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The United Independent Party

The United Independent Party

United for common good
Domestic Policy

  • The UIP's first and foremost priority is to push freedom liberty and non government interference in our region

  • The UIP stands for leadership of high morality and servant leadership in our region

  • The UIP stands for strong limitation for government an leadership to promote autonomy in our region

  • The UIP believes that citizens rights should be upheld at all cost.

  • The UIP believes in strong military protection and spending in our region

  • The UIP firmly approves of a new currency and economy that our region could build for success and development

  • The UIP strongly believes that power corrupts so we believe it should be distributed among executives

  • The UIP believes in a strict interpretation of the constitution

  • The UIP believes that constant change is bad for our region and by preserving our history and keeping what’s working we are doing what best for the citizens

Foreign Policy

  • The UIP believes in free trade and exchange of ideas in the world assembly the security council and everywhere else.

  • The UIP believes in Neutrality unless the conflict affects an ally or a citizen of our great region

  • The UIP believes in peace through strength and swift justice for invaders and attackers of our region

  • The UIP tries to spread democracy throughout the world to all regions

  • The UIP believes in the art of negotiation and diplomacy and almost always picks it over war

  • Most of all the UIP believes in peace and camaraderie everywhere

Other Affairs/Roleplay

  • The United Independent party believes in the support and incentivation of any event like role play that unites the region to bring us together

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