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History of Nieuw-Maastricht (warning, it makes no sense)

Nieuw-Maastricht started as a a Dutch Colony in 1646, located on the Mississippi River in North America. The 1st settlement (which is for now called) Nieuw-Maastricht City had a population of 264 in 1647. Nothing much happend untill 1808, the colony which was a part of France at that time was Anti-Napoleon, some people even wanting to join the USA. A man named Willem de Vries had enough of it and started a rebellion, many people joined him. A week after the formation of the rebellion they raided a nearby fort. The fort was successfully raided, gaining a lot of weapons. But since french focus were on Europe, the colony quickly fell and gained independence in December 8th of 1808 (same day of the formation in rl on The 8th of December 2020) The nation started focusing more on the military to protect itself, as at that time it was surrounded by big nations. In 1861, some people wanted to side with the Confederates during the ACW (American Civil War) while others wanted to stay neutral, starting a civil war. Now nothing really happend other than the Battle of Groningen which had 872 deaths. The neutrals won and the nation stayed neutral. Then it became 1951, communism and socialism was on the rise in the little nation, The prime minister at that time, Nicolaas Jacobs. Decided to make a temporarily Militaristic Nation to fight against any socialist or communist that stood in the way of the nation. And across that decade, many rebellions would be crushed. And with the ban of Socialism and Communism in the nation. Nicolaas Jacobs ended ďThe Militaristic EraĒ, and resigned from office. From that day, the Economy increased. And recently Nieuw-Maastricht joined the Conch Kingdom. And thatís it. THE END

Hello this is the User of Nieuw-Maastricht! I decided to make the history of this country to get more attached to it. And of course there is gonna be some grammar errors and somethings that makes no sense. Cause Iím not from a English speaking country and this is the 1st time I made a the history of something. I hope you enjoyed reading it!

From, Nieuw-Maastricht, 9TH OF DECEMEBR 2020.