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The Roleplay Congress (TIIP)

The Roleplay Congress is a council of members in A Taco Archipelago. Every member must abide by all of its decisions that involve rp. (Like the WA) Every member must copy and paste this.
Members: Krystalveil, Porymonia, The Galactic RepubIlic, Dominioan, Starrden, Urull Pax, Onfande, Dollystana,Dorab, Haivon, Mat She, Zaberaz Hapang, Kohnhead

1: The Leader of the Congress Depends on who hosts the Congress, for example the First Congress was held at Krystalveil, so he is the leader for 1 week, and next one’s leader will be maybe Haivon or Dominioan.

2: The Leader of the Congress is leader for 1 week, enough to propose laws and rules.

3: Members May leave at any time

4: If a vote occurs, all other members must be informed.