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Food and Culinary Culture

Kohnheadians love to eat. That is the first thing many learn when they visit Kohnhead for the first time. Now just like in many places three meals a day is the standard for Kohnheadians. It's just the amount of food consumed is a lot, yet we aren't fat or obese.

Seafood is a big part of the Kohnhead diet as being an island in the 10000 Islands means that of course we are surrounded by water. In particular Sharks, Salmon, Lobster, and Shrimp are consumed the most.

A typical Kohnhead meal (at least for the well off) will consist of appetizers which are notably fruits and veggies along with crackers and cheese. Kohnhead grows lots of fruit and veggies like berries, tomatoes, squash, corn, and more, but cheese is imported from around the world. Alcohol is strictly prohibited so thus grape juice is drunk by all (it's very sophisticated).

After the appetizers comes the main dish and side dishes. The government actually provides funding for everyone to be able to enjoy three meals a day, with each meal containing a main dish and some sides. The poor are relatively well fed through this program. The main dish is usually some sort of sea food but meat like lamb, pork, chicken, beef, and lots more are found often in Kohnheadian dishes.

(A typical Kohnheadian main dish)

In terms of side dishes that we like to consume. Potatoes which are grown in the Center of Kohnhead are shipped around and fries, boiled potatoes, roasted potatoes, potato chips, and more are eaten with the seafood meal. Sometimes a smaller meat dish is served on the side like chicken nuggets or tenders (although a lot higher quality than fast food).

(A potato farm found in the center of the country)

Seconds and thirds are highly discouraged as firsts are often extremely large. Asking for seconds and thirds is considered rude as it is showing you thought the original quantity was not good enough for you and hosts will get very offended by this.

Overall food, and manners are very important in Kohnhead society and all Kohnheadians can enjoy three satisfactory meals a day.