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The Order of the Grey God

Scientia est Telum de Deo

The Order of the Grey God is a religious cult that worships Infinitus, the god of the Unknown, the Unseen, and the mysteries of the Universe. They worship the four dimensional Tesseract as the conduit of the god, and wear white robes with the Grey Tesseract symbol embroidered onto the chest. The members of the Order wear steel masks depicting closed eyes to represent the unknowable, and five teeth stretching down to the neck, depicting the ferocity of the unknown and the destructive power of knowledge. They meet under the cover of every eclipse to partake in secret rituals, and go their separate ways for the time in between. They worship machinery and technology as the presence of the god, and most Brothers are avid scientists. A Brother can be recognized by his steel Tesseract ring. They are led by the Guardian of the Font of Knowledge, a man or woman that supposedly guards the location of a real four dimensional Tesseract on Earth. The Guardian always remains unknown to the Brothers, and wears a grey robe instead of a white one. They maintain a number of meeting places around Lerasi, and quite a few prominent people bear the Tesseract Ring that indicates their involvement with the cult.