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History/Dispatch Dump

OOC: How cute. I didn't how to write back then

On 02/09/2018, The Incorporated States of Kampf were united under one Chancellor. The nation was named Kampf Empire with hopes of a glorious future filled with conquest. However, the country must be built up first, so the days of battle and Reich-building must be put off.

The Torios Agreement

"Hello and welcome to the first installment from the K.E.N.N. I'm your reporter Jacob Krommerstein, and do we have big news today."

"Joy swept through Kampf and it's surrounding states today as our valiant leader, The Iron Chancellor, brokered a deal with the leaders of Talitoa, The New Wisconsin Empire, and our ally Algerstonia. This agreement has given our country hope for a better future, with our lands being more secure than ever before from foreign invaders. In a speech delivered to the masses, The Iron Chancellor is quoted as to saying the following; " Friends, neighbors, countrymen. Today is a joyous day for Kampf, for today, we join the arms of neighbors, and begin the long march to prosperity and glory for our nation. Under the Torios Agreement, we shall be able to more successfully develop our home state, and build up our empire, to rival the historical giants of Rome and Great Britain. Today, we shall celebrate as though it is Unification Day all over again!!!"

* Note: The following people are not actors or paid by the station in anyway *

"We went around Empirea today and interviewed the citizens who were sober enough to talk after today's celebration." "What do you think of the Torios Agreement?" Franz Lieben, a local store owner, said " I think it is great that our nation is getting more involved in international affairs. It's time for our nation to spread it's wings and fly into the modern world." " I think it's a sketchy deal and a massive let down," according to Marie Sheizen, local Army wife. " I mean, now we can't take anymore of the land in the area, and have you seen some of that land Talitoa has just across the border? I just don't know how I feel about us not being able to get some of the best land this continent has to offer." That was the end of the interviews as moments after, police gave chase to a group of druken college students who started streaking down the road.

"Today is good day for Kampf, however tensions are still rising between our ally Chile-Paraguay and their bastard, communists enemy, Soviet toria. Only time will tell how that conflict smoothes out, and how effevtive the Torios Agreement will be. I'm Jacob Krommerstein, good night and good news."


"This is Jacob Krommerstein reporting for K.E.N.N., as predicted and foreseen by many Kampf Empireans, our ally, Chile-Paraguay, has declared war upon Soviet toria and its allies. In response to this development, the Iron Chancellor made a very breif statement to the people today.

"My friends, war has been declared. We are bound by blood, iron, and honor to help our ally. If those in the Torios Agreement honor their word, than this war shall be short, and borderline pleasent. But now, we must mobilize our troops again. To our colonies overseas, I ask you send your militaries to aid us in this endeavor. And fear not my friends,
no communists will ever stop the Kampf war machine. Gott mit uns.

That's all for today folks. This has been Jacob Krommerstein, and I'll see you on the front lines."

The Krostein Draft

" This is Jacob Krommerstein reporting for K.E.N.N, and new news has started accelerateing through evey news outlet of Kampf and our territories. Due to the amount of fronts our newest conflict, with Ruseniya, has started, the Iron Chancellor has begun an empire-wide draft. Before this legislature was passed, our total army stood at 15 million soldiers from Kampf, Krucher, Kruzingrazia, and Krissine. Now that number is at upwards of 33 million, due to draft calling for any and all citizens of decent health, between ages of 18 and 27 to join the armed forces. So far none have found ways to escape the draft, and our infamous bootcamps are currently stuffed to the brim with recruits. To all those getting deployed, may the spirit of Kampf guide you to honor and glory. This has been Jacob Krommerstein. Good night and good news."

Picture above: Kampf battle suit that all recruits shall be taught to use, and then issued.


"This is Jacob Krommerstein, and exciting news has rang out of Birken-Kraus today. The Iron Chancellor has announced that the Kampf Imperial Space Administration has become an official government agency, and a new addition to the Defense Department. Hopefully with the help of other, more developed nations, it will be able to spread Kampf's glory beyond our planet."

"This has been Jacob Krommerstein, good night Kampf, and watch out universe."

Standard Troop Armament (Old)

Khimera V Suit

Below: The new and improved Kampf soldier armor, the Khimera V battlesuit.

Built to be deployed in even the harshest of enviorments, as well as to protect the user from enemy combatants. Should a soldier ever fall in battle, the suit can be scuttled, via detonation of the nuclear power source. When this happens, the local area becomes irradiated, and the metal of the armor is fused and melted beyond use.

PREDICTED USES:Light infantry combat, and standard military procedures.

Project: LATEAM


The new Lateam armors shall be deployed alongside the famous Khimera V suit. These suits allow for more specialized combat, and more flexibility for combat tactics.

E.M.S. Stations

Pictured above. There are several of these orbital platforms in orbit above Kampf and its colonies. These platforms work by using electromagnetism and gravity to "slingshot" a large tungsten rod into painted targets.

Ice Breaking Ships

Among the many ships types that make up Kampf's mighty navy, among them are the ice-breakers. These ships are used only for allowing heavily armed naval vessels to enter icy areas, simply by clearing the way for them. While not heavily armed, these ships usually have some turrets and military personnel onboard at all times.

The Bio-Bomb

-This is a message from the Kampf Empirean CDC. We wish to notify all surrounding nations of the following development. After tracking down an anarchist biologist, and seizing all notes of their research, the Kampf Empirean Military Technological Advancement Committee (KEMTAC) has developed a new arsenal of WMD's.
-These modified nukes contain fluid capable of spreading KE Strand~27.
-The virus is fast-spreading, and hard-hitting. The infection involves destruction of respiratory tissue as well damage to the cells in the eye, causing heavily impaired sight.
-The disease transmits via bodily fluids from contaminated individuals or being within range of the bomb itself.
-The only cures for KE Strand~27, are immolation or a cure kept under tight security within Kampf Empire and/or its realms.
-This has been a message from Kampf Empirean CDC.

Project: Grußen

This is an announcement from KEMTAC. After increased research, Project: Grußen has produced 3 prototypes of varying styles. Code Name:Freikrops successfully destroyed the city of Madisen in NWE. There are 2 more "bombs". More shall be produced if funding is given. These bombs give off radiation when detonated, and atomize most materials. These weapons can only be detonated via a code generated in Neue Könisberg.

War Has Broken Out

"This is Jacob Krommerstein reporting for K.E.N.N., and I wish I could have better news tonight. It would seem a sect of anti-Imperialists have taken up arms against the federal governement. So far, the only demands of this group is that our colonies be given sovereignty, and that the Iron Chancellor of Kampf relinquish his power."

* Explosions and rioting can be heard in the background, as the K.E.N.N. team switchs over to video cameras outside of Stutgraten (A major center of population within Kampf) *

" So far the rebels have occupied two cities, Stutgraten and Grazten, however they failed to take a Kampf Empirean military base. The government is currently deploying a force of 500 National Guards in order to put down the rebellion, however it is unsure how this war will transpire. This has been Jacob Krommerstein, stay inside, and may the spirit of Kampf protect you from these heathens. "

Blockade of North-East Kampf

This is a message from the DoNS of Kampf. This message shall serve as a warning to all those who are funding the Anti-Imperial Rebels, who have seized two major cities and are fighting to take over Fort Gliznic. Any and all forms of trade, that aren't sanctioned by the DoEaT, will be stopped. Any attempts to run the blockade will be met with military action. You have been warned.

Sides Of The Civil War

Allies of Kampf
Talitoa - Has increased weapon trade with Kampf Empire, allowing for better supression of rebels.
Euricanis - Has increased weapon trade with Kampf Empire, allowing for better supression of rebels.
Algerstonia - Has begun to send supplies and special operation troops to help suppress the rebellion.

Enemies of Kampf
League of Anti-Imperial Kampf Empireans - Have seized two cities of Kampf and begun battling against federal troops.
Unknown Benefactor of Rebels - Military intelligence has determined that outside forces must be supplying the rebels.

Civil War Winding Down

" This is Jacob Krommerstein reporting for K.E.N.N., and a wave of excitment has passed through Kampf today. The Anti-Imperialist League of Kampf Empire has almost been crushed. Through the support of our allies, as well as a total blockade of rebel supply lines, our National Guard have been able to retake Stutgraten, most of Grazten, and are currently chasing the rebels out of Fort Gliznic. "

* The K.E.N.N. crew switches feeds to a parade being held in Stutgraten, as victorious National Guards roll through in tanks and armed cars, while also displaying captured rebel leaders. The crowds are cheering and celebrating as they are allowed to return to their homes and are allowed to rebuild their city. *

" The Iron Chancellor gave a plain, but meaningful speech today, as the good news became public. "

This victory over these madmen, has shown the world that Kampf is not to trifled with. These men shall be persecuted like the war criminals they are, and that shall be the end of their story, I would like to personally thank our allies who sent us the supplies we needed to crush these scum, and prevent our empire's collapse. Additionally, I would like to invite the leaders of Talitoa, Euricanis, and Algerstonia to come to Kampf in order to hold a meeting, to discuss the future of our diplomatic relations. I would also like to declare, that the war on Ruseniya is not yet over. We shall send our troops so they may conquer for their homeland, and so our brave country can continie it's path of glorious ascendance. This war has been reignited, due to beliefs that they funded and armed these rebels. But we will show them the might of Kampf. And we shall do this, with Blut. Eisen. Und Ehre.

" For those who don't know, the rebellion was crushed after a united National Guard force of 2,100 troops stormed the cities, after being called to the area in order to protect Kampf from an invasion by The new iwaso. This has been Jacob Krommerstein, good night, and watch out Ruseniya, it's time for round 2. "

The Coalition

Member Nations of The Coalition:

Kampf Empire
Kian khe
The Waaa
The United Artherian Federation

Nations that The Coalition is Friendly Towards:

Stellar Colonies

All nations listed shall be sending represenatives to the Tomagod Summit.

"This is Jacob Krommerstein, reporting from the streets of Neue Königsberg, and as you can see behind me, the people of Kampf Empire are throwing a celebration similar to the first Unification Day. The cause of this celebration? Thr Iron Chancellor has finally gotten rid of an old law in Kampf Empire that outlawed democratic voting. Between this and several recent policies, people's say in the government has skyrocketed to new levels. And, we here at K.E.N.N were blessed to have an interview with The Iron Chancellor himself."

* The crew cuts from the footage of Jacob and the celebration, which involved large amounts of beer, music, confetti, and drunkeningly singing in the streets, to the office of The Iron Chancellor, with Mr. Krommerstein sitting on the opposite side of the desk. *

Jacob Krommerstein - "So, Mr....Iron Chancellor. I apologize for this, but this is the first time you have really been interviewed by K.E.N.N., is it not?"

The Iron Chancellor - Indeed. It is. But, times are changing, and so are the people. So I might as well go with the change. So what is it you have to ask.

Jacob Krommerstein - "Well sir, I think I can speak for all Kampf Empireans when I ask, why was this law enacted in the first place?"

The Iron Chancellor - "Ah, yes. This law was controversial even when it came out. This occurred because of general dissatisfaction with our nations Congress. And at first, it seemed like the right decision. Legislation was simple, and the country was no longer divided by political parties.However, our many colonies grew with their own democratic bodies, many began question our own lack of democracy. The recent civil war has shown me that people need a way to display change in the government that does not involve taking up arms. So, I used the powers granted to me by that bill, in order to dismantle it. Within the week, we shall be having our first elections for seats in the Congress."

Jacob Krommerstein - "Interesting. So, the law proved unpopular, you dismantled it, and now we shall be having elections for next week. This sounds like a large step in the right direction for Kampf Empire. Thank you for your time. I hope that this new law works well for us."

* The crew cuts back to the live footage in the street, and seen behind Jacob Krommerstein, two, half-naked, very drunk, elderly men can be seen doing the waltz. The crew move Jacob and the camera to try and avoid them, but they move with the camera regardless. *

Jacob Krommerstein - "The Iron Chancellor everyone, a brilliant leader, but a little hard to understand. Anyway, as you can see, the people are overjoyed that they can vote, and elections are next week. This has been Jacob Krommerstein. Good night, and good news."

* Before the camera cuts the feed, Jacob can be seen taking a large, spear-shaped cup that is filled with Kampf Beer. The camera cuts out before anymore can be seen. *

Kampf Civil War of 2030

The Fall

It All Started, With A Single Bullet.

Nov. 11th, 2058, Tragedy has struck Kampf Empire. A Democratic Protest became a murder when Kaiser Fredrich III was shot at point-blank range by an armed protestor, who has confessed to being a member of the Black Talon Organization. Despite the best efforts of the first responders, Kaiser Fredrich died from his wounds at 8:34 AM. The country and territories have been placed under martial law, but with Kampf forces being so spread, several organizations have made claims to the Mantle of Power within the empire. Further developments shall be announced as they appear, but this may spell a dark day for the Kämpfenreich.

Factions Arising

Breaking News

As of right now, a series of diferent factions are fighting each other for control over Kampf lands. Aside from a series of independence movements, several "factions" have gathered support for their respective causes.

    Extending through most of the states, and basing themselves in the Grußen-Gratzen Super-Complex, this group aims to make Kampf Empire a republic, and to incorporate the states and territories underneath a constitution.

    Occupying almost all of Holstein, and a significant amount of East Graznia, this group, dubbing themselves the Kampf People's Republic, has been claiming themselves the champions of equality and fairness, promising to liberate the entirety of the land, and bring Kampf Empire to a new age. Currently, they are based in Fort Kairson.

    In the South, the Royalists hold firm control over the state of Kampf, which includes Neue Königsberg. They seek to reaffirm their control over the nation and it's territories. Although most of the Royal Families within this faction are sworn enemies, they are united under the direction of the twin princes, Karl II and Calvin III.

    To the North-West, the National People's Republic of Kampf has been reformed, this time seeking to retake what they once had. Based out of Strutgratten, they seek to conquer and expand as rapidly as possible, while simultaneously, asserting the strength of the Pacifa Deutsche race.

    Lastly, the Turf-Burners Legion has arisen to take control for itself. They seek to craft the entire nation into an army, and are willing to crush all who stand in their path. They currently control some Southern coastline, Kampf-Jutland and Hohenzburg, as well as a significant portion of the Kampf Navy and Air Force.

No shots have been fired yet, but the moment one faction draws, the nation will erupt into civil war.

Shots Fired

The Holy Banner was lowered over Neue Königsberg today. After the conclusion of Fredrich III's funeral, his heir, Karl II, claimed the thrown. After his hastened coronation, he decided upon his first act as Kaiser.

A Declaration of War on the Nationalist Republic of Kampf.

The powder keg was lit, and after 6 hours, militias of the republic, consisting of armed police and volunteers, had engaged in battle with the 6th Royal Guard Division.

This rather lame skirmish, began something......
more. To the West, the massiv KPR had begun a bloody assimilation of independence movements that had filled the surrounding counties. To the North, The National People's Republic of Kampf had begun stationing troops at their shared border woth both the Nationalist Republic and with the People's Republic. In the South, the Turf-Burners had begun to station more and more Naval Assault Vessels. However, with the shooting in Burtem, Kampfian unity had gone to Hell. The NPPK sent troops forward, the KPR had begun sending troops of it's own. And the Turf-Burners wasted no time seeking to break the back of the Nationalist Republic. In a projected 12 hours, major battles will begin, as troops wil start to find one another.

Leaders of the Kampf Civil War

Michael Gorshin

Leader of Kampf People's Republic

Born - Died

August 7th, 2006, Jüngar, Graznia


Notable Facts

Former Mayor of Fort Kairson
Former Governor of Holstein
Commands the KPR's force of 2,500,000 from Ömska, Graznia

Leadership Plans

Begin Socialization/Nationalization of industry, spread ideas to neighboring nations, and eliminate the wealth disparity between Kampf Empireans.

Karl II

Co-Leader of Holy Military Kämpfenreich

Born - Died

May 5th, 2015, Neue Königsberg, Kampf

November 1st, 2061

Notable Facts

Elder Child of Fredrich III
Heir to Hohenzollern Crown
Military Experience in Danelaw Pacification
Leads the still Loyal Dust Titans Legion

Leadership Plans

Inherit crown and continue to rule over Kampf Empire like his father. Give more freedoms to Kampf Empireans, like his Great-Grandfather.

Calvin III

Co-Leader of Holy Military Kämpfenreich

Born - Died

March 3rd, 2017, Neue Königsberg, Kampf


Notable Facts

Younger Child of Fredrich III
Heir to Hülfort Crown
Military Experience in Danelaw Pacification
Leads the still loyal Royal Fleet

Leadership Plans

Assist his brother in maintaining the Kämpfenreich. Inherit crown in the situation his brother dies or abdicates without children.

Boris Zweitermensch

Commander of the Turf-Burners Legion

Born - Died

January 2nd, 2001, Strutgratten, Central Bavary


Notable Facts

Runt of his Family
Appointed Commander by Fredrich III Himself
Oversaw Pacification in Danelaw
Leads the Turf-Burners Legion
Former Commander of the Wrecker Brigade

Leadership Plans

Through force and enslavement, carve a new, hyper-militaristic empire out of The East.

Oskar Gliznic

Iron Chancellor of Nationalist Republic of Kampf

Born - Died

July 6th, 1999, Grußen, Burtemmburg

November 11th, 2061

Notable Facts

Son of Previous Iron Chancellor
Military Experience during Kampf-Sminishia War
Governor of Burtemmburg
Holds the Loyalty of many National Guards and Police

Leadership Plans

Unite Kampf lands under a constitution. Reintroduce democracy. Focus on de-militarization.

Josef Morgens

Fürher of National People's Republic of Kampf

Born - Died

February 2nd, 2016, Straussen, Burtem

October 30th, 2061

Notable Facts

Former Mayor of Glutzburg
Youngest Member of Kampf Parliament
Witnessed the Austinia Massacre as a Child
Holds a hatred for Kianese Cultures

Leadership Plans

Socialize many Kampf industries. Use military strength to wipe out all forms of Kianese cultures from the East. Spread ideas to other Germanic nations.

The Jüngar Agreement

Jüngar Agreement

  1. The People's Republic of Kampf shall cede the following:

    1. Control of Holstein

    2. Control of Lower Graznia

    3. Control of additional conquered territory

    4. The Kampf Socialist Party shall be dissolved

  2. The Joint Turf-Burners/Dust Giants Legions shall introduce strict control over Kampf in the following ways:

    1. Mass conscription

    2. Military development

    3. Nationalization of Kampf industries to maximize efficiency

  3. Those who remain loyal to the old regime shall be offered the choice of execution or banishment.

  4. The Royal Family will remain recognized, and will not be hunted.

  5. Kampf-Jutland and Hohenzburg will remain under Kampf control.