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The Earth Systems Alliance

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The Alliance Public Relations
The President @JonArch
will unfortunately not attend the dinner of
@Nation of elementia due to personal matters.

Jonathan Archer
New Krypton was amazing! I can't believe
that it has been 70 years since its creation!
#MindBlow #NeKryRocks #GoColonists!

Chloe Jefferson
I went to the best party last night!
Armstrong City, Moon you are the best!
#BestTimes #Moonisthestar!
@JonArch commented:
Aren't you meant to be working Chloe?
You are dead once I get back from New Krypton
@CrazyChloe responded:
Can't I relax a bit?
Besides, you went to that #Baseballmatch
yesterday on New Krypton.....
@JonArch responded:
Nah, I'm just messing with ya.

I am vengeance, I am the night
@JonArch commented:
Marcus, stop trolling the people!

The Systems Alliance welcomes you to its official portal for the government, the agencies and other institutions
that help run the country as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Some information about the site
Question: Why was this portal created?

Answer: The purpose behind the creation of this portal was to establish constant communication between
the people and their elected representatives. It was also created to provide foreigners with the necessary information about forms, laws, employment and all that they would need to live within the Alliance.

Question: Can we see the laws that are going to be/ have been passed by the Parliament?

Answer: Yes, all citizens can view the law code by simply going to the All Topics & Services of the website.

Question: Who created this site?

Answer: Victor West designed this website with the assistance of his marvelous team of programmers! Victor is a public service employee but he can create your projects if you ask him to. So, thanks Victor and Co.! To contact him, go to www.VictorWestWeb.esa

News from the Alliance News Network
Breaking News: A Pirate Cell has been uncovered on the fringes of Alliance Space, mostly Aliens. Alliance Navy dispatched.

Medical breakthrough manages to cure short-term Pulsar Radiation exposure.

Military parade held at New Krypton to mark the 70 years of its establishment. More news following, tune in at 8PM Earth time.