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The United Federation of Sol, also known as Heisenbee, has prided itself on having great and memorable leaders from all periods of its history. From Adama to Keyes, they have had tactical geniuses, incredible diplomats, and persuasive spokespeople. Below are some of the most important and well-known Heisean / Federation figures.

(S1) Jason William Adama
2nd President of Heisenbee, under his leadership Heisenbee became a world superpower
Jason Adama, commonly called Adama by his peers, was the 2nd president of Heisenbee. Born in the Midwestern United States pre-great war, he was raised as a farmer. When the world underwent total economic and societal collapse, he eventually moved to South America in the former nation of Argentina. After years of warring between factions in Argentina, eventually Heisenbee formed and Adama became a Heisean citizen. Years passed, and Heisenbee's leadership ultimately became extremely corrupt, and Adama could not sit idly while he witnessed the same corruption and greed taking Heisenbee as the same that caused the Great War. Rising through the leadership of a political activist group, he spearheaded the movement to remove the corrupt president and senate from power. Ultimately, he was overwhelmingly elected as the 2nd president of Heisenbee, and under his leadership Heisenbee flourished and rapidly expanded into a world power. During his time as President, he led Heisenbee against threats such as FLO terrorism and foreign alliances. (1) During a trip back to Heisenbee mainland after a World Council meeting, his escort fleet was attacked by a FLO terrorist task force. Ultimately, his flagship took a heavy blow from a missile and Adama was critically injured. He later recovered, but he was paralyzed from the waist down due to the attack. In 2020, he finally retired from being President of Heisenbee despite overwhelming support from the population. In 2021,
he vanished from the public, reportedly retiring to live with his family away from the public. He was never heard from again, and his death was reported by the Heisean Government in 2028.

(S1) Michael Jacob Keyes
Retired, formerly Fleet Admiral in the Heisean Navy, commanded the flagship of the fleet HNS Normandia
Fleet Admiral Keyes commanded much of the Heisean Navy during their famous "War on Terror" against the anarchist / terrorist organization F.L.O. Considered a tactical genius by his fellow military commanders,
he singlehandedly led the fleet to major victories against FLO, famously taking the FLO military base "Indian Britannia" without a single ship lost. He retired with full honors in 2030.

(S2) Adam Terrence Hood
Fleet Admiral of the LRSC
Currently head of the United Federation Space Corps, commonly abbreviated to the UFSC. In direct command of all Federation naval assets, and answers directly to the President. Currently captaining the UFSC Everest.

(S2) Steven Lance Keyes
First President of the United Federation of Sol
President Keyes is the current leader of the United Federation of Sol. He was elected due to his campaign of promising that Luna would no longer be trampled on by outside and inside threats, and has completely revamped and restarted the Lunarian economy after the devastation brought by the Voidal Wars and in the Insurrection. After the Republic of Luna was reformed into the United Federation of Sol, he was once again elected leader of the Heisean / now Federation people due to the significant progress the nation has made under his leadership.

(S2) James "Jim" Raynor
Federation Ambassador to the Solar Council
Jim Raynor is a former Staff Sergeant in the Luna Republic Marine Corps (LRMC) (Now reformed into the United Federation Marine Corps, UFMC), and a former Captain in the UFSC. He fought countless ground engagements against the Insurrection, notably being captured and escaping with his squad during the Shiloh campaign. After his success on the ground, his aptitude for tactics was realized and he was fast-tracked towards officer training in the newly-made LRSC (Later renamed to the UFSC). He was planned to be one of the first ship captains in the LRSC, however plans fell short when the new navy was scrapped in favor of rebuilding Luna after the Insurrection. He retired after that, and was appointed by the Supreme Commander himself to become the first ambassador to the Solar Council.

(S2) Nathan Matthew Horner
Captain of the UFSC Hyperion
Captain Horner is the young protege of Commander Raynor, and studied under him in officer academy. After the original LRSC program fell through, they kept in touch after Raynor retired. Now they have been reunited as Raynor has been instated in command of the Hyperion with Horner as his XO.

(S2) Jack Harper
Director of the Office of Naval Intelligence
Director Harper is an enigmatic and relatively unknown figure, who has led the Office of Naval Intelligence for a decade. He first appeared in public as an agent for the organization over a decade ago, and since then he has steadily rose through the ranks, eventually becoming the director under direct orders from Supreme Commander Keyes. He appears to be a middle-aged man with close-cropped silver-grey hair with "steely blue" eyes which appear to be prosthetic. It is unknown how he got these prosthetic eyes. When in communication with his subordinates, he is almost always seen smoking a cigarette, in a room that has the backdrop of what appears to be a red supergiant star with tinges of blue. This should not be possible, as there the only star accessible to the human race is Sol, and is most likely a hologram or a projection.

(S6) Hannah Stukova
President of the Republic of Luna
President Hannah Castilla is the current president of the Republic of Luna, beginning her term three years ago.

(S6) Reyna Méndez
Head of Diplomacy
Reyna Méndez is the current head of Diplomacy in Luna