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Military of the Imperial Federation (WIP)

The Imperial Federation & Commonwealth

State Flag

Motto: ''Glory and Freedom''

HQ: Elisium, Kaas City.

Standing Forces (rounded)
175,000 Soldiers.
150,000 Air force Personnel.
170,000 Sailors.
40,000 Special Forces
35,000 Space Command

Streamed into:
300,000 Imperial Defence Force Soldiers (Across all member States).
100,000 JOD Forces (Ready for Rapid deployment- all roles).

Commander in Chief
Rt Hon President Hillary Langden
National Security Council

Secretary of State
Rt Hon Joseph Sykes MP
Joint Defence Council

Professional Head
Grand Admiral Cheryl Walker KCB KCT CAM
Chief of the Imperial Defence Staff

Treaty Groups
Imperial Defence Force
North Pacific Treaty Organisation

Locations around the World
Joint Operations Bases.

Northern Command: New London
Southern Command: Dromund
Rapid Deployment: IzenV
Far East Command: New Dromund
Atlantic Command: New Alenko

Armed Forces of the Imperial Federation

The Imperial Federation of the Galactic Triumvirate is a 'tier one' military power with armed forces able to be deployed across the world. The military is split into Commands which pools from each service group and focuses on a different aspect of Defence. These Commands are based at domestic bases on the mainland as well as bases overseas, normally found in various Commonwealth member states or Imperial Protectorates. The Imperial Federation is party to two international military alliances. NPTO, for the collective Defence of the North Pacific and the Imperial Defence Force, which is a joint strike force of the Commonwealth and headed by a Commissioner General. This force engages in collective defence and peacekeeping operations on behalf of the Commonwealth as a whole. This means it is answerable to the Committee on Imperial Defence and not the National Security Council.

The President of the Imperial Federation is also the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces but responsibility is often delegated to a Supreme Commander who heads each command or a Commander in Chief of each operation. Military and Security Policy is controlled and overseen by the National Security Council which consists of top government officials. The Council is supported by the Joint Intelligence Organisation that provided independent assessments and information to government. Meetings of the top intelligence officials and overall intelligence sharing is overseen by the Joint Intelligence Committee which is headed by the Secretary of State for Intelligence who has ministerial responsibility for Intelligence. A similar group functions for the Military through the Joint Defence Council. This gives the President and Cabinet up to date information on the Armed Forces.


Civilian Administration of the Military is overseen by the Department for Defence of the Realm & Empire, which is responsible for the National Armed forces. The Joint Defence Council, chaired by the Secretary of State, is legally responsible for the armed forces and it's activities. The Council and it's sub Committees are responsible for the administration of the Armed Forces. The Joint Operations force consists of the forces that are ready to engage at all times, based at IzenV through the Imperial 5th Fleet.

The Imperial Defence Staff brings together the professional heads of each service and the Chief of the Defence Staff is the President's senior military advisor on the National Security Council.

Professional Service Chiefs
Chief of the Imperial Defence Staff: Grand Admiral Cheryl Walker, KCB KCT CAM
Chief of the Imperial General Staff: General Timothy Clark CMG KCT
Chief of the Imperial Naval Staff: Admiral James Donovan KCT OIF
Chief of the Imperial Air Staff: Air Chief Marshal Gregory Peterson

Director of Imperial Special Forces Division: General Mark Anderson, N7
Director of Imperial Space Command: Vice Admiral Thomas Jeremy
Commander of the Joint Operations Division: Commander Damaris Smyth GCCP

Commissioner General of the Imperial Defence Force: General Hald Habbatt CG KCB

Imperial Army

Imperial Navy

Imperial Air Force

Imperial Marines & Special Forces

Imperial Space Command
Imperial Space Command is the military branch of the Imperial Federation focused on Space Defence, Military satellites, Space Stations and the creation of a Space Fleet for the future defence of the Federation. Since the founding of the Federation, the Galactic Triumvirate has always had space travel as a key goal and the current administration has had some success at developing a small Space Fleet. However, most key technology for space travel and Defence is highly classified due to the competitive and sensitive nature of the work.

Imperial Space Command is not to be confused with the Imperial Space Agency which is responsible for Space Exploration and Scientific discovery. This Agency is the responsibility of the Department for Logistics & Aerospace.


Responsibility for Intelligence is split between the Home Office, Intelligence Department and Defence Department. Each specialising on Domestic, Foreign, Signals and Military Intelligence. Each Agency is an executive Agency without day to day Ministerial leadership. Each is however, still responsible to their department's Secretary of State. Intelligence from each Agency is collated by the Joint Intelligence Organisation which provides assessments to the Joint Intelligence Committee. Who's Director holds the post of Secretary of State for Intelligence. This means Ministerial Responsibility falls with The Rt Hon Xavier Clark MP. Authorisation from the Secretary of State for Intelligence is needed for top level operations, as it is they, who will ultimately be held accountable.

The Department for Intelligence, who's main organ is the Joint Intelligence Organisation, is responsible for the actions of Imperial Intelligence, the Federations main foreign Intelligence body. As well as Imperial Communication Headquarters (Signal Intelligence) and Imperial Federation Cyber Command (Cyber-security). The Department for Defence is responsible for Defence Intelligence and military analysis. The Home Office has responsibility for the Domestic Intelligence Agency, the Imperial Security Agency as well as the Federal Police Force, the Imperial Security Division which oversees counter- terror policing as well as serious organised crime and federal investigations.

Professional Intelligence Chiefs
Director General of Imperial Intelligence: Ysanne Isard CMG
Director General of the Imperial Security Agency: Harry Auzic
Director General of Imperial Communications Headquarters: Henry Marchant

Keeper, Military Intelligence: Lt Gen, Shara Jenn
Chair, Imperial Federation Cyber Command: Colonel Maximus Greies IFA

Agent in Chief of the Imperial Security Division: Sophie Reed
Chief Secretary of the Joint Intelligence Organization: Peter Richards ILC KCT

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