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[Outdated] The Foreign Affairs Program Act of 2018

This dispatch is no longer being updated.

The Foreign Affairs Program Act of 2018

Proposed by: Relfa

Section I: Preamble

NOTING the lack of ambassadors of The Union of Democratic States in its embassies.

REALIZING that without communication with our embassies, our relations with them can be hurt.

BELIEVING that by creating a Foreign Affairs program would improve relations between the UDS and its embassies.

HEREBY establishes the Foreign Affairs Program.

Section II: Provisions

Sub-Section I: Ambassadors

  • The Director of the Foreign Office, or Minister of Foreign Affairs, shall lead the Ambassador Program.

    • The Director of the Foreign Office is appointed by the Prime Minister

  • Any citizen can apply to become a UDS ambassador to one, or more, of its embassies.

    • The Director can deny any application if they believe the citizen is not capable of taking an embassy.

      • This can be vetoed by the Prime Minister.

  • The Prime Minister, as Chief Diplomat, can deny ambassadorship to a citizen.

  • If there’s no ambassadors to assume a region, the Prime Minister and the Director may serve as ambassadors to these regions.

  • Ambassadors are responsible for:

    • Submitting embassy reports on their designated regions.

    • Maintaining communication between the UDS and their designated embassy.

    • Informing the Director of the Foreign Office or the Prime Minister when their designated region is not eligible for an embassy according to the UDS Embassy Policy

    • Speaking and negotiating in the name of the UDS.

  • Ambassadors that fail to comply to their duties, become inactive, violate their designated regions laws and/or give false information to their embassies are subject to ejection from the Ambassador Program.

    • The Prime Minister and the Director of the Foreign Office can eject ambassadors based in this provision.

Sub-Section II: Embassy Report

  • The Foreign Office, or Ministry of Foreign Affairs, shall make monthly reports on what happened in the Union of Democratic States in that month.

    • This report can be a newspaper, a government report, a report written by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or anything that summarizes the month of the region.

  • Embassy reports may be submitted in the forums of the embassies.

    • If the region doesn’t have a forum, the report may be submitted in a place of public view.

Sub-Section III: Acts of Implementation

  • This Foreign Affairs Program corresponds to the The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Creation Act of 2017 (CL-54) by serving as additional programs, definitions & procedures to that Constitutional Law.