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I'm governing Roliganistan opportunistically and "by the numbers".

Opportunistically means according to the circumstances presented, rather than according to fixed ideas of what a good state would look like. Sometimes I find myself governing against non-core values in order to maintain balance.

What political philosophy there is, rests on a few general principles: a belief in the free market, reluctance to override my citizens' personal judgement, a desire for growth and flexibility, notions of fairness and distrust of instruments of compulsion (religion, military).

Initially Roliganistan had a libertarian character, but I found I was unable to counter the many social problems that arose. At one point Roliganistan suffered a catastrophe. I used the opportunity to set it in a new direction.

I define success broadly, as driving all good characteristic upward, suppressing all negatives. Sometimes a choice has surprising repercussions, and I may have to defer progress in several areas in order to make an urgent correction. This gives slow, but steady progress. Thus each parameter histories show frequent periods of stasis, interrupted by progress.

During play, I notice that progress is made better by occasionally making choices that negatively impact a key criterion, then introducing a later correction. This leads to a non-linear, positive overall effect (as compared with always choosing the "right" answer), since NS provides a bonus for choices it regards as setting a new direction.