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The Grandest Home of
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Province of Vinfálov-Meyle(WIP)

The Grandest Home of the Vínfalov and Meyle Under The One Star
Vinfallo et Meyru no Meilban Maichi Yünde len Meil Astéru(Anisean)
Vinfallo et Meyru no Meilban Maichi Yünde len Meil Astéru

Coat of Arms

Motto: "She Obeys the Sun and Commands the Waves"
"Success breeds jealousy"

Location of Vinfálov-Meyle within Montealba

3.2 million

Largest city

Official language

Ethnic groups
Vinfálov 53%
Meylean 30%
Spezian 7%
Kofolaks 4%
Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Mogolian 2%
Eldurgothic 1%
Laktosian 1%
Greek 0.5%
French 0.3%
Taiwanese 0.1%

Soda Divisions

Root Beer 84%
Cola Drinkers 9%
Spezi 7%
Coldian >1%

Vinfálov-Meylean Ruble(Secretly)

State Religion

National Food
Mydia steamed in Cherry Wine

National Drink
Root Beer

Voivodeship/Elective Dictatorship
• Aesymnetes

July 24 2018

Drives on the

Internet TLD

Vinfálov-Meyle, officially The Grandest Home of the Vinfálov and Meyle Under The One Star is an Autonomous Province within Montealba. Vinfálov-Meyle is the primary province for the Root-Beer soda ethnic within the country and its roots can be traced back to a group of Vinfálli migrating south to the then Kingdom of Krumpelburg.

Currently ruled by Aesymnetes Meyle(Has the title "Voivode" under official Montealban Law) the province remains the gateway to Montealba through the sea. With Anise being the largest and busiest coastal city in the country. The Cola military base of Cecensko also resides within Vinfálov-Meyle and remains a large point of tension between the native ethnicities and the largely Kofolak, Eldurgothic residents of the city who commonly use the Anise harbour for artillery target practice and sink Vinfálov-Meylean holy scripture shipments when they arrive at the port.

The population of the province is largely centered around the coastline, with 64% of the population living in and around the Bay of Anise. The rest of the province is very rural and centered around agriculture, specifically the cultivation of Cherry Trees for their holy drinks. Post-Soviet Occupation and the restoration of the Royal Family reforms have been in place for democratization in the province and a small peoples assembly has been formed.


Antique Period
The origins of civilization in the region begin with the native Aniseans, first recorded in a report by an Atlasian General as the Anisii in -----. It read, "Hinterlands heavily forested by break away into vast hilly plains, excellent for cultivation. I have encountered a people here, largely maritime in nature, they are eager for trade and excellence in hospitality. Despite their primitive culture, they hold much potential in coming around to our ways."

After this report, sporadic comments on the Anisii people seem to report that they were excellent fishermen and as the Atlasians colonized the interior of the region the Anisii were allowed to spread around the coastline and provide valuable pearls and other amenities from the Sea to the ancient Empire. This is when the city of Anisinium, the site of present-day Anise was founded.

In later Antiquity during the Atlasian-Arstotzkan conflicts, the Anisii found themselves conquered by both factions multiple times over the decades leading to a sharp decline in population and production. They led a revolt in ----- against the Arstotzans and briefly held independent territory but was soon reconquered by Arstotzka. The Anisii would later retreat to the area of present-day Tridista where their population would largely remain till the modern era.

Migration Period
The first formations of a possible Vinfálov-Meylean state within the region started with the first Winfalli migrations from Northern Kaiserreich to the South in the Kingdom of Krumpelburg. The Winfalli were an ethnic group within Kaiserreich, at the time of the migration it had the largest and most influential Royal Dynasty. Producing multiple lords and cadet branches. But many within the group were beginning to become dissillusioned with the gradual decline of the Empire during the period of ----- to -----. This would eventually culminate in The Great Migration in which many Winfalli nobles and citizens would abandon the empire in search of a new home. Sacrificing their prestige and power for the hope of a new future. In ----- this group would eventually settle in the Eastern portions of the Kingdom of Krumpelburg and assist in colonizing the area. It was after the formation of Driselbia that the Winfalli in the region became distinct as they began to call themselves the "Meyru".

Medieval and Early Industrial Period
During the Driselbia era the Meyru would begin to integrate itself with the High Aristocracy. With multiple notable members becoming Head of Government and even briefly becoming the heir to the Driselbian Crown during the Montealban Crisis after the Montealban crisis the Meyru faced much discrimination and fell out of favor amidst the increasing instability in the region forcing their migration once more from the Stuyevkan region to the coastline of the newly formed Montealba where the first meeting between the Meyru and Aniseans occurred.

During the early years of Montealba the Meyru, now Meyle and Aniseans found lots of common ground to integrate with each other's cultures and beliefs. With the Meyleans adopting Root Beer Soda Ethnics and the Anisean script and the Aniseans similarly adopting some cultural practices of the Meyleans as well. When the Voivodeships were formed the Root Beer Ethnics of Meyle and Aniseans decided to form a single Voivodeship forming the Duchy of Vioney ruled by the Wintree Dynasty. With its position along the Buzhan frontier and its strategic city of Anise on the coastline, Vioney remained an influential power within Montealba for most of the medieval era, expanding its borders and populations. They came into conflict with the Eldurgothics in the north consistently with the Eldurgothics coming down to raid their farms and chop down the holy Cherry Trees of Vioney.

Modern Period

War of the Cherries
Spezian War
Russian Occupation