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[Outdated] The Ministry of the Census - Main Page

This dispatch is no longer being updated.

Ministry of the Census
The Glorious Hypetrain, Minister of the Census


Our Goal

At the Ministry of the Census, our job is to

  • Ensure the legitimacy of voters in elections

  • Ensure the government has accurate information on the demographics of the Union

  • Grant conditional citizenship to nations otherwise not eligible

The Minister

The Minister of the Census, The Glorious Hypetrain, is our Discord Server Administrator. He is also a member of the Foreign Affairs Ministry and UDSAF Command.


The Ministry of the Census was formed when the Citizenship Reformation Act of 2017 was passed. You can read the text of the CRA here. Process amended 2018-02-02 when the AT-CRA was passed.

List of former ministers:

1. Asdersland
2. Obanland
3. Heaverian islands
4. Khevo


Who's Eligible?

Since the immigration policy of the Union is not controlled legislatively and is instead the obligation of the Minister, and the Prime Minister, they get to decide who gets an exception for citizenship and who does not. These are generalized requirements for citizenship but are neither absolute nor complete:

  • Otherwise ineligible (therefore, only nations who don't have their main nations in the Union may apply, and not those already on the path to citizenship)

  • Must be dedicated to the Union

  • Cannot have a record of insurgency or otherwise any action that would suggest a plan to harm the Union

  • Must meet other requirements for citizenship (for example, having a secondary nation in the Union for the residency period requirements)


An application form can be found Linkhere.


The Census

The Census is one of the main goals for the Ministry. Although no censuses have been held yet, we are planning to conduct the first Union census soon during the summer. The census will contain various questions in order to further improve our government's knowledge of our citizenry.

Census Records

When the Census is held, the results or a link to the results will be put here.


Citizenship Applications Records

See a list of all citizenship applications and responses here.

Ministry Records and Reports

There are no current special reports.

Press Releases

There are no current press releases.