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The Unity of The TDR

What Is TDR?
TDR is a region of over 120 Citizens, over 80 discord members, and 4 political parties. We are a region of a constitution with 7 articles, and over 30 sections. We have many citizens with many views and many needs. Our diversity is very widespread, but our love for this region does not fall short. We are currently at a crossroads of old glory and modern adaptation. In these challenging times it is easy to lose our identity and our unification as one Region. TDR is one of the most unique regions in the NS world.
What's The Problem?
At this time in our history you see more polarization then ever, and more partisanship then ever. As a region we must become aware and we must accept and realize that this is a sign of the times. We must fix this problem in our region and bring unity to the people of The TDR. This process of change will be long and hard, and through it we must remember to maintain our history, maintain our culture and continue to do stuff that is working even if it falls under the category of status quo. We should be looked up to by regions and they will model their regions after ours when they see the success we have when we are unified. We must turn our region to that, and not shy away from being a leader in the NS world.
What Should We Do?
It is important in these times to bring unifying factors to the table, things such as RP, fun Games, and other opportunities for our region to come together not as a region of division but as a diverse but unified Region of TDR. Many things need to change, and many things need to stay the same. I think that is one thing the citizens of TDR, the Parties of TDR, and everything in between can agree on. No matter who the Consul is no matter who the senators are, no matter who the judiciarys are we need unity to get any meaningful change in TDR. Lets come together in TDR, and lets be one diverse unified TDR because that is the only way change will come about and the only way we will be the castle on a hill of democracy that our region is at its best. This is why the National Centrist Party was created and we will always stand for this and stand for the citizens!

Trevsland The Democratic Republic April 27th 2019