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The Founding of Qazahnir

Long ago, there were many races of people living in the shadows of a great empire. When that empire fell due to an influx of smelly, disease-ridden barbarians, the many peoples fled to wherever they could in order to escape the onslaught. Many were separated from the main group and would often form smaller groups, comprised of highly mixed individuals, both in race, creed and ideas.

The nation of Qazahnir was founded by a conglomeration of these refugee groups, their first leaders being the elected authority from each "tribe". After a few generations of mingling and rebuilding, the proud people of Qazahnir no longer identified themselves as member of a tribe or a group, but as Qazahnirians, as one people formed by ideals and spirituality. With their borders secure, a solidly-built infrastructure and their population slowly but steadily growing, even in the near-inhospitable wastes they called their own, these tough and proud people would soon emerge on the world stage as a power in their own right.

What lies ahead for them, only time will tell.