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Norbisian Culture

The Norbisian Culture is heavily based around the nation's religion; Roman Catholicism. Various traditions incorporate the religion in some way or another. Furthermore, due to the nation's origins, the Renaissance architectural style


The nation's traditional churches and many old buildings have a Renaissance-esque feel to them. Even these days, many people still have their houses built in this style. Over the years, this style has changed so that it could adapt more to the tropical climate of Norbis and has spawned a new architectural style, commonly called the "Norbisian Renaissance" style.


-Three Bishops' Day:
To celebrate the day in which the nation's founders, the "Three Bishops", first landed on Norbisian land, the nation comes together to watch a recreation of the moment and party on the streets. Every year, many artists are invited to the celebration, which is funded by the government, to play in the capital. At precisely 8:00 PM, the time in which the founders allegedly landed on Norbis, fireworks are launched into the sky.