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The Greater Nonscio League (WIP)

The Greater Nonscio League


GNL Official Flag

Flag done by Plazland

Member States
The New Wisconsin Empire
New Maiya


The GNL is an alliance dedicated to the defense and economic prosperity of all nations in the continent of Nonscio that have not committed atrocities or acts of invasion against the League or any League-endorsed nations. The GNL will respond to any unjustified declaration of war with a justified one of their own to defend each other from invasions from the outside and inside, to keep Continental Sovereignty and Independence. The GNL is Democratic in nature, and every decision is either made by a unanimous vote from a joint group of four senior members holding high positions, or by the alliance as a whole in a majority vote. Economic prosperity is another top priority on the GNL's list, and free trade between all member states is highly encouraged, although currently not mandatory. Diplomatic meetings and other friendly relations are also encouraged to promote good neighborly status.

The League Agreement

The League Agreement is the governing treaty of the Greater Nonscio League, establishing rules of conduct and regulations to keep order within the alliance and without.

Internal Affairs

External Affairs

Military Affairs

Proposed Internal Affairs Projects

- Free Trade
- Nonscion Currency
- Yearly Common Budget
- Free Movement


- Trans Border Railway between NWE and Bortalandet
- 5G-network system
- Lerasi Pacalis Canal
- Bortalandet Pacalis Canal
- Victory Island Military Base
- Eastern Nonscio Railway Network
- Paradisal Island Shipyards (Deal with The Death Syndicate)

Proposed Infrastructure

- Trans Nonscio Railway Network
- Exteriorem Floating Naval Base
- Floating Naval Base

Proposed Military Projects

- Joint Fleet
- Joint Military Command Structure/Chain of Command
- Diversity of Pacalis Patrols
- Diversity of Victory Island Soldiers