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Lerasian Businesses

Private Corporations

Moon and Star Travel Group: Vacation booking company providing cheap access to high quality tours and excursions. Maintains a small fleet of three cruise ships.

Over the Counter Pharmacies: Prescription drug salesmen operating in the major cities of the Empire.

Cotton on the Clock: Dry cleaners and clothing store boasting the fastest service in Lerasi.

Brand New: Most profitable clothing store in Lerasi, Brand New owns many factories in South Armonica.

Groceries Today: Grocery store chain selling an eclectic assortment of items for everyday use.

All Day All Night: Profitable supermarket chain selling everything from food to clothing to prescription medicine, courtesy of Over the Counter Pharmacies.

Quickgreen Markets: Large supermarket chain focusing on fresh produce acquired from the farms of Onrus, but with extra miscellaneous toiletries and other necessities. Usually attached to gas stations.

Red Dragon Airlines: Fairly new international airline company providing the best of designs for all domestic and commercial flight. They deliver supplies via AT1 skytrains designed by TDS that they have used since the RDP, and they provide comfortable international flight all around the globe.

Lerasian Air: Affordable 747 model airplanes with plenty of in-flight entertainment, this option is one of the more highly used airlines.

Dolorem Airways: High speed, semi-luxury cabin planes meant to serve middle-income to high-income families and individuals, they have rather small planes but reach their destination 1.6× quicker than their competitors.

Aeschbacher Computing: Break-off company of North Tek, their founder Othar Aeschbacher was not happy that North Tek built technology for war and destruction and sought to make machines and technology for peace and prosperity. They have snatched up a number of peace-advocating clients from North Tek since their founding and span the country with an indication of international stores.

North Tek: Technological innovators of the highest order, they also help with some defense tech. Their computers are in nearly every home and their inventions are truely outstanding in their creativity and function.

Forsythe Arms: Top military supplier in the Province of Forsythe, they have manufactured a sizable portion of the naval fleet of Lerasi, and were compensated greatly for their role in building ships for the recent war with New Jamisonia, which may contribute to their growth. Despire the name, they have many factories outside of Forsythe.

End of the World: Military supply manufactor responsible for designing and building many military vehicles, including their prized creation: the HRBC. They have also supplied ammunition and body armor, and in recent days have sold many domestic firearms and other doomsday prepper-esque supplies to many citizens throughout Lerasi. They are currently being investigated for the sale of illegal black market arms production and sale.

MCR Reworked: Upstart building company assisting mostly in the new urbanization of MCR ImperFeudal. They have spread also to Onrus, but no further.

In A Day Architecture: Based on the old phrase "Dolorem wasn't built in a day," this construction company prides itself on quick, but highly meticulous and highly complex structures.

Golden Touch Construction: Northwest's biggest rival. Employs more workers but has less funding. A go-to for financially-struggling workers.

Hauser's Hand Insurance: Large, well established insurance company that is predicted to rival 100% in size before 2030. Mostly located in the north of Lerasi, but with some southern clients, too, Hauser's Hand claims to have better service than 100%.

100% Insurance: Biggest insurance company in Lerasi, with over 20 million clients. They own many smaller insurance companies, and socialist policy supporters have become outspoken about this apparent rise in monopolization.

Palace of the Gods: Hotel chain operating in and around Dolorem for the time being, they have their eyes set on international status, but first they must establish themselves more thoroughly in Lerasi. They have three hotels outside of the Province of Dolorem.

This Just Inn: Upstart hotel chain operating throughout Lerasi, backed by heavy funding by prominent businessmen looking to expand their portfolio.

Chariot Hotels: Luxury hotel chain with four different restaraunts and stores operating on the ground floor of their twelve hotels. Chariot Hotels also owns seventeen more affordable hotels.

Lehmann Auto Car Dealership: Sells multiple models of delivery vans and service vehicles, run by a board headed by James Lehmann. They own many factories in East Lerasi.

Kinistry Vineyard: Sells wine made of freshly grown grapes in the Kinistry Vineyard on the Kinister River in southeastern Lerasi. Kinistry White Wine and Kinistry Red Wine come from here, as well as Kinistry grapes.

Gilbert Homegrown: Sells flavorful wine and fresh produce, run by Nathaniel Gilbert. Among its great sellers are Blood Moon Red Wine, Pegasus Wings White Wine, and Flames of the Dragon Whiskey, which is outsold only by Candian and Scottish Whiskey.

Martin Family Farms: With ingredients grown, brewed, and distilled on the Martin Family Farm, which also produces fresh food for Onrus in midwestern Lerasi, Martin Family Beer is praised for its quality, and is sold in restaurants and bars worldwide.

Cap'n Nathaniel's Spiced Rum: Delicious spiced rum fermented on the coasts of the Onrus region and aged in oak casks, Cap'n Nathaniel's Spiced Rum is served in almost every bar in Lerasi, and is present in many recipes.

Vilod's Tonic and Gin: David Vilod's Tonic and Gin is made with delicious juniper berries and carbonated tonic water, and is a strong drink desired by many a sad or lonely soul. While not as popular as the other drinks exported by Lerasi, Vilod's Tonic and Gin is still occasionally sold to other nations.

State-Owned Enterprises

National Bureau of Private Defense: A PMC utilizing inactive military assets to defend private property for money, in which the Bureau charges a non-taxed bill for defense calculated by square footage of defended area and the number of weeks. Also sells domestically permitted military technology and weapons.

Lerasi National Loan Bank: The official national bank of Lerasi, any citizen or noncitizen may store money or valuables in a vault, and citizens may take out taxable and interest accumulating loans from the bank to pay for any legal purpose. A ten year limit is placed on loans before they must be payed back, and the military is allowed to track down and bring back any thief of the bank who has fled the country or refused to pay the lawfully due amount. If a citizen takes out a loan but dies before it is payed back, interest and all, that money is legally owed to the government. Interest still accumulates after death.

National Necessities Incorporated: State owned enterprise dedicated to providing energy to the population through nationwide systems of energy transferrance and the sales of pure, unfiltered water from designated ocean purifier worlds to industrial, agricultural, energy, ecumenopolis, and other various worlds within Lerasi borders.

National Suite Hotel of Lerasi: Hotel and apartment complex in the capital dedicated to expensive living and resting for the financially stable, features multiple bars ans resteraunts, and generates a good amout of revenue for the state from travelling businessmen, politicians, ambassadors, and philanthropists.

National Board of Research and Education: A bureau dedicated to the full education of talented individuals handpicked by top scientists for use in government research and development projects and commercial sales of technological breakthroughs.

National Wildlife Fund: A bureau of parks and recreation dedicated to the preservation and tourist commercialization of endangered species, wildlife, nature, and natural processes. Multiple orbital habitat zoos and national parks have been constructed by this Enterprise for the policies of preservation first, research purposes second, and revenue third.

National Joint Manufacturing Industries: Joint commercial venture designated for the manufacturing of civilian-sold products and state-required materials. Multiple manufacturing companies have joined the coalition in an attempt to appease the government in return for slightly lowered tax rates.