by Max Barry

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The UET Blacklist

1. The Democratic Commonwealth
In TDC all the democracy they promise is a lie. People have several times been kicked without a trial, people can only get into office if the emperor approves, and as their constitution states all power flows through the emperor. The rights of the people are not rights because the courts work at the duty of the emperor, and he has the right to make peopleís rights null and void. All people who enter as a citizen must swear loyalty to the emperor, and if you donít your rights are null and void. The emperor suppresses all opposition, and the region has the allusion of democracy when truly it is fascist. Now to terrorism. TDC has forever claimed the Democratic Republic a successor from the commonwealth because of this fascism is not legitimate, and they have even ordered attacks, slandered their name in the NS community, and hired organizations to hurt this democracy. We can not stand with fascism and terrorism, and we will fight against it even if it means losing our name in the Nation states world. To be clear we are ok with monarchy but not monarchy that is fascist and suppresses basic rights to their people. We gave the people of TDC a warning because they will see attacks like they have never seen before from the Empire. We wanted to evacuate all good nations because this war will not be pretty. We stand by what we said and we hope you wonít let them deceive you and we hope you will stand by us.