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The line of Succession to the Presidency (Government stabilisation Act)

The line of succession to the office of President of the Imperial Federation (Act Summary)

The following is the line of succession to the Presidency of the Imperial Federation in case of the President's death, Impeachment, Resignation or removal from office. The Act also includes succession to the Vice Presidency as well as succession in the event of government destruction.

Presidential Succession
When a President is removed from office, dies, or resigns the Vice President will become President. They will serve the remainder of the President's term.

Vice- Presidential Succession
When a Vice- President is removed from office, dies, or resigns the First Secretary of State will become Vice President. If the office of First Secretary of State is not in use- the President may deliver a name to the lower house for confirmation.

Cabinet Removal
A President can be removed by the Cabinet for Ill health or inability to perform the duties of Office. If removed by the Cabinet, Parliament must convene to decide weather this action was lawful. They have 10 days to achieve this and the motion must be passed by 2/3rd's of both Houses.

Designated Survivor
A designated survivor must be assigned from this list for every event where the full national government is in attendance. In event of tragedy, the designated survivor will serve as President until the deceased Presidents term ends, in which an election can be held.


The line of succession for any of the for-mentioned scenarios is as follows:
Note: Specific Cabinet Offices and Ministerial Positions may change from administration to administration and have been indicated- act must be amended accordingly after each new administration > Ministers Note: Advised to Prioritise offices of National Security.

Grand Office of State
Vice President of the Imperial Federation of the Galactic Triumvirate.

The Great offices of State
First Secretary of State
Lord President of the Imperial Council.
Secretary of State for Home Affairs.
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.
Secretary of State for The Treasury.
Secretary of State for Defence.
Secretary of State for Intelligence.
Secretary of State for Logistics & Aerospace .
Secretary of State for Justice & the Attorney General of the Imperial Federation.

Offices of State
Secretary of State for Business, Commerce & Development.
Secretary of State for International Trade.
Secretary of State for International Development.*"
Secretary of State for North Pacific Affairs.*
Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change.
Secretary of State for Labour & Social Security.
Secretary of State for Public Services.*
Secretary of State for The Regions & Local Administration.
Secretary of State for Education.
Secretary of State for Health.
Secretary of State for Agriculture. *
Leader of the House.

If all these above cabinet officials are killed/ Incapacitated- including the Designated Survivor- than the role of President is given to members of the legislature. With the second most senior legislative official (Speaker of the House) taking over before going to the most senior member of the Senate (Chair of the Senate). The leader of the Opposition is final in the line of Succession. As if all other legislators have been killed than the Opposition can take over.
Note: The Senate/House & Supreme Court must also have Designated Survivors in place for any national gathering.

Senior Legislative Officials
Speaker of the House
Chair of the Senate.
Head of the Senate Select Committee for Home Affairs.
Head of the House Select Committee on Defence.
Leader of the Opposition

*Offices currently not in use or dissolved.
*"Modified 2017.


Alicia Florrick

the Rt Hon Alicia Florrick ILC PC IC MP
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