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Foreign Policy and Embassies

Tocan Isle is happy to work with like-minded nations and is open to embassies, but has a strict policy against nations that abuse human rights or are overtly capitalistic.

All issues concerning foreign affairs are handled by the Department of Foreign Affairs. To contact this department, send a telegram to Tocan Isle with your concern.

Want an embassy? Send us a telegram and we'll get back to you shortly. In order for an embassy to be built, your nation must:
* Have good civil rights
* Not discriminate against any group based on race, gender, religion, or otherwise
* Hold free and fair elections
* Have relatively high income equality and a strong social safety net
* Does not support cruel policies such as human sacrifice, slavery, or frequently used capital punishment
(I might make an exception for some of these things, so don't worry if you don't completely meet all the criteria)

Current embassies:
Celestial Wave
- Embassy location: Tocan City

- Embassy location: Centsian

Erynia and Draconia
- Embassy location: Tocan City

GruffyRichard and HillbillyBob
- Embassy location: Tocan City

Sierra Grand
- Embassy location: Gambermc

The Age of Utopia
- Embassy location: Tocan City

- Embassy location: Tocan City

Why should you open embassies with us?
* We let you know about fun stuff thatís happening here on Tocan Isle through telegrams

* We can become closer allies and can trade easier (Want coffee? We export tons of it! Itís made sustainably and with fair working conditions! We also have cookies. They're very good, if we say so ourselves.)

* Because weíre cool