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The Founding of Kervewth

Kervewth began as a quarrel of Lords over their independent cities. Some had settled to close to others and involved in each otherís politics, while some where just too unfamiliar with their neighbours. However the Lord of one of these great cities rose up against the disorganization and century of bloodshed that had plagued the land. His name was Kayrian Treck, Lord of Forkelt.
He challenged the greed of his fellow lords on how they preferred to spill the blood of the innocents to gain resources for their own gain as a coward would rather than for alliances within their region to benefit from trading and in turn develop the fellow man so as to prosper in peace and harmony for generations to come. He denounced their tyranny and proposed a unification of states to form one single royal republic, threatening those who refused with war to ensure their absolute submission. With The House of Treck being by far the most powerful, most Lords joined their hands with Kayrianís to form The Kingdom of Kervewth and those who refused to contribute all their estate to its founding easily and swiftly perished in an unbalanced war, under the wrath of Kervewth. The newborn Kingdom rose to be ruled by its new-crowned leader, King Kyrian of House Treck, who built the rigid foundation that ensured Kervewth existed as a powerful force to reckon with for centuries to come.

The Kingdom of Kervewth