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How Kohnhead feels about others

Haivon Currently Kohnhead's closest ally due to Haivon helping Kohnhead get to space. In exchange Kohnhead will help Haivon in all wars.
Margaux Kohnhead's oldest ally. The two are still on good terms since they were allies in the Football War 2.0 sometimes called the Great Islands War 3.
Starrden Used to be one of Kohnhead's main allies back when the Cold War was occuring over ideological differences. Recently they have had a falling out due to Starrden being too aggressive and attacking innocent places.
The Galactic RepubIlic Kohnhead has been improving ties with them as they both are often trying to support the nations which are innocently attacked.
Megistos A relatively new nation to the rp spectrum, Kohnhead doesn't know too much about them but at least has some ties with them due to them being the hosts of the Multi-Nation Cup. Recently Kohnhead has opened up trade with them in exchange for become their ally, Kohnhead will receive Trout, Automobiles, Information Technology, Pizza and Soda.
Solarampa Kohnhead participated in a soccer tournament they hosted. (It caused the Football War 2.0 mentioned above) and Kohnhead will be participating in the Soccer League they are starting
Mat She Kohnhead doesn't know too much about them but would like to improve ties with them.
Wille-Harlia Another nation that doesn't have many ties with Kohnhead, and that is relatively unknown by Kohnheadians.
Zaberaz Hapang Newer nation, and was a big part of making the Multi-Nation Cup happen
Krystalveil Kohnhead knows them for having lavish gatherings in Lemon City, Tomorrow Land, on massive boats and more. Kohnheadian leaders love going to those and the diplomatic events held there.
Onfande Despite having been around in ATA for a while, Kohnhead hasn't really done anything with them of too much note.
Porymonia Kohnhead is neutral with them but were willing to aid them if the Hot Dog crisis broke into war due to Kohnhead feeling as though they were innocent in the situation.
The geraldic islands Someone Kohnhead does not have many relations with. Hopefully that can change in the future.

If I missed you let me known and I will edit the factbook to include you.