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Austinia Massacre (WIP)

On July 9th, a brief war was declared between Kampf Empire and Texaria. The war was brought to a close within moments due to the sheer miltary advantage of Kampf Empire.

Following the war, Kaiser Frederick XVI ordered for General Alexander Kromwell and Field Marshal Erwin Glitz to make an example of a Texarian city. The city chosen was the capital, Austinia. After collecting a total of 10.6 million people from the city, and containing them within a field outside of of city limits, a Region-wide televised event began. Based loosely on old texts read by General Kromwell, was able to come up with an effective and brutal display of Kampf military power.

Pictured above. Field Marshal Glitz and several of his troops.

Upon Kampf forces slaughtering opposing soldiers, and Texarian civilians being captured and placed under control of Kampf soldiers, automated television crews were instructed to begin a broadcast available across the entirety of The East Pacific, with the opening shots showing Field Marshal Glitz standing upon a platform before the captured, along with containers of papers, two blade-wielding Iron Guards, and a terminal.

The following is a recording of the abovementioned event. Viewer discretion is advised.

The broadcast attached to this incident begins to play once more, showing the opening shot of Glitz, his guards, and several containers of papers lying before him. As the cameras turn and show the field that the citizens are being held in, as well as the guards surrounding them, most with large, tarp-covered objects behind them. The camera swings back around and shows Glitz as he prepares to give his speech.

"People of Austinia.You have been gathered for punishment. As a result of your debased and corrupt government, the people must suffer. But not all of you. Some shall thrive, if they win.", states the Field Marshall as he looks at the millions of souls collected before him. The broadcast at this point, becomes more and more tedious to watch, as the next 2 hours are filled with the distribution of the papers that had been in the crates upon the stage. While it is done, a terminal is brought to the side of Glitz, and is activated while he waits. Once the papers have been distributed, Glitz begins to elaborate on the situation of his captive audience. "The papers which have been given to you all have a unique, random number printed upon them. This terminal shall generate one of these, and whose ever card is printed with said number must come to the platform to receive their punishment. Any attempts to escape or rebel will be meet with death or extreme manglement. Let the game begin." Glitz proceeds to activate the terminal, and read out the first number made. "273. May the owner of card 273 please approach the stage." After 2 minutes, a young woman ascends the stairs to the platform, and hands her ticket to Glitz, who verifies it is correct. Upon verifying, Glitz states "Name and notable facts, ma'am." The woman responds quickly with "Margaret Burns. I just got engaged." "Margaret Burns," began Glitz, "your punishment is a slow and terrifying death." Before the woman can protest in any way, the guards seize her arms, while Glitz uses his machete to cut open her juglar. The cut is just deep enough to cause uncontrollable bleeding, but nothing else. The camera picks up on Mrs. Burns terrified face and pleading as the 3 soldiers and her fellow Texarians look on, all without emotion. After brief struggles, she succumbs to blood loss, and her body is thrown off the back of the stage. While this happens, Glitz generates and calls another number, continuing the process, which would last hours and hours.

Pictured above. Glitz's execution tool. The machete, and the blood of the killed still lingering on it's blade.

As the slaughtering of those called continues, the cameras pick up on the disposal of the bodies. Piles numbering about 100 each are doused in accelerant, and lit aflame into massive bonfires. After hours of this event, there are dozens of bonfires burning against the darkening sky. The cameras also pick up on the emotionless crowds of people. People who don't protest or put up a fight against their guards. People who don't weep or scream when their "friends" and "loved ones" are dragged away and killed before them.

For 2 hours, the process continued, and the night sky was contrasted by the burning piles. The number of civilians had greatly decreased, and the plain in which the event took place began to run out of room for the dead and the bonfires. Glitz simply stared out at the remaining Texarians standing before him, their numbers in the dozens. Men, women, children, old, and sick all stood before him. Many like them had died, but a smile crept across Glitz's face as a crate was brought before him. "Congratulations to you surviving few," Glitz began, "You may actually win a prize if you are called. The millions before you had no chance to fight, and thusly had no chance to save their souls from eternal damnation. But not all of you. You all will get a chance to be remembered." As Glitz finished his announcement, he reached into the crate and pulled out a small device. Circular, gray, and with a red light blinking on one end; a slave collar.