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Basic Information about the Federation of Luneryha.

The history of Luneryha goes back in 1797, where the country was previously a Constitutional Monarchy under an empire that has disappeared for centuries, where the nation was previously known as "Lunerza". After a bloody revolution, the new nation celebrated its independence, becoming the Federaton of Luneryha. To this day, it is a capitalist democracy where citizens can vote freely. Luneryha is a free land, where everyone has the same opportunities regardless of nationality, race or sex. Luneryha also has an important economy thanks to the private sector, in addition to having one of the best armed forces in the region. Luneryha is also a megadiverse country in the continent of Pitria., where deserts, forests, jungles and paradisiacal beaches are found, the latter being a great tourist attraction that brings several people from the world to vacation, which further boosts the nation's economy. Through the more than 200 years of its existence, the Federation of Luneryha annexed land to expand the new nation to what it is today, being today a huge nation that covers almost the entire continent of Pitria. Although as the years progressed, when the first relations with other countries began to form, expansionist ideas ceased, and bonds of friendship were formed with nearby nations and later with the rest of the world.

Today Luneryha is a world superpower, mainly its economy depends on the mining industry, food exports and the creation and sale of components for electronic devices. Luneryha's economy also depends heavily on tourism, mainly on the places that the Federation can offer, such as beaches, museums, cultural heritage and cuisine.