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Eastern Pacific Islands - An Overview

The Armed Republic of The Eastern Pacific Islands


Motto: Strength Through Compliance


Population: 20 million

Capital: Mansfield
Largest City: Ipswich

Official Language: English

Demonym: Islander

- President: Ted Schwartz
- Vice President: Frances Bass
- Speaker of the House: Carol Coleman
- Chief Justice: Leroy Duncan

Legislature: Congress

Establishment: from Micronesia
Independence: April 16th, 1989

Land Area:702 mile² (271 sq mi)
Water Area: negligible

Highest Point: 2,566 feet (782 m)
Lowest Point: 0 m

GDP (nominal): 469 billion government credits

Human Development Index (NS Version): 57.40

Currency: Government Credits

Time Zone: GMT-10

Drives on the: Left Side

Calling code: +1 742

Internet TLD: .eap

Armed Republic of The Eastern Pacific Islands

The Armed Republic of The Eastern Pacific Islands (commonly shortened to the EPI), is a congress located in the past territory of Micronesia. The Eastern Pacific Islands covers 271 square miles and has has an estimated population of 8 million. The Eastern Pacific Islands comprises of several islands and territories.

The Eastern Pacific Islands is a world leader in mining and excavation, as well as arms manufacturing. The Eastern Pacific Islands is an oppressive government, with a heavy police force and mandatory conscription. The islands are barren wastes mainly due to pollution and bad environmental practices, however the government is currently working on restoring the environment to it's prior state.


The Eastern Pacific Islands formed from what used to be Micronesia, after a bloody coup by the military on April 16th, 1989. This coup, nicknamed "Bloody Sunday", resulted in the deaths of the previous government's cabinet members. The new government, headed by Amos R. Salazar, a feared military general responsible for the coup, proceeded to prioritize defense, law enforcement, and education, believing a better military and police force makes a better country.

The standard way to refer to a citizen of The Eastern Pacific Islands is as an "Islander."


After the coup and Amos R. Salazar's rise to power, the new cabinet elected to devote a sizable amount of it's funding to defense and law enforcement, however education, welfare and healthcare were a secondary priority as well. On May 14th, 1994, Amos R. Salazar was assassinated during a parade. The assassin evaded law enforcement and security's attempts to detain them, and escaped onto a boat before the Eastern Pacific Islands' Navy could intercept them. The country, having lost their leader, vowed to never let this happen again. The government strengthened it's security, borders were made more secure, and law enforcement and military became more present in the streets, and at least 1 year of military service became mandatory for everyone over 18.

On Feburary 14th of 2001, prospectors on some islands in the northern part of the Armed Republic of The Eastern Pacific Islands discovered large deposits of gold and silver. The government and private industries immediately sprung into action to tap into the resources, kick-starting the nation's mining industry. The mining devastated the lands, causing massive environmental and ecological damage due to there being no laws to keep this in check. The government, seeing that their nation was at risk of collapse if this continued, began moving to restore the environment.


The Eastern Pacific Islands is in a tropical climate area, keeping the island warm throughout the entire year. The islands have tall and large mountains, rich with minerals and metals. The environment is usually lush in most areas, with green trees and birds and animals everywhere. However, the mining industry has devastated many areas of the island, with the environment at risk and animals facing extinction. Native species are quite varied, although some are on the verge of extinction due to over-hunting and over-fishing.

The government of the EPI is taking action to prevent extinction of animals and plant species across the islands, with varying success.

The majority of the people living in the EPI today are descended from Micronesian citizens, as the EPI formed from Micronesia the majority of the population was originally Micronesian.



The government is a congress, similar to that of the United States, being that there is both a senate and a house of representatives. The house of representatives consists of 2 representatives from each island. Each island has a vote in decisions, with their vote counting more depending on how big the island is. The president, elected by a vote similar to that of the united states, has control over the majority of the nation, however needs the cabinet, senate and house of representatives to authorize any offensive action.

Foreign Relations and Military



The EPI's Economy is headed by the mining industry, while also boosted by retail and woodchipping. With a surprising lack of a black market, the majority of the economy is run by the private sector, with 77.7% of the economy occupied by the private sector. The mining industry has devastated the environment, with it further being destroyed by the woodchipping industry.






The EPI's Energy sector is mainly led by nuclear power plants, due to the large deposits of uranium found on the islands.

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