light point-defense gun, deployable EMP space mines, and anti-ship missiles. They also carry two BLACK WIDOW spy drones.

Onyx Class Heavy Stealth Frigate (Stealth Frigate)

FFS-209 Midsummer Night, FFS-210 Point of No Return

Built using the hull of the Jäger class heavy frigate and the stealth properties of the Eclipse Class Prowler, the Onyx class is an extremely dangerous long-range reconnaissance craft. Capable of sneaking deep into enemy territory and gathering critical intelligence, it can also help cripple enemy battlegroups by causing chaos and damaging enemy craft to allow Lunarian fleets move in. It's an extremely dangerous foe, and when detected they can still fight off most craft with it's defense cannons and it's heavy main gun and anti-ship missiles. The Onyx Class strongly resembles the Jäger class, but tend to have a pitch-black paintjob in contrast to the gray that the Jäger class fields.

Harvest Class Colony Ship (Colony Ship)
The Harvest Class colony ship is a large transport ship designed to contain everything needed to start a new colony. Once landed, it is designed to be dissembled and have all parts used by the new colony.

Heimdall Orbital Drone (Sentry)
The Heimdall orbital drone is equipped with a large suite of sensors and cameras, designed to observe the area around a planet for suspicious activity.

Tranquility Class Orbital Defense Platform (Defender)

ODP-1 Tranquility (Luna), ODP-2-Arcadia (Callisto), ODP-3 Razor (Titan)

The Tranquility Class Orbital Defense Platform (commonly referred to as "ODPs") is a large space station equipped with one super-heavy laser cannon capable of gutting capital ships. The station itself is essentially built around the cannon.


Madrigal Armory Logo


MH5C Assault Rifle
The Madrigal Armory MH5C Rifle is an outdated and civilian model of the MH7B ACR. Usually used by Militia or police forces, it does not see much use in the Federation Military.

Left: MH7B Standard Issue Rifle, Right: Lighter variant MH39
The Madrigal Armory MH7 Advanced Combat Rifle is an advanced rifle series designed for Federation military use, and is highly customizable and available in several different variants. Most variants do not include ironsights or a scope, and are instead linked to the HUD of the user or linked to their standard-issue heisean Neural implant. Most variants also include a built-in ammo display counter and compass, shown above in the MH39 variant. The MH series is extremely modular, and can be changed with attachments to suit nearly any situation. Ruggedly durable, it's been reported that the MH7B can continue firing even after being submerged, lit on fire, and run over. Most variants fire 7.62x51mm FMJ rounds, kicking them a hefty kick with the downside of moderate kickback.

BR77 Battle Rifle
Left: BR77 Standard Issue, Right: Back & Front view
The Madrigal Armory BR77 Advanced Combat Rifle is the standard medium to long-range weapon in the Federation military. Much like other Madrigal Armory weapons, it is highly customizable and modular, and features a built in ammunition counter. Chambered in heavy 9.5x40mm Experimental High-Powered Semi-Armor-Piercing rounds, it's accurate and packs a punch. It features several firing modes, including single shot, three round burst, and full auto. Firing full auto is not recommended, as the recoil is tremendous. Overall, it makes for a devastating weapon in the hands of any marksman.

Left: M7C Standard Issue, Right: M7CS Spec Op Variant
The Madrigal Armory M7C Personal Defense Weapon is the standard issue sidearm of the Federation Military. Usually seen with Officers or vehicle crew, the small pistol is chambered in 12.7x40mm Semi-Armor-Piercing High-Penetration rounds that will devastate lightly armored enemies. Like most Madrigal Armory weapons, it is highly customization and comes in many variants, such as the M7CS Special Operations variant which features a built in suppressor and muzzle break. M7CS are usually seen on ONI operators or on high-risk stealth missions.

2094 Colt Single-Action Navy Revolver
The 2094 Colt Navy Revolver is an antique revolver that is rarely seen in the UFSC navy as officer sidearms. Commander Raynor has been known to wield one.

Left: M92 Standard Issue, Right: M92 front view
The Madrigal Armory M92 Close Assault Weapon System is the standard issue shotgun for the Federation military. Mostly used in ship boarding operations / ship defense operations, it can clear tight hallways with ease. Chambered in 8 gauge shells, it absolutely devastates armored and unarmored infantry. It is a pump-action operated shotgun, with a rate of fire about one shell a second.

LR42 Laser Rifle
The Marius Weapon Systems LR42 Laser Rifle is an advanced laser weapon that is rarely issued to Federation infantry. Designed to give Infantry an edge over traditional kinetic weapons, it can melt through most forms of infantry armor with ease. However, they are much more expensive than their kinetic counterparts and are rarely seen. One of the advantages of the LR42 compared to kinetic weapons is that it does not use ammunition, and instead uses rechargeable battery packs.

MB5K Assault Carbine
Left: Front Side Profile, Right: Side Profile
The Madrigal Armories MB5K Assault Carbine is a medium to long range carbine utilized by designated marksmen in the battlefield. Firing 7.62x51mm NATO rounds, it can punch through enemy armor with ease at safe distances. Features the standard built-in ammunition counter that nearly all MA weapons have.

SRS-100 Anti-Matériel Sniper Rifle
Left: Side Profile, Right: SRS-100 Series 2 undergoing inspection at a Madrigal Armories factory.
The Madrigal Armories Sniper Rifle System 100 Anti-Matériel rifle is one of the largest handheld weapons in the Federation's armories, capable of piercing straight through the armor of a main battle tank if configured to do so.
The SRS-100 is very customizable, and comes in different series in order to suit different roles in the battlefield. Most fire specialized 14.5 x 114mm Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot rounds.

M31 Surface-to-Surface "Jackhammer" Rocket Launcher
The Madrigal Armories M31 Surface-to-Surface "Jackhammer" Rocket Launcher is the main anti-armor weapon in the Federation military. Designed to be able to be lightweight and easily reloadable, the M31 fires 102mm HEAT shaped charge rockets, with some versions of the M31 featuring specialized guidance systems. When reloaded, the barrels are removed and two pre-loaded barrels are then inserted back into the launcher, drastically reducing the weight of the launcher and also allowing the launcher to be reused more effectively instead of being disposed of in the field like some launchers.

M1 W/AV "Crimson Lance" Anti-Armor Laser
The Madrigal Armories M1 Weapon/Anti-Vehicle "Crimson Lance" Anti-Armor Laser is the strongest handheld energy weapon available to Federation Troops. While it looks bulky and unwieldy, the Crimson Lance excels at devastating enemy armor. When the trigger is pulled, it has to be held down for approximately 2 to 3 seconds while the charge builds up. During this time, an audible whine can be heard which rises in pitch as the charge builds up. Once it is charged, a huge beam of laser energy is discharged which is capable of piercing a main battle tank and destroying another one behind it.