by Max Barry

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Viable Economic System of Aukumnia

We shall establish the Aukumnian currency and economy. The currency shall be called the Auk. The currency shall be incentivized by a regional tax. We shall establish two new ministers called the of Commerce and the minster of finance. We shall start two new categories in the discord called business market and national bank. The national bank shall track all currency and the amount of currency people have which shall be ran by and maintained through the minister of Finance and the founder. People can withdraw and deposit at will. New business ideas shall be pitched to The minister of commerce which then shall choose if he wants to approve business liscenses that allow the peoples business to be added as a new channel to the discord under business market. That shall grant them control of their businesses specific channel. The businesses could be campaigning businesses, News organizations, Legislation writers, detectives, law firms, and many more ideas people can come up with. These businesses would then have their channel which would be like their office where they can talk to clients and other things. Elected Government employees shall earn 20 Auks a week. The people they choose to work with shall not be payed unless its through the 20 auks they earn. Each citizen shall start with 100 Auks.