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The Current Cabinet

Cabinet of President Hillary Langden 2020- Present.

The following Individuals are members of the first Cabinet assembled by President Hillary Langden.
Each Minister oversees a Government Department. Current members of the Triumvirate are indicated by {T}. The Triumvirate is a Ceremonial cabinet committee consisting of senior officials. Departmental Cabinet Attendees and Other Cabinet Attendees attend cabinet but do not hold the same status as a Secretary of State. Other attendees may consult on Cabinet Issues, but only Secretaries of State have full voting rights on Cabinet discussions. This cabinet reflects departmental changes of the new administration.

Permanent Cabinet Positions.

Grand Offices of State
President of the Imperial Federation & Commonwealth, Commander in Chief & Minister for the Civil Service: the Rt Hon Hillary Langden, PC IC MP.{T}
Vice President & Lord President of The Council: the Rt Hon Elizabeth Pope, PC IC MP. {T}

Great Offices of State
Imperial Secretary of State & Secretary of State for Home Affairs: the Rt Hon Katha Niar, PC MP. {T}
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: the Rt Hon Sarah James, KCT PC MP.
Secretary of State for The Treasury: the Rt Hon Elizabeth Parker-Wright, PC MP.
Secretary of State for Defence of the Realm & Empire: the Rt Hon Joseph Sykes, KCT PC MP.
Secretary of State for Intelligence & Director of the Joint Intelligence Committee: the Rt Hon Xavier Clark PC MP.
Secretary of State for Logistics & Aerospace: the Rt Hon Oliver Shan PC MP.
Secretary of State for Justice & Attorney General: the Rt Hon Martha Alenko, ILC PC AG MP.
Secretary of State for The Federation & Commonwealth: the Rt Hon Tia Jancé PC MP

Offices of State
Secretary of State for Business, Commerce & Industrial Strategy: the Rt Hon Raj Kalli PC MP.
Secretary of State for Energy, Science & Innovation: the Rt Hon Dr Michael Vallance PC MP.
Secretary of State for Health: the Rt Hon Dr Ann Davis PC MP.
Secretary of State for Education: the Rt Hon Rachel Lockhart PC MP.
Secretary of State for International Development: the Rt Hon Amber Reed PC MP.
Secretary of State for International Trade & President of the Board of Trade: the Rt Hon Alyana Patel PC MP.
Secretary of State for Labour & Social Security: the Rt Hon Michelle Smith PC MP.
Secretary of State for the Regions & Local Administration: the Rt Hon James Cameron PC MP
Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs: the Rt Hon Verity Reneyé CMG PC MP.
Secretary of State for Media, Culture, Digital & Sport: the Rt Hon Ava Sykes PC MP.

Departmental Cabinet Attendees.

Chair of the Youth Council, Minister for Youth, Women & Equalities: the Rt Hon Kalynda Shariva PC MP.
Minister of State for Housing & Regional Development: Her Excellency Namarata Taneb PC MS.
Minister of State for the Cabinet Office & Lord Commissioner of the Presidential Council: the Rt Hon Ben Smith, PC MP.
Chief Secretary to the Treasury: the Rt Hon Austin Harrison PC MP.

Other Cabinet Attendees.

Minister with special responsibility for Coordination & Paranormal Activity: the Hon Joseph Wallace, PCO.
Lord Keeper of the Imperial Seal, Leader of the Parliament & Party Chair: the Rt Hon Scarlett Leighton PC MP.
Assistant Keeper of the Sate Seal & Government Spokesperson in the Senate: His Excellency William Ularin MS PC
Parliamentary Secretary to the Cabinet Office & Chief Whip: the Rt Hon Malcolm Franks PC MP.

Cabinet Attending Executive Staff & Civil Servants

Imperial Plaza Chief of Staff: Mr Jay Whitman.
Head of the Civil Service & Cabinet Secretary: Ms Kate Bradly CMG.
Director of Imperial High Command & National Security Advisor: LtCdr Rachel Days

Regular Attendees.

Chief Ambassador & Permanent Representative to the World Assembly: Her Excellency Dr Nancy Lyman CMG IFA.
Permanent Representative to the North Pacific: His Excellency Louis Zahnn IFA.
Permanent Representative to the Federation & Commonwealth Council: His Excellency Jonathan Freedman, IFA.
Governor of IzenV: Her Excellency Ioruia Valden CMG.

Duly appointed by:

Hillary Langden

Rt Hon Hillary Langden PC IC MP
President of The Imperial Federation & Commonwealth.