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The Imperial Shogunate of Japon-Montealba RP

History & Geography

In the year 1556 within the Isle of Japan, a group of Samurais find refuge in a cave from a pursuing army. Knowing they cannot escape to fight another day they prepare to honor their clan by committing seppuku. Scouting the cave for traps before celebrating life and ending theirs they come across a collapsible wall and inside they find a portal, a portal to another dimension. Amazed by this mystical power before them they are surprised when people, rather indignantly, fall out of the portal in a pile of bodies. This was the first-ever meeting between Humans and Elves. After making first contact the 2 groups of people began coming more and more in contact after more portals were discovered and more elves emerged. As the elves mingled with humans more and more their skill and reflexes in combat found themselves a great boon on the battlefield as elven instincts were unmatched by the humans. But instead of causing mass destruction and escalating the war in Japan, the elves managed to use their magic and instincts to convince the warring clans to make peace and unite for a stronger state.

This miracle secured Elven-human relations and established Elves as a strong ruling class as the humans began respecting them more and more, to the point where elves were almost worshiped as living gods. Cross-breeding was rampant as it was seen as "purifying the body". The general jingoist, honor among the populace remained and even the elves adopted the beliefs of the people they adopted maintaining Shintoism over the centuries. Technology advanced rampantly and the elves managed to recreate a facsimile to the strange portals that brought them here and the jingoist state used them to conquer their neighbors in Korea, Manchuria, and made landings in the Pacific, California, and Greece.

Today the state is a highly advanced society utilizing a combination of magic, and technology to conduct war with their enemies and defend their proud empire. It is a heavily stratified state with Elves as the ruling class and form a council of Shinguns(An Elven pidgin of Shogun) who hold lordship over many fiefdoms and the people. The Japinais, are formerly human centuries ago but through heavy cross-breeding have become more half-human half-elf and form the main body of the populace. The Fujun are full humans and largely discriminated against as impure and inferior to the Japinais and especially Shingun, with their only chances to elevate their position being to mate with an elf or Japinais to "Purify their body", Single and orphaned Fujun are the only people who are forced into military service and are many times used as a Vanguard or taking-point in tough conditions.

Population & Politics

Population=403.6 million
Japon-126.8 million
Korean Mandate-77.1 million
Colony of Calmaformay-42.7 million
Heavenly Mandate for the Manchukuo-109.5 million
Colony of Gracin-47.5 million

Fujun(Human) population=91.09 million(22% of population)
Korean Mandate-0
Colony of Calmaformay-27.06 million
Heavenly Mandate for the Manchukuo-27.8 million
Gracin-36.23 million

Japinais(Yeah-pin-ai/Half-elf) population=280.5 million(69% of population)
Japon-111.7 million
Korean Mandate-64.8 million
Colony of Calmaformay-12.3 million
Heavenly Mandate for the Manchukuo-80.5 million
Gracin-11.2 million

Shingun(Elf) population=36.9 million(9% of population)
Japon-15.1 million
Korean Mandate-12.3 million
Colony of Calmaformay-1.5 million
Heavenly Mandate for the Manchukuo-7.2 million

Government: Parliamentary Elected Monarchy
Upper House-The High Council
Lower House-National Diet

Pfila-Alana na-Hyray
Domyan-Manara na-Tiban

President-Makor no-Plava
Prime Minister-Watanabe Jiro

The Monarchy or Pfilo(a), is the Absolute Monarch of the Imperial Shogunate. But to say they intervene and wield absolute power in the government is a large overstatement. In reality, a Pfilo is elected due to their ability and connection to mana and how to wield it. Most times The Pfilo is seen more like a prophet or grand religious figure than an actual leader due to their extreme reclusiveness and the fact they rarely call for meetings or approach the Legislature. When a Pfilo decides to approach the legislature it is seen as a national holiday will everything shut down and everyone told to stay home and watch what they have to say. In the roughly 550 years there have been 4 Pfilos with the incumbent being Pfila Alana na-Hyray. Ruling for 117 years and having been the first Pfilo to have been born on Earth her rule is seen as a calculated risk to the older, more traditional, Elven cliques who see Earth-born Elves as young children who refuse to follow tradition and is seen as a great step in fully adopting Terra as home by the Japina´s and Fujun who hope to have the Elves focus more on matters relating to Earth and expanding their empire.

The Domyan is the Liason of the Pfilo to the public. Seen as nothing more than the person who applies the Royal Seal on new laws and orders the Domyans position is actually much more influential. The Capital of the Imperial Shogunate is technically on the land of the Damyo of Kyoto, the realm ruled by the Domyan of the all Japon and thus, the Imperial Shogunate. Ceremonially the city of Kyoto is loaned to the Central Government to operate as a Capital under the goodwill of the Domyan of Kyoto. This marks the Domyan as an extremely influential figure within the government and while they have no expressed power granted to them they are the closest the average people will get to a head of state and so they're word and advice is commonly taken in lieu of the Pfilos. The current Domyan is Manara na-Tiban, the 2nd Domyan after the death of her father and another Earth-born Elf.

The High Council is the upper legislative body of the Imperial Shogunate and consists entirely of the Elven Shoguns, Domyans, Religious Figures, and 2 influential Elves with temporary seats appointed personally by a Pfilo. Those positions make the High Council consist of 242 Elves, 108 Shinguns, 6 Domyans, 64 Religious Figures, 64 non-landowning Shinguns, and the 2 temp seats. The High Council is the main decision-making body on the legislature, it confirms all laws presented by the Imperial Diet, and can announce laws relating to the entire realm that cannot be overturned(Unlike the Imperial Diet). The High Council is headed by the President of the Imperial Shogunate voted for 100 year terms the current President is Makor no-Plava.

The Imperial Diet is the lower house of the legislative body and is made up of the common Japina´s citizens. Fujun are not granted representation within the government. The Imperial Diet consists of 1,284 members made up from all over the Empire and representing many various interest groups. They represent the people's wishes to the Legislature and propose and vote on laws for the High Council to approve or deny. But due to the slow nature of Elves most of the time a liaison officer is voted to approve or deny laws representing the High Council, making the Imperial Diet a de facto main legislative body for handling most day-to-day affairs. The Diet is headed by the Prime Minister and their cabinet for 10 year terms. The current Prime Minister is Watanabe Jiro.

Military Information

There are 4 branches of the armed forces. All of which handle different aspects of combat in the Imperial Shogunate. The Imperial Army & Navy are the 2 branches present pre-elven contact and have been left largely intact with minor reworkings. Both branches handle land and sea respectively. The Heavenly Warriors were created as an aerial fighting force and was established less than 100 years after elven contact. In the past they contructed aerial fighters for fast attack and combat but as technology has improved the Heavenly fighters tactics have switch more towards large Kikan(旗艦). Large motherships which sport massive weapons, both conventional and laser, and supervises the deployment of "corvettes" large aerial fighters capable of exacting lots of damage on static targets. The Final branch is the Harumintai. An all elf force which handles the management of portals and are the most elite warriors of the Empire having full control over both magic and technology.

Imperial Army(天兵)-1.2 million

Fujun Formations:
Fujun divisions-15,000 Infantry, armed with conventional rifles, and a 12 inch vibro-blade bayonet.
Fujun Cavalry Division-200 men in 50 track tanks. Another 300 in small arms personnel carriers.

Japinais Formations:
Japinais Divisions-10,000 Infantry armed with laser rifles, Vibroswords, and 12 inch vibro-blade bayonet.(Officers armed with sword, pistol, and honor blade)
Japinais Cavalry Divisions-250 in 50 hovertanks. Another 450 in small arms hovercraft.
Japinais Mechanized Divisions-15 in 15 armored mechs. Another 150 to maintain mechs.

Harumintai(ハルミンタイ) Formations-7,300 personnel
Imperial Guard Division-300 Soldiers
Kamikaze(神風) Divisions-1,000 soldiers

Heavenly Warriors(天の戦士)-93,500 personnel
Air Wing-1 Kikan which holds 300 drones. Along with 30 "Corvettes", each corvette holding 20 fighter drones

Imperial Navy(帝国海軍)-129,500 personnel
Battle Formation-1 Carrier(1,200 drones), 2 Battleships(50 Drones), 5 Heavy Cruisers(15 Drones), 15 Escort Cruisers(7 Drones), 46 destroyers(3 Drones)
Submarine Formation-20 submarines
Heavy Cruisers-1,700
Escort Cruisers-800

Army Formations & Positions

1 Imperial Guard Division
-1 in Kyoto
2 Kamikaze Divisions
-1 in Nagasaki
-1 in Tokyo
10 Japinais Mechanized Divisions
-3 in Kyoto
-2 in Hiroshima
-2 in Ainu
-2 in Tokyo
-1 in Sendai
20 Japinais Cavalry Divisions
-2 in Kyoto
-3 in Nagasaki
-5 in Osaka
-5 in Ainu
-3 in Tokyo
-1 in Sendai
-1 in Niigata
30 Japinais Infantry Divisions
-7 in Kyoto
-4 in Tokyo
-3 in Ainu
-5 in Nagasaki
-3 in Hiroshima
-4 in Osaka
-2 in Sendai
-1 in Niigata
-1 in Okinawa

2 Kamikaze Divisions
-1 in Seoul
-1 in Pyongyang
3 Japinais Mechanized Divisions
-1 in Seoul
-1 in Chongjin
-1 in Pyongyang
6 Japinais Cavalry Divisions
-2 in Seoul
-2 in Pyongyang
-1 in Busan
-1 in Chongjin
13 Japinais Infantry Divisions
-4 in Seoul
-4 in Pyongyang
-2 in Busan
-3 in Chongjin

2 Kamikaze Divisions
-1 in Dalian
-1 in Hsinking
4 Japinais Mechanized Divisions
-1 in Dalian
-2 in Hsinking
-1 in Harbin
4 Japinais Cavalry Divisions
-1 in Hsinking
-2 in Qinhuangdao
-1 in Dalian
6 Japinais Infantry Divisions
-3 in Hsinking
-1 in Qinhuangdao
-2 in Dalian
12 Fujun Cavalry Divisions
-5 in Tangshan
-4 Chengde
-4 in Harbin
23 Fujun Infantry Divisions
-7 in Harbin
-5 in Tangshan
-5 in Chengde
-1 in Da Hinggan Ling
-1 in Hulun Buir
-4 in Mudanjiang

1 Japinais Mechanized Division
-1 in San Francisco
2 Japinais Cavalry Divisions
-1 in San Francisco
-1 in Los Angeles
4 Japinais Infantry Divisions
-2 in San Francicso
-2 in Los Angeles
7 Fujun Cavalry Divisons
-4 in Sacramento
-1 in Redding
-2 in Tijuana
11 Fujun Infantry Divisions
-5 in Sacramento
-3 in Redding
-3 in Tijuana

1 Kamikaze Division
-1 in Constantinople
2 Japinais Mechanized Divisions
-1 in Tirana
-1 in Athens
4 Japinais Cavalry Divisions
-1 in Tirana
-2 in Constantinople
-1 in Smyrna
6 Japinais Infantry Divisions
-3 in Constantinople
-2 in Tirana
-1 in Smyrna
7 Fujun Cavalry Divisons
-4 in Athens
-3 in Bursa
-1 in Thessaloniki
10 Fujun Infantry Divisions
-4 in Athens
-4 in Smyrna
-2 in Thessaloniki

Heavenly Warriors Formations & Positions
7 Air Wings in Japon
2 Air Wings in The Korean Mandate
3 Air Wings in The Heavenly Mandate for the Manchukuo
4 Air Wings in The Colony of Calmaformay
3 Air Wings in Gracin
(2 Air Wings being formed for the new Antalya Colony)

Navy Formations & Positions

2 Naval Groups
-1 in Tokyo
-1 in Nagasaki
4 Submarine groups
-2 in Tokyo
-1 in Sapporo
-1 in Osaka-

1 Naval Group
-1 in Incheon
2 Submarine Groups
-1 in Icheon
-1 in Jeju

1 Submarine Group
-1 in Dalian

1 Naval Group
-1 in San Francisco
2 Submarines Groups
-1 in San Francisco
-1 in Tijuana

1 Naval Group
-1 in Constantinople
2 Submarine Groups
-1 in Smyrna
-1 in Tirana


Kikan-The primary weapon of force of the Japon Shogunate. Each circular vessel has a radius of 2 kilometers with a circumference of almost 7 kilometers. Making them the largest vessels ever fielded in the army. They have the capabilities of housing, deploying, managing, and supporting entire armies on the ground singlehandedly. The Kikan are flying craft that utilizes the mana of the air to suspend itself and keep the ship from falling as it soars through the air.

Along with its excellent use as a strategic base, the Kikan also boasts numerous weapons and defenses to conduct independent attacks as well. Its most signature weapon is its mana bomb which, when fired, manipulates the mana residing in an object and causes its form to destabilize obliterating the object in a massive explosion equivalent to a medium-sized thermobaric weapon. Along with the bombs it also houses many laser emitters that work in a similar way to the mana bombs except the lasers operate at more precise measurements either for pinpoint operations, Point Defense or as aerial support. It is said that the AI of each Kikan is so powerful anything within 100 feet of the Kikan gets shot down by the lasers before it even registers on the sensors.

(OOC note: The mana destabilization operates similar to an anti-matter explosion)

The Kikans are unique in that the only people who command are Shinguns. They are typically the sign of a Shinguns power and if a Shingun has the wealth, or strength, to get a Kikan it allows them much independence from Kyoto simply due to the sheer power of the vessel.

Each Kikan is named after something important to the specific Shingun who owns it and is always a first responder to something serious. Developed in the late 1700s the Kikans have taken part in famous engagements including the annexation of Manchukuo by a single Kikan flying to Hsinking where the government there immediately surrendered and the silencing of Antalya where Gracin rebels, fortifying the city of Antalya were annihilated by a single Kikan Americius Rybar using its mana bomb to destroy the rebels by destroying their connection the mana and causing them to be destroyed. Along with the rest of the city.

Psionic Shields: These shields are generated by an Elf, or Japinais concentrating their mana in a concentrated direction to create a sort of barrier against projectiles or other weapons that may pose a threat to the person or vessel it is protecting. The way the shield works is it the mana field interacts with the mana of another object and destabilizes it, but instead of it being akin to a mana bomb and using the destabilization to cause an explosion, the shield uses the destabilized mana to render the object inert and cause its molecules to scatter harmlessly into the air. Their only a finite amount of mana in ones body though that must be recharged so it is not infinite and can be broken through, but ironically not by something super explosive, if it has a small enough transport device it will simply be rendered inert as the shield destabilizes mana at a roughly 1:1 ratio, but with something massive, the more massive the object the quicker the shields mana will get depleted.

Vibro-blade: Short for Vibrating Blade, these blades do not actually vibrate but are infused with magic to become infinitely sharp causing the blades have a tendency to hum while in the air giving it the appearance of vibration. They are made by combining Japinais metal-working tactics to make very sharp blades and then infused with magic to enhance the sharpness and protect the blade making the blades formed of this way able to cut through straight stone when tested without even causing a break. All members of the military have access to these blades.