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Imperial Federation Mission to the World Assembly

Ambassador &
Permanent Representative
of the Imperial Federation
to the World Assembly

Ambassador Lyman in 2015

Dr Nancy Lyman CMG IFA
Since January 2010

His/Her Excellency

President of the Imperial Federation

Imperial Foreign Office: Whitehall, Kaas City
IF Mission to the World Assembly
IF Mission to the North Pacific

Inaugural Holder:
H.E Sir Richard Priestley IFA

Secretary of State:
Rt Hon Sarah James KCT PC MP
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs

Membership Block:
The North Pacific WA Team

IF Government Mission to the WA

the Imperial Federation & the World Assembly

The Imperial Federation's Permanent Representative to the World Assembly, is the principle Ambassador to the World Assembly and all its bodies. The Ambassador heads the Imperial Federation Mission and represents both the Imperial Federation Triumvirate as well as it's overseas territories in the World Assembly.

The full title bestowed is:

> The Chief Ambassador & Permanent Representative of the Imperial Federation and Commonwealth to the World Assembly.

The Representative holds the diplomatic rank of Ambassador, and is afforded all the legal protections of the role. The Ambassador is primarily responsible to the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (currently the Rt Hon Hillary Langden MP) and is a member of the National Security Council.

The Ambassador may occasionally attend the Cabinet.

The Mission works in close coordination with the Imperial Foreign Office, Federation & Commonwealth Office as well as the External Affairs Office of the FC Commission. The Federation aligns itself with fellow North Pacific member states when deciding WA policy.

Current Ambassador

Dr Nancy Lyman CMG IFA, is a Triumvirteean Academic and Diplomat. She was born in New London and educated at State academies. Lyman earned her BA in Politics from the University of Kaas City, undertaking her Masters at the Imperial University and a PhD at the New London School of Political Science. During this period she met and was subsequently engaged to Commander Rachel Macintosh, who currently serves as National Security Advisor to President Florrick.

The Current Permanent Representative is Dr Nancy Lyman. Dr Lyman started her careers as a lecturer at the New London School of Political Science where she spent 10 years teaching and researching Global Governance.
She joined the Imperial Foreign Office in 2005 as Director General of the International Institutions Unit, working on coordination between the North Pacific Office, the WA, and the FC Commission. With the election of Alicia Florrick to the Presidency in 2010, she was appointed Permanent Representative to the World Assembly on the Advice of Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Hillary Langden.

Since her appointment, Lyman has focused on re-engaging the Imperial Federation block with the World Assembly, pushing for greater influence inside the North Pacific Block. As well as re-engaging the Federation with its international partners which were neglected previously.

She was reappointed to the post following the election of Hillary Langden to the Presidency.

Previous Representatives

Upon the formation of the World Assembly in the postwar period, the Imperial Federation appointed Sir Richard Priestley, a career Diplomat, as their first Ambassador.

Since this point, the posting has been one of the most desired and important posts in the Foreign Service, followed closely by appointments to the North Pacific Office and the Federation & Commonwealth Council.

Historic Controversy

There was previous controversy when during the tenure of Henry McCormick, who served for 15 years, that he tried to run World Assembly Policy through his own office without consultation with his Ministers. This was embarrassing for then Secretary of State Albert Thatcher, who was perceived to be a weak Minister who was unable to control a long time Ambassador. This incident damaged the Reputation of the Government.

Table of Previous Representatives



Secretary of State

IF President

Rt Hon Sarah James

Rt Hon Hillary Langden


Nancy Lyman PhD CMG

Rt Hon Hillary Langden

Rt Hon Alicia Florrick


Amal Foster GT

Rt Hon Peter York

Rt Hon Cameron Major


Gerald Robinson

Rt Hon Peter York

Rt Hon Cameron Major


Rachel Evans ILC

Rt Hon Cameron Major

Rt Hon Toby Wessley


Frank Golderson

Rt Hon Cameron Major

Rt Hon Toby Wessley


Henry McCormick CMG

Rt Hon Oliver Lewis

Rt Hon Dylan Uylaris


Henry McCormick CMG

Rt Hon Albert Thatcher

Rt Hon George Rogers


Redge Clarkson

Rt Hon Sarah Beckett

Rt Hon Ben Franklin


Jacob Navin

Rt Hon Peter Hamish

Rt Hon Ben Franklin


Everald Danders PC

Rt Hon Joseph David

Rt Hon Lloyd Kieraner


Lord Alverson

Rt Hon Ernist Acton

Rt Hon Henry Swanson

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