by Max Barry

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The People's Federation of Reinkalistan

    Reinkalistan was once a land of much opportunity. Beautiful, historic architecture. Bustling marketplaces. The great expanse of the seemingly endless countryside. The jewel of the Atlantic. It was this way for some, perhaps. For those with crowned heads, those privileged, and those morbidly decadent. Perhaps the tourists saw this Reinkalistan. The foreigners who came here to gawk at us like animals in a zoo. Our culture commodified. Our religion and customs made into a tool for the rich to become richer.

    We, the poor and downtrodden, saw the face of a different Reinkalistan. One that treated the worker like a slave. One that, to provide for the lifestyles of the First World, was ruthlessly imperialised by internationalist, corporate dogs. Our faith, once held dear to our hearts, was torn asunder and squandered by this dominion of the bourgeoisie.

    They thought we would lie down and take such humiliation!

    With no other avenue left, the people rose up in frustration. We fought against the cruel, capitalist status quo. Peasants, workers, farmers; all stood against the iron vice that the market wrapped around our fair country. Oppression after oppression after oppression, we finally snapped.

    Out of the revolutionary chaos, a leader emerged. Kaspar Turaniski. Young, yet a great commander and revolutionary leader, he steered us to victory after victory against the King, NATO imperialists, and anarchist traitors alike. Even in the darkest of times, he held strong and stalwart against the revolution's numerous opponents.

    In the years since, we have faced betrayal and the near annihilation of our people many times. But we have held strong. We are no longer bound by the futile, soulless atheism of Marx and of Lenin; we hold within our hearts a new form of socialism. One that does not cast away the culture of an entire people like litter. One that embraces the past to preserve our future. The Saviour liberated our people many hundreds of years ago, and we have done him proud.

    The Workers of Reinkalistan have united! But the struggle is not over yet. We now face new horizons, and new enemies. The growing menace in the far east seeks to eliminate our presence, their false "Communist" Party trying to make us their puppets -- the United States, frustrated at the grasp it has failed to assert over us, looks to undermine the Reinkalistani proletarian at every opportunity.

    The sun has risen on a new age. Reinkalistan strives ever forwards.

    We are the last hope of the revolution. If we die, it dies with us. This is the working man's final struggle for survival!

    Forwards, Reinkalistan.