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History & Geography

The History of our people and the history of those with any care to listen.
By: Jyn Plys the Great Psychomancer circa: 2456 of the 4th Age

I found that among all the historical documents gracing the halls of The Great Library. The story of one species which unfortunately does not fill these shelves is the story of my own people, the Fälor. Believing that even my people, one whose time on this world is limited, deserve their own story within these spacious halls I have decided to pick up pen and paper to write it down.

My story begins at a time when history was not yet recorded. From the ramblings of scholars from near and far, along with our oral legends we have learned that the Falor were the first race created by the Gods. A people with the ability to communicate with the Gods themselves to report on the status of their creation. But a fatal flaw was born into us, legends state the Gods overestimated their powers and the power needed to be able to directly communicate with such divine beings. With that, they put into our minds such powerful psychic abilities that our minds were ripped from their spot in the physical plane to inhabit a world somewhere in between. This break would lead our people to suffer under this burden, going insane from the thoughts or drifting away into nothingness from delving too deep into their minds.

Editors Note: The Falor language is a difficult one to translate. Their words almost all consist of a single syllable to lesson the time it takes to speak and so strings of long sentences can, to the untrained eye, eventually fall into nonsense. Many liberties were taken with the translation so those untrained in the Falor language can read it easier but it still stays true to its original meaning -T.L

Soon our people though learned to survive the burdens placed on our minds and with this new-found powers discovered a people that would soon come to be known as the Oromoen. Legends state the Gods were infuriated with this infraction of the Oromoen into their world, considering them a taint, beginning the War of Wrath. Unfortunately, my people were caught in this war as the Gods considered us tainted by the Oromoen as well and sought to destroy us. Quickly though our powers were used to overwhelm the first of the Genetic races and so the Gods personally sent calamities to destroy our people. But after the war was over, while the Oromoen may have been destroyed the Falor still stood strong. Yet their numbers were very reduced. Their population spread out and repopulating very difficult for their species many of the Gods believed we would still succumb and suffer annihilation.

Editors Note: I find it a shame the author never went into more detail about the war against the gods. Perchance despite their wealth of knowledge even things as long ago as the War of Wrath fall from the mind. I must though make it clear that the Fälor are not a race to so liberally divulge such information about their past and so with the Elves & Dragons version of history much more well known, and thus, corroborated. Many items in his book may be found to be false or inaccurate as to what actually happened. I will try to point out such inaccuracies as I see them. -T.L

Very little unfortunately is told of the Fälor in the 1st Era. It was a time when our populace was spread out, without a home and being both abandoned by the Gods, and other races could find little shelter. Barely able to sustain our populace it dwindled and dwindled over the centuries. Near the end of the 1st Era though this fate changed with the advent of humanity growing their civilization and rescuing the Fälor people. The only text referencing this is a mention to a "Chief Haradrin" in our stories who sheltered the grandfather of the first King of Winfällow. This shelter allowed 2 generations of Fälor to survive, and even thrive. Our first King, Hlrana, at the age of 15 led this group of Fälor to a remote island nestled in a Gulf. There he stuck a claim on that land for all Fälor to live in peace and security. He named the Island "Ka" The Fälor word for Home. The Fälor named him, "Tyra Hlrana"(Quick Note: Tyra doesn't actually translate to "King" it is more the simplest word to translate into the common tongue. The closest word I could find for a direct translation would something closer to "Father" or "Saviour" but since all other Fälor monarchs have taken the title Tyra it is simplest to translate it to "King" -T.L) From this time forward Fälor civilization began in earnest.

This foundation led the creation of our first grand city "Val" it marked the first capital of our civilization as we continued to strive towards stabilizing our populace and uniting the diasporic Fälor groups around the world by sending out riders our reaching out through the Empyrean to touch the minds of our brethren. This is when our land got the name "WinFälor" or Land of the Fälor in our native tongue. Eventually, many generations later the Fälor all began arriving to WinFälor and settling down, their population continuing to stablize the declining birth rates of our young. But being abandoned by the Gods and forgotten, some would argue, fortunately, by the other races led to a very long recovery but with no one to disturb our peace on the island, it led to the Fälor to be able to secure their continued survival throughout the ages to come. Around 1,123 of the 2nd Age most Fälor scholars attribute this year being the start of our "Golden Age".

Editors Note: The term "Golden Age" for a society is not something in the Fälor lexicon. There is no direct translation of the phrase used but it would roughly translate too "The Good times" One point of addition I wish to make is it was during this era that the Fälor first reinitiated contact with the Luxsor Elves and contemporary historical readings on the subject are reminded this race hasn't gone extinct. -T.L

After our society on Ka was stabilized and we began to exist once more as a civilization an ancient race of mages on the Thal Peninsula sought to exploit our race, seeing our abilities and capabilities and so unleashed their magic upon us hoping to subdue us. But what they didn't know is our ability to invade their minds and completely cut their ability to access the Empyrean. The war was a quick one. Lasting mere days if the stories are to be believed. But most likely a couple weeks. The race of mages was defeated and the Fälor decided to spread their race into their former lands, inhabiting the Peninsula and managing to increase their population to saturate the region. Forming the city of Thal on the peninsula and moving their Capital there in order to better keep relations with other races if they so wished.

Editors Note: The Fälor are not known to have a history of warfare so to simply gloss over what appears to be a significant war in simply a paragraph seems a bit of an understatement. Furthermore, other contemporary historical documents never make mention to a race of mages formerly inhabiting the peninsula, yet my investigations have yielded what appeared to be ruins of old magical monasteries and villages. So if there was truly a race of mages here which the Fälor defeated where are the survivors? Why isn't there a single mention of this race in any historical documents? Perhaps there is something more at work here than what this paragraph is letting on... -T.L

This expansion brought with it the land to be able to exist as a state. Allegedly over 300,000 Fälor inhabited these lands at our height, with a standing army, prosperous farms and enough people to begin studying the sciences and knowledge of the former Mages. Despite this era of prosperity through these scholars came to a chilling realization. Even if the realm stayed at peace forever, unless their people managed to find a way to increase their lifespans it was inevitable they would go extinct. Of course, too, war and famine would inevitably reach their lands, as it does all others so that knowledge began a great paradigm within Fälor society towards the preservation of knowledge and research into expanding their lifespans. This would eventually lead to the formation of The Great Library. The single greatest repository of knowledge of my era. Holding originals, and copies of almost all knowledge of the world. Even texts relating to the Primordial Era.

Upon editing this book the author has been dead for almost 120 years. 4 generations of Fälor have passed and yet even if the Altweltians and Dwarves keep impressive stores of knowledge upon entering The Great Library for the first time they are dwarfed by what is stored in those halls. It would take a Fälor multiple lives to go through everything stored in the Library. -T.L


This era of peace and development for my people though would quickly come to a close upon the foundation of the 3rd era...

WinFälor at the beginning of the 3rd Era was still in the midst of its Golden Era. Many Scholars were at work investigating the secrets of the Empyrean and figuring out how to extend the lives of their people. The Order of Psychomancers was founded to augment the small, yet efficient standing army of the Fälor...The Psychomancers would ensure pirates and other raiders couldn't even step foot inside WinFälor which brought even more stability to the land. This isolation, despite the trade going on would have the affect of the Fälor falling once more from memory as they lived within their borders and never went outside their homes, as any Fälor not doing their part within the carefully structured society at the time may have irreparable consequences in the long term.

This peace would not come to last though. Long even our average civilian had felt a growing presence near the far east. A power that rivaled even that of the Old Gods so many millennia ago. Its power brought fear to many of their minds. The legends of the past are not so easily forgotten. The first signs of trouble would come from the Hyserids. The only race, minus possibly the Luksor Elves that the Fälor stayed in contact with regularly, they exploited our trust and slipping through the psychomancers barrier, raided many villages and kidnapped dozens of our young, who's powers hadn't yet fully developed and so could not fight back. The hundreds that died in the brief skirmishes marked the beginning of what would come to be known as "Ti"
Editors Note: Translated from Fälor The Ti would be known simply as "It". Even today Fälor dare not speak of such a time. -T.L

What was learned later is our young were kept in a magical stasis, containing their life force within a magical phylactery. Maintaining their bodies and minds well beyond what is natural for a Fälor yet imprisoning them to the Dark Lord's will. Overall 15 of our young were able to be contained. Allegedly nearly 50 were stolen but they were either, killed, managed to resist and forced to be terminated, or used for some forsaken experiments. The 15 stolen Fälor would come to be known as Pr, The lost.

The interregnum would come with further raids by Goblins, easily repelled but still, every death was a death that could never be replaced. This would also lead to a sharp cut-off of trade which would lead to a shortage of many items needed to build tools and defenses, making WinFälor very unprepared for the onslaught to happen next...

When The Dark Lord first invaded Akkushanam the Fälor fully retreated inside their country, not letting anyone in or out. Tyra Arman prepared the small armies to defend the kingdom and prepared for a possible invasion by the Dark Lord. Before that though, the Pr returned to WinFälor, informing Tyra Arman that they managed to wrestle control of their phylactery during the invasion and were able to escape back home. Sensing no ill will Tyra Arman welcomed them back home with open arms. But the joy of their lost children returning was not too last as after the invasion of Akkushanam Saurons forces turned south and everyone knew it was a matter of time before they reached their borders. It was hoped the Pr would be able to help predict Sauron's movements or even use their power from the phylactery and combat Sauron itself. But they had other motives. All 15 betrayed us and overwhelmed Tyra Arman and stormed the Psychomancer Order, overwhelming and killing them all. In a last stand though the Psychomancers managed to bring down 5 of the Pr. See, their power was greatly enhanced from their elder age and their connection to Sauron, which allowed them to rival the power of the entire order in an ambush and defeat them. Luckily they couldn't rival the power of thousands of Fälor, now aware of their plans and during their escape, another 3 were killed. Despite half of their numbers falling their mission had its effect. With Tyra Arman dead and the Order of Psychomancers all but gone there were few to organize an effective defense against Sauron. At the Battle of Lan, 3 Fälor "Cen" were annihilated by the combined might of 4 Nazgul, and 3 of the Demon Lords. Of course, losses for Sauron were thankfully catastrophic due to the power of the Fälor mind yet with 3,000 Fälor dead in a period of a couple of days it was clear conventional warfare couldn't defeat Sauron. They marched on our ancient cities of Tin and Ran, razing them to the ground for not surrendering, thousands more dead. The Ch'tiel were similarly attacked and fared no better, despite their larger numbers against Sauron. But despite these initial successes, the 2 races managed to hold, the first major victory of the war was when a group of 7 Fälor destroyed a Hyserid raiding army of almost 50 warships. Another was when a Ch'tiel host, led by Krk'Takar broke through a Goblin defensive line and managed to reach WinFälor. Their arrival marked the beginning of the Heavenly Alliance. A grand alliance of Fälor and Ch'tiel to resist Sauron. At the signing of the alliance, a group of 150 Fälor flew back to the Ch'tiel homelands where Krk'Takar managed to unite the disparate tribes. The next 10 years saw the Fälor and Ch'tiel fighting together, utilizing the great flying beasts to outmaneuver the largely ground-based Sauronic Armies while the Fälor utilized their psionic powers to their full potential, turning entire armies against each other or many giving up their lives to bring to life a mountainside to wreak Havok in their lines. Despite these devastating victories, the Alliance was winning the forces of Sauron seemed unending, and the losses on the Alliance side continued mounting, at this point already it was estimated a quarter of the Fälor population had already fallen in battle.

The tides would change though upon the onslaught of the scourge. The Fälor were immune to this magical disease thanks to their innate abilities but the Ch'Tiel were devastated, even the grand Fälor could not use their skills to locate the source of the magic to save the Ch'tiel. This allowed Sauron to regain the initiative and their forces completely pushed the Alliance out of the South-eastern continent. Calls for aid were asked from Nostrea, Luksor, and the Human Kingdoms. But there was never an answer as they were too busy fighting Saurons forces in Cemiria, bringing down morale. Sauron managed to employ deadly vampires as well to gain air superiority over the Alliance and with that single advantage gone Sauron managed to easily march on Thal where the Alliance decided to make their last stand. Every able-bodied Ch'tiel and Fälor were asked to lend their support in the defense as Saurons armies blackened the earth and sky. led by Tyra Tingol of the Fälor and Grand Chieftan Tak'Lukar of the Ch'tiel the Alliance managed to hold fast against the hordes. The psionic abilities of the Fälor almost negating any magic Sauron tried to throw at the Ch'tiel armies as they swooped from the skies cleaving great holes in the many Goblin, Orc, Hyserid soldiers. Despite this, the battle was an inevitable loss as the Alliance no longer had the numbers to combat Sauron and were simply delaying the inevitable. Just as the Alliance lines were nearing their breaking point though, the stories say a shrill horn could be heard from the distance as a massive fleet of ships, numbering in the hundreds sailed towards the coastline just off the horizon. Originally fearing Sauronnic reinforcements it was quickly realized that these reinforcements were for the Alliance! A mighty host of Luksor Elves and Humans had arrived to relieve the beleaguered alliance. The humans were from Akkunasham. 4 noble lords who managed to escape destruction, "Lord Meero, Lord Yungas, Lord Astas, and a Lord known by Old Ghastis had led the last dredges of the Akkushanam army along with a contingent of 10,000 Luksor Elves led by Carathir aep Caer Cerbincraag, heir to the Glade Throne. This mighty host of nearly 50,000 soldiers advanced on the Sauronnic Army, which, not expecting such a large force were caught off guard and the reinforcing armies slammed into the flanks. Once more the battle seemed won but Sauron had yet one last trick up his sleeve.
Editors Note: This is probably biggest historical infraction in this document. It was common knowledge that one of the Lords of Altweltian descent who helped lead the charge against Emawghaenth and was a pivitol leader in holding the line during the duel. The Akkushanam were all but destroyed in the initial invasion and couldn't have mustered a force large enough as described in the text. -T.L

For the entire war the Pr were not heard from nor ever showed their faces. The remaining 7 had stayed out of the war, slowly growing their power and preparing to unleash it in order to defeat the powerful Psychics in one fell swoop. Finding that moment now at the climax of battle they finally showed themselves by invading the mind of Lord Astas, currently leading his group of cavalry towards Thal, The Fälor found out though a split second too late as Lord Astas was quickly killed causing his army to lose cohesion and give ground. Soon Old Ghastis's mind was invaded as well but the Fälor managed to gather for a mental counter-attack and save the man's life. Despite the Pr nominally not having as well as a time in their attack they did succeed in keeping the 2 armies separated which still led the Alliance defensive lines to start crumbling once more with help still not on the way. The Fälor, now occupied in holding back the attacks of the Pr had less people focusing on defending against general magical or physical attacks and the Ch'tiel & Fälor losses began mounting once more as a result. The Elven-Human coalition though was faring much better, cleaving through the Sauronnic armies with their skilled infantry and cavalry, as their archers and mages shot down the great vampires in the sky. Still, it would do no good if the Alliance fell today, noticing this Carathir aep Caer Cerbincraag mobilized his cavalry guard, along with the cavalry forces of the other Akkushanam lords and made one final charge against the Sauronnic armies, straight for their leaders to cut off the dragons head. The cavalry glistened as it charged through the bloody fields, cleaving the Sauronnic armies in two. The Sauronnic mages attempted to halt their advance but the Fälor and Ch'tiel also gathered what they could for one final assault. The Fälor focusing their power and overwhelming the last of the Pr, unfortunately not before they could kill Lord Meero, and destroying the remaining mages. This charge led Carathir right to the Demon Lord Emawghaenth. A being of legendary power. But there Carathir stood, his bloody sword and broken body a solid rock against the flowing tide of the river. Without prelude he ripped into the Empyrean and launched a flurry of magic at the Demon Lord. Coalition forces taking up defensive positions to cover this heroic duel. Emawghaenth brushed such spells off to the side and lounged at the Luksor Elf with his fiery blade. Raising his blade to meet the Demons Carathir stood firm, a shower of heavenly light and sparks coming off the point where the two blades meet.

What ensued was a Glorious duel between the 2 colossal beings, befitting an entire story on its own. At the end, though Carathir stood victorious. After jumping on top of the great Demons back and plunged his sword deep into Emawghaenth bringing the great Lord to the ground. The Elven Prince then proceeded to cut off the Demon's head, ending the ancient life. This victory broke the Goblins subjugation, who quickly fled the field. This break in cohesion led the rest of Saurons armies to fall back, and eventually retreat, ending in a full route as the Coalition Armies chased down any stragglers. The battle was won, but not the war. Of the original 7 generals present at the battle. Only 4 remained standing, Tyra Tingol, Old Ghastis, Lord Yungas, and Carathir aep Caer Cerbincraag. Their armies were all still weakened by such a battle and it took many months of rest before they could move on Saurons remaining forces. Slowly driving them back over the course of 20 years. Many more famous and momentous battles took place but eventually, the southern armies managed to drive back Saurons forces after a 20 year-long blockade of the Hyserid Empire finally forced them to withdraw their armies leaving just the Orcs of Sauron left which were easily cleaned up.

Despite the glorious victory won against Sauron and as the Coalition forces returned to their homelands to rebuild, friendship forever cemented in the hearts of the beings. The Fälor would find themselves devastated. Almost 80 years of constant warfare cost them about 70% of their pre-war population. And as stated earlier it is very difficult to reproduce as a Fälor due to a variety of factors and the population would never recover from the Sauronnic War. Taking Another 3 generations to finally stabilize their population. In order to prevent another nation from invading its lands, many psychomancers combined their powers to raise a mountain range along the Fälor border to protect their land approaches and prevent a large army from crossing easily. It was at this point that the Fälor would return to their isolationist state as the 3rd Era comes to a close.

The heavily reduced population made the eventual extinction of the Fälor scholars so many centuries ago much more apparent. In an attempt to rebuild their society and recover they fell back into their isolationist state, even their closest allies the Akkushanam remnants who settled near the border after the war and named their domains after the famous generals who led them in battle, and the Ch'tiel would eventually lose contact with the Fälor over almost 300 years to the present day. I now come to the point where I reside. Our people have since recovered and have returned to normalcy but ruins and remnants of the war still plague the landscape of WinFälor. The border Lordships has since lost their bonds of friendship with us, turning towards slavery and pursuing their own motives as Great Psychomancers I would know that they have since lost favour of our Kings from their raids and slaver ideals yet they still have some respect for our people, possibly from our ancestor's comradery in a former war. Today though, I find WinFälor to hold an aura of mystery among the many nations of the world. Our isolation and strange history have led many of the more ignorant to believe we have only ever been just a legend or fell extinct at the hands of Sauron. To those that which to take advantage of that ignorance, we teach them just how wrong they are.

Population & Politics

Excerpts relating to this subject:
...Our population used to stand at the hundreds of thousands. Today though not even 100,000 Fälor remain. As stated previously Fälor scholars predict out natural extinctions unless something can be done about out lifespans.

A Fälor ages and matures at the same rate of a human, reaching child-bearing maturity about halfway through their lives. But a Fälor is considered an adult at the age of 5 where they are taught how to read and write and shown the outside world to mature them quickly. Once they reach the age of 7 they are handed a Book of Occupation and are required to read it all before getting hands-on experience from their family. This means our people can enter adult life when they reach 8 or 9 and be strong enough to succeed and act as any other human 3 times their age.

We are ruled by a benevolent king who watches over the land and has the ability to speak with Psychomancers such as I in order to voice new laws and hear news of the outside, and inside, the world at a moment's notice. This efficient bureaucracy allows us to do what 100 humans making up a Parliament can do with just 1 person.

Editors Note: During my brief stay in Winfällow I met a young boy named Fredrin. He was 10 years old when I first met him and recently entered Fälor society as a full adult and while as a human I always found the stories hard to believe about Fälor ¨Adults¨ I was amazed at his maturity and intelligence. A boy that in our years would only just be learning his trade was a master of his and could discuss philosophy and metal-working in words, someone, twice my age would use. Truly a hardy society that has taken their burden in stride. I also find it worthwhile to add the King of Winfällow handles his duties like any member of the peasantry would. Trained from near birth to handle administrative duties they are masters at their craft and I would never believe any story of a Fälor king falling to tyranny or incompetence as I hear from neighboring human kingdoms. -T.L.

Area-24,412 Km^2
Population Density=3.5 pop/Km^2

Capital: Thal=9,200
Overall pop=87,120(20% Urbanized)

Monarch: Tyra Arfa(25)
Heir: Arna (8)
Other children: Pilaï(5)

Military Information

With our low population and unique physiology, WinFälor does not field a conventional army. Instead, for defense, we rely on a group of Fälor known as the Psychomancers, such as I, who sacrifice a full life to maintaining a sort of "field" around the nation peacefully diverting those who may accidentally cross our borders onto safer paths. Or, if they have more sinister motives, destroy them before they can become a threat to the peasants. Being a Psychomancer myself I can claim that such work is taxing on the mind to both exist in the physical and mental worlds and many Psychomancers choose to forgo their physical body and instead form a sort of "Psychic Army". While they are our most powerful defenders they also possibly hold the key to elongating our lives as many of those Psychomancers commonly live to over 60, which is the average lifespan for a typical human.

Such a process though isn't automatic and if a foreigner, a merchant, for instance, were to travel through the veil they could being none the wiser. These are the reasons Winfällow has grown a mysterious and foreboding reputation among humans and other foreigners but it can also bring about those with more maniacal rumors believing us to have gotten weak or that wee lost our powers altogether. When those people arrive we always make sure to remind them of their grievous mistake.

Editors Note: Given permission to enter Winfallow I was obviously not destroyed by the Psychomancers yet despite what the author says of foreigners granted entrance being none the wiser I always felt as if I was being watched. I find Winfällow a beautiful and peaceful realm but heed the author's words seriously. -T.L.


A sketch of Fredrin I took during my stays. When I made this sketch he was 14 years old and considered in his middle ages.

While out hunting with Queen Tyra Laurel she asked me to paint a sketch of her to return with. She just took the throne at 11 years old.

A rare indigenous painting the Falor made of Lan. One of the few truly legendary figures in Falor culture. It is said that Lan was one of the few Falor warriors during the Sauronic War and while riding on top the Ch'tiel Lak'tro, beheading the Vampire lord Dragutheil in single combat.

Fälor Lexicon

As I have undoubtedly stated countless times in my annotation of this document the Fälor spoken and written language is very difficult to translate and interpret. Looking at early Fälor documents it appears the language used to be more developed but sometime around their Reformation the language quickly begins shortening and becoming more and more compact. The only explanation I have managed to glean was as Fälor culture went more towards spending the most time with what little time they have they found no need for cumbersome words and phrases and instead shortened their language to the point where if there was ever a time they had to speak vocally, they could do it in the least amount of time as possible. This situation is alright for the Fälor. They mostly communicate telepathically with each other, conveying thoughts and emotions, rather than words. Using the spoken word either when copying texts, or when etiquette demands it. Like with me, a foreigner in their lands. But this very short language causes an unfortunate side-effect in that too the untrained eye one may be able to catch a few words but, especially if written, it eventually devolves into utter nonsense as these monosyllabic words seemingly begin to mold together to form entire thoughts and phrases. Despite these shortcomings, I must admit, while studying their language I found it impressive that a simple line of text in their language can(when used properly) be used to convey entire paragraphs in the common tongue. Multiple syllables are rarely seen. I have only seen them denote very important people or events, or cognates from other languages.

With this, I have taken it upon myself, in my finals years living here, to create a lexicon of the Fälor language to hopefully teach others in the future.

To make something past tense add an "l" at the second to last letter
To make something future tense add a "v" at the second to last letter

Basic Words:

Jar-A blanket term simply used to refer to Goblins, Orcs, demons, etc.
Yhith-The word the Fälor use for the Yag'hith is interesting; it is 2 syllables. From the only time the Yag'hith were mentioned in Fälor I couldn't glean why but it must be for a reason.

Tyra-King/Queen of WinFälor
Cho-King/Queen of a foreign country
Pli-The term for Deithdhu Feainnbleidd aep Caer Cerbincraag of the Luksor Elves. Directly translated ChoPliAlr(the correct Fälor name for the immortal being) comes to "Great Elf who rules over the Luksor Elves"
Buc-The term for the King of the Dwarves of the Eye, ChoBucDyr directly translates too, "Strange King of the Dwarves of the Eye who appreciates Buckets."

Example sentences:
LaFälor=I am a Fälor
LaTorHyr=I am mightier than the potato
KaValmFr KaGrliElm=Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of Elderberries!

TrleYrFälornNag YrFälorAlrChoPliAlrAmnDaApmFälor=The Dragons never went to war with the Fälor but the Elves did. Despite this though Deithdhu Feainnbleidd aep Caer Cerbincraag is still a friend and we Fälor will always consider him a friend.